20 Amazing Pool Cabana Ideas with Pictures

Swimming pools are the bedrock of our holiday/weekend getaway. Enjoying the pool on a hot summer day is guaranteed, but what happens when you want to take shelter from the sun while still enjoying the pool view with friends and family?

This is where the pool cabana ideas comes in.

A pool cabana is a poolside structure with at least one side open and facing the pool. A pool cabana is specially designed as a relaxation spot from the pool away from the sun.

What is the difference between a pool cabana and a pavilion? Since they are both backyard structures and can both be placed beside a pool, it is normal for them to be confusing. But that’s what I’m here for; To make it all clear to you.

pool cabana with blue couch and table

A pool cabana is typically placed beside a pool in the backyard. It is constructed with a waterproof and anti-slip floor. It also sports waterproof fabric used as curtains for privacy and to keep the sun out. A pool cabana has at least one open wall and is usually a small structure.

A pavilion, on the other hand, is typically a more prominent free-standing or attached structure with no sidewalls. It doesn’t have to be placed close to a pool. Anywhere in the backyard is satisfactory as it is more of a relaxation spot for family and friends.

Whether you’re shielding yourself from the sun, washing to get into the pool, or drying yourself before going into the main building, the benefits of a pool cabana cannot be overemphasized.

This is why getting a pool cabana design that’ll suit your needs is essential, whether you want your cabana to stand out or blend into your backyard design.

20 Amazing Pool Cabana Ideas

pool cabana ideas

1. Tropical Relaxation

Tropical Relaxation pool cabana ideas

This is a tropical garden inspired pool cabana design. Its thatched roof and four wooden pillars make it blend into this tropical garden setup. Its orange cushion provides comfort and contrast to the white curtains used for privacy and protection against the sun. A hammock can be added to this design for added comfort.

2. Infinity Pool Cabana Ideas

Infinity Pool Cabana ideas

This cabana lets you enjoy both the beach and your pool. It is open on all four sides for an uninterrupted view of the cold surrounding areas. This infinity pool cabana is not just a pool relaxation spot; it sports a dining table, chairs, and cushion where you can have meals with family and friends while enjoying this cool area.

3. Hut-Style Three-Walled Cabana

Hut-Style Three-Walled Cabana

This pool cabana idea carries a hut-style design from the 60s with some modern additions to it. It is a design that will fit in nicely in most backyard garden designs. 

It has a perforated wall design at the back and part of the sides; the position facing the pool is left open with a white curtain offering privacy and protection from the sun when needed. It sports a comfortable cushion and a table.

4. Two-Walled White Cabana Design

Two-Walled White Cabana Design

This is a simple yet classy cabana design due to the nature of furniture used and the color/design of the poolside cabana.

It is located right at the edge of the pool, with one side of the cabana completely covered and another side covered with partly open material.

Its furniture is classy and matches the white color of the cabana.

5. Luxury Stone Design

Luxury Stone Design

You’ll struggle to find a more classy pool cabana ideas than this. It is a broad cabana idea that covers several of your needs. It has a relaxation area with a comfy cushion where you can chill after swimming. This area sports a fireplace adequately protected to prevent a fire incident. Can you spot the television right above the fireplace?

Another section sports a dining table and barbecue area for your nights out with friends.

6. Bar-Style Pool Cabana Ideas

Bar-Style Pool Cabana ideas

If you like to take your whisky or beer after taking a dip in the water, then this is an idea you should consider. It is a bar cum cabana with chairs, drinks and a television for your entertainment.

Its small structure means it’ll fit in most backyards without the need for wholesome changes. This cabana pool idea brings fun to your pool.

7. Sanara Pool Cabana

Sanara Pool Cabana ideas

This is a single-wall pool cabana idea with that wall housing a storage space for your pool equipment. It is a multipurpose cabana design that’ll let you enjoy the shade of the cabana while providing a small shed to store equipment.

It has a deck in front with an outdoor table and two benches providing the sitting area to sit in the open.

8. Outdoor Kitchen cum Cabana

Outdoor Kitchen cum Cabana

Two things stand out in this cabana idea, it is so close to the boundary wall of the house, and it has an outdoor kitchen attached to the back of the cabana.

If your pool is close to the boundary wall and you need to include a kitchen, this is the design for you. It sports an anti-slip stone tiled floor and simple chairs with the kitchen being the main attraction.

9. Decked Poolside Cabana

Decked Poolside Cabana

This poolside cabana is located right on the edge of the pool with all sides open. However, the back is covered with vegetation making the cabana cool during the heat of the day. Its open sides give you an uninterrupted view of the pool.

White drapes provide screening from the sun and privacy when needed.

10. Living Room Extension

Living Room Extension cabana

This poolside cabana offers you the comfort of your living room while still enjoying the poolside view. The front of this design is open while the other sides are covered, baring a small window-like opening at the back.

Comfortable chairs, tables, lamps, and plants in pots are the primary design in this cabana.

11. Uncomplicated Pool Cabana Idea

Uncomplicated pool Cabana Idea with palm tress

This design is rightly named due to its uncomplicated and straightforward look. Its four frames and thatched straw roof makes the most simplistic design. You can then style it with chairs and tables to fit the event you’re having.

12. Small Thatched Comfort

Small Thatched Comfort

This is another tropical garden-themed cabana. It is a thatched roof structure open on all sides and with raised flooring for relaxation.

The plants around this cabana make it blend in with the surrounding and keep the pool as the centre of attraction. The plants also provide privacy and screening from the sun.

13. Sheer Curtain All-White Cabana

Sheer Curtain All-White Cabana

This is a pool cabana ideas with sheer white curtains covering three sides. It sports a comfortable cushion and table all covered in waterproof white fabric to design an all-white look and provide a solid material to withstand the constant temperature change. A contrasting pillow will help this design stand out even more.

14. Cabana Poolside House

Cabana Poolside House

It is so-called because it has a kitchen, dining, and living area all in the cabana—the living area sports a fireplace and a television for your entertainment. 

This is a perfect cabana idea if you would be having outdoor parties or hangouts as it gives you space and the essentials to enjoy. Its roof is a shingle roof.

15. Jacuzzi Pool Cabana Ideas

Jacuzzi Pool Cabana ideas

Are you tired of the regular pool cabana ideas and want something different? I’ve got just the idea for you. This pool cabana design is unique as it combines two luxurious ideas into one; a cabana and a Jacuzzi.

This decked cabana has a Jacuzzi fixed in the middle where you can relax while having drinks with friends. You can change the Jacuzzi into a whirlpool bath or a hot tub.

16. Classy Single-Walled Design

Classy Single-Walled Design

This is an elegant poolside cabana design with a barbecue area for your night parties and a relaxation area with cushion and television.

This design is located just a stone throw from the pool, and you can enjoy the view while still watching your favourite show on the television.

17. Gazebo-Styled Cabana

Gazebo-Styled Cabana

This gazebo-styled cabana comes with a curved roof and just two visible columns as it rests on the wall.

It takes a small corner of your backyard but can provide you with all the comfort you need while going big on style. Its fireplace and BBQ area make it an even attractive option.

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18. Cabana Pool Delight

Cabana Pool Design

This cabana style has a lot to do with the pool style itself. The pool has a thinner edge, making it possible for this cabana to cover a small portion. This allows you to still be in the water while enjoying the shade of the cabana. 

Can you see the made-up seats in the water? This will allow you to sit in the water while watching television.

19. Laid Back Cabana

Laid Back Cabana

The design here matches the design of the back of the home and has a laid back and intertwined look because of the green plants grown in and around the cabana.

The lights in the pool and cabana area make this idea perfect for daytime and nighttime hangouts.

20. Contemporary Pool Cabana

Contemporary pool Cabana

This is the whole pool cabana ideas as it comes with all the essential outdoor and even some indoor needs. This design contains a barbecue area, dining, a wet bar, a living area, and even a foosball table all in your cabana by the pool.

The lights in this area make it even more enchanting and an ideal night party location.


If you have a pool in your house then, getting a pool cabana is a must for you to enjoy the full package. 

The size of your backyard, style, or cost should not stop you as there is a design for all your needs.

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