8 Problems With John Deere LX277 That Can Be Easily Fixed

The John Deere LX277 is a popular choice among homeowners. The manufacturer is known to introduce three tractors in the LX277 series – AWS 48″, LX277 48″ & 42″. However, this superior garden tractor can show minimal issues after continuous years of usage.

Common problems include engine backfires, battery problems, mower vibrations, engine overheating, uneven grass cut length, and motor surging issues. But you can fix it within no time.

So let’s explore some common problems you can face with the John Deere LX277 and solutions to fix them at home. Keep on reading to find them out!

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John Deere LX277 Problems & Solutions

John Deere LX277 Problems & Solutions

Although the LX277 is a durable tractor from John Deere, you can still face a few troubles in the long run. So let’s get down straight to these problems and solutions to fix them.

1. Excessively Hard To Turn On The Engine

Even with a new John Deere LX277 tractor, you can face this issue – the gasoline engine is excessively difficult to turn on. Such a problem typically results from the settling down of fuel in the tank. On the other hand, it can also be due to faulty spark plugs.

The Fix:

If you want to discard the settled-down fuel, follow the steps below:

2. The Engine Emits Black Fumes

Most John Deere LX277 owners reported that their mower emits black fumes. The possible reasons behind the black fumes are clogged air filters, partially engaged choke and broken seals, or inadequate engine oil. However, if this problem is neglected, it can become serious, even resulting in engine failure.

The Fix:

You can get rid of a clogged air filter by cleaning the filter thoroughly. It’s better to change the air filter with a new one if it has been used for many years.

The choke might be partially engaged or not engaged at all. In that case, you must check and repair the throttle. Apart from these, check the engine oil regularly and maintain all the caps and seals to the engine oil passage. This will minimize or resolve the black fume problem.

3. Popping Out Of The Belt

A rarely-seen issue in the LX277 model is the belt popping out. Interestingly, this issue can be dangerous and destroy the fan blades. So you have to take action immediately as soon as you notice that the belt is coming out.

The Fix:

You have to remove the deck to fix the deck belt. After removing it, you can slide down the belt again. But if the belt is worn out or damaged, just replace it with a new one. 

Moreover, you can also prevent the occurrence of this incident by regulating the belt tension.

4. The Battery Not Charging

When people go to mow their lawns, they have to spend ample time on the machine and the work. In such an instance, if you see that your John Deere mower’s battery is failing to charge, it isn’t very pleasant.

The first thing that strikes the mind is that the battery is dead. Otherwise, it can be a simple cable problem.

The Fix:

To fix the problem of loose cabling, you must first disconnect and then reconnect the cable. However, you will need a professional’s help to do it.

On the contrary, replace the battery immediately if the problem is in the battery.

5. Grass-Cutting Height Is Uneven

Nearly all lawn tractors in the market show the trouble of uneven grass-cutting height. Thus, this is a very important issue whose solution every lawnmower user should know.

Your John Deere LX277 mower can show up for this issue for several reasons. For example, the land surface is uneven, the mower’s blades are chipped off, or the deck might be very much in accordance with the machine.

The Fix:

It can’t be fixed if the problem is with the uneven land surface. However, you can follow the instruction manual and adjust the deck to solve the problem.

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However, suppose the blades have bent or turned dull or are chipped off; you will need to replace the blades to enjoy optimal performance. You are recommended to seek an expert’s help to check the blade’s sharpness or replace them as it’s quite risky. 

6. The Tractor Is Vibrating Excessively

Over the years, dirt or debris can settle inside the deck of your John Deere LX277. In addition, the incorrect balance of the deck blades and the faulty traction belt can lead to excessive vibration in the mower.

The Fix:

Excessive vibration can be fixed by following these methods:

  • Remove the dirt or debris accumulated on the deck to fix the vibration issue.
  • Check the traction belt to make sure it’s not torn. If yes, replace it with a new one.
  • Try to adjust and balance the deck blades to minimize the vibration.

7. Engine Overheating Issues

Engine overheating is a serious problem that needs quick action. The key causes of engine overheating include insufficient cooling fins, engine overloaded, use of low-grade engine oil, or too little or excessive fuel level.

The Fix:

First, make sure you are using your lawn mower sparingly. Avoid running the mower continuously with no rest, as it can cause an overheating engine.

Next, check the oil level. The absence or overflowing of the engine oil can overheat the engine. Moreover, it’s better to use the recommended oil grade.

If the issue still needs to be solved, inspect the cooling fins, as they can be insufficient or clogged. So clean the prevailing fins or install new ones to resolve the issue.

8. The Engine Is Misfiring

Another rare issue with the LX277 model is that the engine can misfire, causing loud noises. It can occur due to a dirty, old spark plug or damaged ignition coil.

The Fix:

Check the spark plugs, replace them if needed, and adjust the gap.

Then, look for any gap in the ignition coil and adjust it accordingly to fix the issue. Change the worn-out ignition coil. 


What engine powers the John Deere LX277?

The John Deere LX277 is powered by a V-twin 17hp air-cooled engine that doesn’t produce loud noise from under the hood. The engine comes with a dual-stage air cleaner and cast-iron cylinder liners.

How to sharpen the mower blades?

One of the best ways to sharpen the blades is with a bench grinder. However, it’s better to take the blades to a blacksmith to sharpen them.

Should you buy the John Deere LX277 tractor?

You can buy this tractor as the LX277 is a highly durable lawn mower for commercial and residential purposes.


John Deere LX277 shows the fewest issues, and they usually result after many years of usage. And more significantly, you can easily fix most of these issues at home. 

However, to fix major issues, it’s recommended to take help from experts. Now that you know the common John Deere LX277 problems, you can take preventive measures or quick action to resolve them.

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