How and Where to Sell a Used Lawn Mower?

After using a lawn mower for some time, you may decide to sell it off for various reasons. Used lawn mowers are everywhere, as people buy new mowers, more and more used mowers enter the market for sale. If you have used a lawn mower and would like to sell it, you may be looking for how and where to sell the lawn mower.

You may be surprised to know that a lot of people are looking for second-hand lawn mowers to use on their lawns. You can sell your lawn mower easily without stress if you know what you’re doing. To sell your used lawn mower, you need to do a couple of things and put the mower in the right places to attract potential buyers. This is because there are a lot of other sellers in the market. If you must sell your mower, you need to stand out.

Do you have a self-propelled lawn mower, or a push-behind model? There is a market for every type of mower, even though some are more attractive to potential buyers than others.

This article will show you how and where to sell your used lawn mower. Before we get into the details of this topic, you need to realize you’re not the only seller in the market, and there are so many other lawn mower owners looking to move them on to new buyers. With this in mind, you have to think and do differently so you can stand out.

How to Sell a Used Lawn Mower?


How do you sell your used lawn mower? There are so many things you can do to sell your lawn mower. Some of these things are simple, while the others will require more effort. They are all geared towards helping you sell your used lawn mower quickly and at a good price.

Fix Issues and Replace Worn Out Parts

Check the lawn mower for issues, and you may already know about lingering issues it may have. You should also check for any new issues and fix them. Replace worn out parts also to enable smooth operation. Doing this will help you sell the lawn mower quickly and at a favorable price.

Check the pull cord if it is weak or broken, replace the pull cord as it is pressured heavily when in use. You should also consider changing the air filter and deck of the mower if clogged with grass and dirt.

Clean the Mower

After working for a long time, your lawn mower is bound to have picked up long-lasting stains from grass clips, especially in the deck area. Before putting up the lawn mower for sale, clean the mower thoroughly, paying attention to the deck. Also, clean the mower deck thoroughly as it may have picked up a lot of dirt from the fuel.

You should clean your lawn mower frequently even if you do not plan to sell it, but when you’re looking to put it up for sale, it requires more than regular cleaning. Use a pressurized water hose to clean the underside and around tight edges. Make sure to keep the pressure low, as higher pressures can ruin the painting.

Repaint the Mower

Typically, the paint of the lawn mower may have worn out from regular use. If this is the case, giving it, a fresh new look will attract more buyers. Remember, you want your mower to stand out when you put it up for sale. Repainting the mower is the way to go to get it looking like new again.

Test Run it

After going through maintenance, changing worn out parts, and repainting, the next thing to do is to test run your mower. Use it to mow a small portion to see how it works with the fresh addition. Pay attention to the sound and the grass clippings. Is the cut clean or blunt and rough? Strive to achieve good sound and clean cut through the grass.

Take Clear Pictures

The famous saying “pictures speak a thousand words” holds water here. Take clear images of your lawn mower showing the significant parts of the mower like the deck, full view, and close-up photos. Use a clear camera to take the pictures. Your phone should do this effortlessly, but if you can get a professional camera, the better.

Consider Pricing

Everything you’ve done to prepare your used lawn mower for the market till now will mean very little if the price is not correct. Pricing is an often underrated aspect of selling a used lawn mower. No matter how clean and in shape a used lawn mower is, it has to be within a reasonable price range, often below the price of a new model.

You have to present an excellent deal to the buyer, something worthwhile. So how do you know the right price for your used lawn mower?

  • Consider the present state: the price of a used item is heavily dependent on its present condition. Does it work effortlessly? Does it look as good? If you followed the steps already mentioned, your mower would be in top shape and looking great too. But even if you decide not to make any maintenance on it, you can still sell it off that way
  • Check other prices: the prices other people are selling the exact model you have will determine how much you can sell yours. You want to set a price that is not far from what is obtainable. In fact, bringing your prices lower than the average price of a used lawn mower of the same model will help you sell yours faster. You can go on social media, go through used machinery marketplaces to get these prices

After doing this, you must have settled on a price or at least a range that feels right based on the cost of the new model, the present condition of the mower and the price other sellers are asking for their used models. 

Where to Sell Your Used Lawn Mower?

where to sell used lawn mower

By now, you know everything you need to know about how to sell your used lawn mower. Now the next big question you may have comes up – where do you sell your used lawn mower?
There are so many places to sell your used lawn mower. Using more than one medium to sell your lawn mower will put more eyes on your merchandise and ultimately help you sell it faster. So, where can you sell your used mower?

Add Your Lawn Mower to Online Marketplaces

The internet has come to stay, and the sooner you realize this, the better for you. A lot of money exchanges hands daily on the internet and you can get your mower sold quickly if you know what to do. So what do you do?

There are so many online marketplaces you can exploit. Register, and set up your listing on these platforms. You can find these platforms by googling “marketplaces for used lawn mowers”.
This includes Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. Uploading your products on these platforms is a great way to sell your used lawn mower. These platforms have a huge number of potential buyers browsing the site looking for good deals.

Upload the images, fill in the necessary details, and wait for interested parties. Some platforms have all the transactions go through their system, while others just connect buyers to sellers. Bear in mind that some platforms may require a percentage of your sale as fees.

Organize a Garage Sale

Garage sales are a good way to sell your items quickly to neighbors. Typically, garage sales are quite affordable, so you might want to consider if you’re willing to go very low with your pricing before engaging in garage sales.

Garage sales may also work better if you have other items to sell. To organize a garage sale for your used lawn mower, you can print a small flier for your garage sale on paste around your community. You can also let your neighbors know about it.

Use Social Media

Another underrated medium of selling any item is the use of social media. By simply uploading images of your used lawn mower and details of the sale on your social media profiles, you can easily find a buyer for your mower.

You can upload this on all your social media and wait for potential buyers to reach out to you. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Tik Tok, and many others.


Selling a used lawn mower is not as difficult as it may seem, but you should also pay attention to payment and shipping where required. Accepting various payments methods will help you greatly.

Remember to include the shipping cost in your price or let the buyer take charge of shipping costs as it can be high due to the mower’s weight.

Remember, patience is important here. You may not sell your used lawn mower immediately. Be patient, allow it to run for a while.

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