Where Can I Rent a Lawn Mower Near Me?

You probably know that mowing does not only keep your lawn neat but also healthy. Gardeners are advised to mow the lawn once it reaches one third higher than the desired mowing height. In most cases, weekly mowing is the rule. Evidently, that’s an incorrect generalization since some lawns need more frequent cutting. This is because lawns grow at different rates. In as much as we advocate for frequent mowing in a bid to keep your lawn healthy, do it when necessary. Also, be keen not to remove more than one third of grass blade lest you harm your lawn.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the need for a lawn mower can’t be overlooked during lawn maintenance. But, what can you do if you want to mow your lawn but then your lawn mower fails to start? You start DIY bid to start your lawn mower then BOOM! You discover there’s a damage of a critical lawnmower component that it can’t do without thus necessitating replacement. Thus, leading for the need of lawn mower rental.

Worse still, maybe the need to mow your lawn has sufficed and thanks to the tough economic times, you can’t buy one. Borrowing our neighbor’s lawnmower may be enticing but as you know, such frequent favors aren’t a cup tea for many of us. Guess what! Such instances shouldn’t make you give up hope of mowing your lawn. You can rent a lawn mower and mow your lawn without breaking the bank.

Rent To Own Mowers

Rent to own mowers

Benefits of Renting own Lawn Mower

  • Saves Money: Purchasing a new mower may be costly. As such, renting is a wise idea. What’s more, rent fees for an hour, a whole day or even a few weeks are quite affordable.
  • Getting a Better Product: By renting, you’re guaranteed of a top-notch lawn mower. Obviously, no renter wants to have the reputation of renting out sub-standard lawn mowers. However, expect this to go hand in hand with cost. Regardless of that, by renting you’re assured of a quality lawn mower at low-cost.
  • Saves Time and Energy: Wondering how renting a lawn mower can save time? Well, as hinted at above, this trickles down to quality. If you’re less knowledgeable on matters gardening , you might spend hours in the lawn simply because you don’t have the right lawn mower for your lawn. By renting a lawn mower, you don’t worry about that. Lawn mower rental stores normally have staff that facilitate you in getting what you need thus saving your time and energy while mowing the lawn.
  • No Maintenance Costs: When you rent a lawn mower, the renter is responsible for its improvements, maintenance and repairs.Benefits of Renting own Lawn Mower
  • No worry about decrease in value: Just like any other machine, lawn mowers value depreciates with time. By renting one, this rarely worries you. The logic is simply because you’re going to return it to the renter after use.
  • It’s less risky:  Investing in a lawn mower carries risks. When you rent, you don’t have to worry about it crashing. A simple call to the renter will have them sort all your issues.
  • No pressure to upgrade: If the lawn mower doesn’t satisfy your lawn needs, you can easily find another renter or get it replaced with another one. In a nutshell, renting a lawn mower gets you satisfied with what you have knowing it’s not forever.

Where Can I Rent a Lawn Mower Near Me?

 Where Can I Rent a Lawn Mower Near Me

In all honesty, this depends on your location. If you wish to give your lawn a little love and you don’t have a lawn mower, fret not.  There are myriads of lawn mower rentals all over that can avail a lawn mower in a pinch.

A simple Google search of lawn mowers rental near you may be all you need to turn your lawn into the lawn of your dreams. Thanks to the current competition in the mowers rental industry, there is a thin line between the services of varied rental services providers.

Better still, getting a recommendation from a friend on the best lawn mower rentals near you won’t hurt. Get a few renters and compare their prices, customer care services, payments and delivery arrangements. What’s more, most lawn mower rentals also provide shed areas  in case you don’t have a place to stow your tools.

How to Rent a Lawn Mower

How to Rent a Lawn Mower

For better customized service, simply search ‘Where Can I Rent a Lawn Mower near Me’ and Dr. Google will provide a couple of lawn mower rental stores near you.

Be keen to go through their site to evaluate their multitude of mowers. Be specific and straightforward on the kind of mower you want. Is it for residential, commercial or agricultural application!

Most rentals have variety of lawn mower rentals, that’s why it’s advisable to let their staff help and advice you on the best lawn mower for your needs. After reaching a consensus with your most favorable rental store, find out their mode of delivery and payments. This usually varies from one renter to another.

We would recommend ‘pay on delivery’ rentals. This accrues you peace of mind considering the emergency of cons who are ever reaping from where they never sow. This is quite rare though, however, it’s better safe than sorry. Being a new client, lawn mower rentals should be okay with such arrangement, regardless of their policy.

Requirements When Renting a Lawn Mower

Requirements When Renting a Lawn Mower

Again, these vary depending on the lawn mower rental store you choose. However, the difference is minimal. As such, be set with the at least the following:

  • Your identification.
  • A license. This depends on your state. Find out the regulations. If you don’t have one, tag along a friend who has the license and have the lawn mower rented under their name.
  • Deposits and Payments. For this, better be prepared with your credit card or debit card, that’s what most lawn mower rentals accept nowadays. Cheques and cash are rarely being accepted nowadays.
  • Credit Check: For most lawn mower rental stores, no need to worry about your credit check. Additionally, you can find out whether you can pay for the lawn mower in increments instead of full upfront payment.

 Tips When Renting a Lawn Mowerrent lawn mower

  • Find what’s in the quote: Get to know about their upfront charges and if they include damage waivers. If so, reasonable conditions are likely to apply.
  • Enquire on what’s included and not included in the rental fee: Are there any late fees, fuel charges or cleaning fees? These will also help you in deciding on the rental store to settle with.
  • Damage and theft waiver conditions: The lawn mower can get damaged in the process of use. Worse still, it might be stolen while under your custody. In as much as we don’t wish for such incidences, they do happen. To avoid any legal repercussions, ensure you know any waiver premiums before signing the rental agreement.
  • Find out the duration: This can range from a few hours to weeks. Lawn mower rental fees are highly dependent on the duration of the rental.
  • Understand the type of mower: This is critical when shopping around for a lawn mower rental. It also plays a role in determining the charges you pay for the rent. For instance, a walking lawn mower is cheaper than a riding lawn mower.

 Tips When Renting a Lawn Mower

There you go. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; hopefully the above tips will help you in making the final decision. Determine your needs and compare them with your mower rental store to ensure you reap the best from your temporary investment.

Final Thoughts

We hope your query on ‘where can I rent a lawn mower near me?’ has been answered, isn’t it? As such, let there be no excuse for unkempt lawn. Choose from a plethora of lawn mowers from a rental shop near you.

Be vigilant when shopping around to ensure you get a lawn mower rental that fits your budget and labor and you won’t regret it.

Best of luck as your rent a lawn mower and mow the grass around your lawn. Afterwards, sit down and kudos yourself for the job well done.

Who is your lawn mower rental service provider? Are there specific services that you would like fellow mowers to know about your lawn mower rental service providers? We’ll be glad to read your views on the comments section below.

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