15 Simple but Beautiful Small Front Garden Ideas

First impression matters. Evidently, homeowners are now seeing their small front gardens in a new light. That’s no surprise though. Considering that the front garden is among the first things that your visitors see at your house, you ought to make it outstanding. Check out below some of the top Small Front Garden Ideas for you.

Tidying up your small garden is easy and requires little effort to plan. Simply set aside a long weekend to make it a quick and fun project and start reaping its rewards right away. Regardless of your space or budget, there are loads of ideas to make the most of your front garden and double its appeal.

Should you dress it up with flowers, beautiful stone path or enviable garden edgings? The answer is there are so many options. What’s more, most of front garden ideas are low maintenance and wise ways to update your home exteriors without digging holes into your pockets.

front garden ideas

Here are 15 simple but beautiful small front garden ideas in one spot. Hopefully, they will inspire you get creative. Implement them and see people sock off whenever they pay a visit.

1. Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Gone are the days when artificial grass was meant for professional sports field. Nowadays, it is a great option for those who wish to have a green lawn with little maintenance needs. Do you fancy such? Then this small front garden idea is meant for you and a highly budget-friendly option.

What’s more, it doesn’t need watering, fertilizer nor do you have to worry about mowing. Simply hose it down once in a while to keep it clean and see it serve you for up to 15 years.

2. Plant More Trees

Plant More Trees

Trees are certainly the unsung heroes of any small front garden. Undoubtedly, there are myriad benefits of having them in your garden. They not only make the garden look beautiful by also improve air quality by providing oxygen; help conserve water and preserve soil. So, why not consider filing your front garden with loads of trees?

3. Put Swinging Chairs

Put Swinging Chairs

If you fancy a fun-filled front garden that is welcoming in equal measure, this idea got your back. Simply add some cushions to the swinging chairs for extra comfort and color.

Don’t forget to pop some indoor plants from your windows to accentuate the theme. Thereafter, it won’t hurt to enjoy a cup of tea on the grass while kids play in the front garden.

4. Small shrubs

Small shrubs

Adding small shrubs at the entrance of your house is a simple but great way to beautify your small front garden. The shrubs ensure you have a thriving front garden for years to come. In case you wish to implement this idea, we recommend low maintenance small shrubs like heather, blue star juniper, dwarf Alberta et-cetera.

Spice it up by adding gentle plants like flowers. It will assuredly create an illusion of a large space than there really is. This beautiful front garden idea is an unrivaled way making a small garden look full.

5. Outdoor Table Set

Outdoor Table Set

We can’t finish the talk on beautiful small front gardens without mentioning the need to add an outdoor table set. This idea transforms your small front garden into a lovely source of relaxation and sunshine. To make it cozier, you may add some outdoor cushions, a throw rug and flowers on the table.

6. Overflowing Lavender

Overflowing Lavender

This small front garden idea helps you add a countryside touch to your garden. The gorgeous lavender does not only smell great but also has unrivaled relaxing properties. Lavender flowers are also great in welcoming pollinators, as such, other greenery will thank you for this bright idea. To let them reap optimal benefits, position the bushes near a veggies’ garden and see the flowers enjoy the bee activities.

Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of lavender indoors and use it as a decoration, to scent linen and to season food.

7. Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Addition of stepping stones is not only a wise small front garden idea but also a wonderful way to add details to the front garden. Single or a couple or parallel lines of square stones will come in handy in creating extra interest.

Don’t forget to frame its path with trees on the sides. Ultimately, mow the lawn frequently to ensure it looks good throughout the year. That doesn’t ask much, right?

8. Pretty Pots

Pretty Pots

How do you fancy this entrance? It’s quite adorable, isn’t it? Well, personally, the idea of having outdoor plants on the front garden is undetectable. I kind of never get enough of them. If you also cherish outdoor plants but have a limitation of small front garden, pots are heavenly ways of adding them to your home.

Simply get pots of any shape, size, color and texture. The more pots you have, the better. You can also purchase second-hand pots at a down to earth price. Add garden soil or potting soil then plant your favorite flowers and herbs for color and greenery. Within no time, this will result into an enviable small front garden.

9. Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Bothered by a lifeless wall at the front of your house? Relax. A vertical garden is a great small front garden idea that’s guaranteed to decorate and turn your front garden into your dream garden. It also gives your home the much envied curb appeal.

In order to keep it simple, opt for hardy plants in place of flowers then plant vines in place of planter boxes. However, you can still turn it into an herb haven with all the imaginable herbs. In a nutshell, with this small front garden idea, your imagination is your only limitation. Here are most popular vertical DIY garden walls for your vertical garden.

10. Water feature

Water feature

Evidently, this is the sole small front garden idea that seemingly understands the hard times in the current world. Maybe that’s why it does not only thrive in beautifying your garden but also add tranquility and the much needed peace to your space.

Let’s face it; nothing brings clarity to the mind like the soothing sounds of water. So, if you have a pond at/near the front of your house, why not slightly twist things up to reap optimal benefits from it. I recommend that you add fish for extra color and life.

11. Discreet Lighting

Discreet Lighting

Decorative lightnings to your small front garden add an instant touch of magic and easily spruce up your front garden at a relatively small cost. Arrange them creatively on your garden edgings to create consistency and draw eyes to vital parts of the front garden.

You can also string them on the trees to get an unmatched canopy of twinkling lights. These lights are a practical guide for visitors during the night. They also look stunning in the night. You can order them online or from hardware near you at great prices.

12. Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

In case you have a tree stump somewhere in your front garden, you can affirm that they’re really expensive and difficult to remove. So, instead of letting it continue being an eyesore, why don’t you turn it into a flower planter! A hollowed log can be a great natural alternative to plastic garden.

Consequently, the stump won’t only help in providing nutrients to your plants but also maintain soil moisture. Ultimately, this make-do display will be an enviable rustic front garden.

13. Hanging plants

Hanging plants

Believe you me, in matters small front garden ideas, you will never go wrong with hanging plants. Undoubtedly, it’s the greatest option for small gardens and is guaranteed to look beautiful framing the front entrance. What’s more, the elevation enables the gardener have control over the nutrients intake of the plants.

14. Kids Play Area

15 Simple but Beautiful Small Front Garden Ideas

Fortunately, we’ve all been ‘kids’ at one stage in our lives, so we can affirm that kids love to play. Limited by your size of your garden? Fret not, this small front garden idea can inspire you to amazingly turn it into a beautiful dedicated kid’s area.

If you have a little nook or overhanging roof the better. Simply but creatively turn it into a space that suits your kids’ style. You may think of things link pink decor, wings or beautiful flowers. Depending on its size, you can also hold a small garden party with your friends.

15. Beautiful Fence

Beautiful Fence

Speaking of small front garden ideas, nothing beats adding a picket fence. BTW, what’s preventing you from making one around your front garden and let it lead to your front door? It’s guaranteed to offer your visitors all your garden has to offer. A beautiful fence is a sure top up to your curb appeal and a great way of separating your house from the outside world.

Final Verdict

At this juncture, it’s now your turn to put on your garden gloves and start implementing the above garden ideas in your garden. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by at least one of the above 15 simple but beautiful small front garden ideas. Now, the question is-which one do you choose to implement? Regardless of what front garden idea you favor, pay attention to your environment since every greenery has its unique watering and sunlight needs.

Your turn: Which was your favorite idea? How’re you going to make your small front garden stand out? I’ll be glad to hear from you in the comment section below.

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