20 Best Modern Backyard Ideas With Pictures

“I don’t do anything spectacular in my backyard,” that was what a friend told me when I asked for his backyard garden plan. He’s not alone in this, a lot of people do not see the need to have a backyard design in place, “after all it’s just a backyard,” right? No! It’s not just a backyard. In this article witness some Amazing Modern Backyard Ideas that will lit your backyard.

The backyard is the soul of your outdoor living. You need the best of designs in your backyard. It might not be the first place visitors see, but it is where they’ll spend the most time, why not make it memorable for them.

If you have a backyard in your home then, you’re among the lucky few who can enjoy some Modern Backyard Designs.

modern backyard idea

Before moving ahead, consider your backyard space, what you want your backyard to look like after the design. Do you always entertain visitors, or will it just be for you and the kids? Would you like to add a fire pit, a patio area, or a water feature? All these things will give you a better idea of what your modern backyard should contain.

Without further ado, why don’t I make it easier for you by giving you lots of design ideas for different yard sizes and tastes.

1. Marked Backyard Garden

1) Marked Backyard Garden

This background idea is the perfect blend of everything. It has a neatly marked out lawn area. You can also clearly see the decked sitting area with comfy outdoor furniture.

The next marked area is the tiled dining area with a dining table and chairs. Peep the light-emitting planters at the corner of the tiled area. This is one hell of a garden.

2. Pergoland Raised Garden Beds

Pergolaand Raised Garden Beds

Here, an attached pergola covers the dining area fitted with a wooden table and two benches. The dining area flooring is slightly elevated concrete.

With a lawn in one corner, the raised garden bed filled with soil is even more prominent alongside the relaxation furniture beside it.

3. Black and White, But Colorful

Black and White, But Colorful

Black and white may be the poster color for a boring and uninteresting but throw that away for this Modern Backyard Idea. It uses black and white colors differently.

The black wall matches the black flower containers and black chairs, while the white pillows and white pebbles flooring creates the necessary contrast for it to shine through.

A brown wooden table is added for balance.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Open Dining

Outdoor Kitchen and Open Dining

If you have a large enough backyard space and the thought of an outdoor kitchen extension excites you, then I’ve got just the modern idea for you.

From the various flooring materials used to the different raised garden beds placed strategically in the yard; the design is a charming delight. An open dining table, kitchen, and other sitting areas are the highlight of this Modern Backyard Idea.

5. The Narrow Backyard Design

The Narrow Backyard Design

Earlier, I told you I’d be showing you modern designs for any backyard size you have. This design is particularly suited to narrow backspaces and incorporates all the additions with space and accessibility in mind.

Notice how the garden beds and planting spaces are kept at the edges and sitting areas unobstructed?

6. Sophisticated Backyard Delight

Sophisticated Backyard Delight

That feeling of un-quantifiable joy. That’s what it is with this design. There are very few backyard designs if any, that can match up to this idea. Different flooring patterns, unique seating areas, and a curved wooden retaining wall make it spectacular.

7. Wooden Deck and Stone Tiles Flooring Combination

modern backyard idea

Contrast is the king of beauty. Two things standing alone may just be bland, try them together, and you’ve discovered a gem. A wooden deck holding a relaxation chair by the corner creates the perfect contrast with some tiles gracing its side. The lush green at the edges of the building makes it even more appealing.

8. Concrete Fireplace

Concrete Fireplace

If you want to be staying in the backyard at night, you need to add a fire pit. Concrete is a solid fire pit material, and alongside wood, it can be used to make the garden chair.

Flowers grace the corners of the area. Watch how the cactus by the entrance stands out.

9. Hilly Modern Design

Hilly Modern Design

Some homes do not have the luxury of a flat backyard. A sloppy yard doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Modern Backyard Idea transforms the boring slope into something beautiful.

Wooden retaining walls are used to form layers of vertical planting spaces where you can grow your favorite flowers. A slide is added for the kids to enjoy.

10. Layered Small Backyard

Layered Small Backyard

People with small yard spaces, I’ve got one for you. A layered space helps you better utilize the small space. This small Modern Backyard Idea is no different. It makes use of the layering technique to form lounging layers with a small table and chairs for your relaxation.

11. Simple Backyard and Garden

11) Simple Backyard and Garden

Small wooden boxes and tiny foams wrapped in outdoor furniture clothing serve as seats for this dining table, also made from wood, all these seating on tiled flooring.

On the other corner is a nicely mowed lawn with beautiful flowers. Several mirrors grace the adjoining wall of the building.

12. The Ultimate Combination

The Ultimate Combination

The ideas combine a lot of other designs in smaller proportions to form one giant plan. Tell me what’s not to like about this bright design?Stones tiles cover the floor of one end, leaving small openings in-between each tile.

These openings serve as beds for tiny plants. A retaining wall, a fire pit, and a garden bed all make up the different plans incorporated in one.

13. Fenced Deck Garden

Fenced Deck Garden

A wooden fence covering your deck garden, will give you some sort of privacy against nosy neighbors.

The wall of this deck garden is home for different hanging plants.

Outdoor furniture completes the idea.

14. Small Backyard Plunge Pool

Small Backyard Plunge Pool

Who said small backyards cannot have a pool? You can add a plunge pool in your small yard where you can cool off on a sunny day.

The retaining wall makes it possible for you to grow green plants around the pool, which makes the area cool and calm.

15. Narrow Pool and Deck Plan

Narrow Pool and Deck Plan

What about those with narrow backspaces that would love to have a pool there. I have a solution for you. This Modern Backyard Ideas even adds a deck with small mattresses covered in outdoor clothing for relaxation.

The retaining wall by the side with overflowing plants is beautiful, while the lawn on the other side with haphazardly placed stepping stones makes it magical.

16. Backyard Swing

Backyard Swing

This is a unique backyard idea that uses a swing as a seat and for lying down. The comfy swings are held above the ground by four strong ropes holding unto the bars from the four pillars around it. Shade-loving plants are planted below the swing to utilize every available space.

17. Wall Feature

Wall Feature

If your backyard design is bland and uninteresting, why not create beautiful designs using plants on a visible wall. A wall feature will instantly draw the attention of visitors and away from the basic feature of the other backyard features.

18. Backyard Studio

Backyard Studio

Your backyard can also be your workstation. Get this backyard studio design if you love to create your own music. It is situated on a deck by the corner, and a small coffee table just in front of the studio is located on a gravel floor. The edges have different flowers growing.

19. Compact Modern Garden

Compact Modern Garden

The small garden space didn’t stop this design from growing as many plant types. The trick is using all the available spaces, from the walls to under the seating area, and using raised garden beds. Everything is useful in this compact design. It is properly planted to prevent stuffiness.

20. Tall Hedges Private Garden

Tall Hedges Private Garden

This design creates the exclusivity many people crave in their homes. Using tall hedges, you can form a secluded private backyard away from prying eyes. A lovely sofa and fake lawn reduce the maintenance time for this yard.


Modern Backyard Ideas are amazing and can increase the appeal and value of your home. Your relaxation spot deserves a lot of attention from you, why not set up one of the ideas listed here.

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