23 Succulent Garden Ideas That Look Awesome

Watering and maintenance are two of the significant challenges facing a garden owners; this has led to many gardeners abandoning their love for gardening by removing lawns from their homes. If you’re having difficulties with maintaining and watering your garden, then succulents are the perfect solution for you.

Succulents are easy to plant, maintain and can go a long time without water. Growing a succulent is so easy that many homes have begun to switch from regular garden plants to planting succulents. Their ease of maintenance and less water usage doesn’t affect their beauty in any way. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes; their blend of different varieties gives them an attractive colorful look you can tweak as you like.

We’ll be going through 23 of some of the most awesome succulent ideas you can try out in your garden.

1. Seashell Pots

Seashell Pots

This beautiful design is formed by gathering seashells found by the sea. Simply glue these shells together into a pot shape, making sure not to leave any area. Fill up the pots with fertile soil and plant your succulents. These pots can be made into different sizes and kept along the driveway, by the door or wherever you choose.

2. Succulents Sphere

Succulents Sphere

This sphere is formed using a chain to hold wires made into a ball shape. The ball is then filled with succulent soil and succulents of different shapes and colors planted. Hanging this ball anywhere from your garden fence to your patio ceiling will catch the attention of visitors.

3. Hanging Succulents Using Palettes

Hanging Succulents Using Palettes

Vertical gardens have grown over the years, and succulents are not left out. Using palettes, you can create an attractive wall planter for your succulent. Create layers by removing wood slabs at intervals and covering the base, as seen in the picture. Hang the palette on the wall and fill it with good soil, then plant succulents of different species and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4. Dried Log Planter

Dried Log Planter

A dried-out log of wood can make an aesthetically pleasing planter. Not only is this inexpensive, but you also get an old rustic design. Take a dry log of wood, carve out hollow centers, fill with soil and plant your succulents. The log can be put on a base to raise it above the ground.

5. Succulents in a Bed Cage

Succulents in a Bed Cage

Do you have a birdcage lying around or any cage at all? Take a look at this plan that uses birdcages to house your succulents. A decent level of fertile soil is put inside the cage, and succulents are planted and allowed to drop out of the cage. Hang this cage in the patio area or garden area for the best view.

6. Wayside Beauty

Wayside Beauty

Having succulents go round your outdoor patio area is a beautiful sight to behold. Stones around the base of the plants are used to make the bed even more attractive while you plant colorful water-wise plants.

7. Centerpiece Wonder

Centerpiece Wonder

This is an enchanting design that uses a pot with many layers. This design makes the area the center of attraction in your garden so you need to grow as many colorful succulents as you can to give it a beautiful blend of colors.

8. Garden Chair

Garden Chair

This design gives you a reason not to throw away that old chair in your house. To convert your old chair to an interesting succulent planter, simply remove the foam on the seat and insert a bowl with soil where beautiful drought-resistant plants can be grown. Put this in your garden to create another center of attraction.

9. Wooden Delight

Wooden Delight

A combination of woods of different makes and shapes can form a garden area that’ll delight your visitors. In this design, several dried-out logs, small tree stumps, are placed on a wooden table. Hollow centers are created on the trunks and potting soil put inside. Different varieties of succulent plants are then planted in the woods.

10. Streaming River Design

Streaming River Design

If you have limited border space, but you still want to create something unique, this design that creates the view of a river flowing will do justice to your needs. Two rows of two different species and colors, forming several curves as they go along the pathway, as seen in the picture will create a river-like view.

11. Can Never Go Wrong With Love

Can Never Go Wrong With Love

This is another unique design that uses monograms and succulents like cacti to enhance its beauty. You can use wood to form any write up you like then allow your cuttings to grow roots inside a sphagnum moss before using it on the write-up.

12. Standing Succulent Planter

Standing Succulent Planter

This wooden frame can be made yourself or gotten from the store. The design is unique as it can be moved around to wherever you want in your garden, including inside your home. Different varieties of succulents are used to fill up the plant stand.

13. Miniature Succulent Garden

Miniature Succulent Garden

This little succulent garden idea lets you form your dream garden in a small way. You can drop fake chickens, dogs or any animal you love in the tiny garden. You can even put small furniture inside to make it more pleasing.

14. Giant Chameleon Design

Giant Chameleon Design

No, it doesn’t have to be a chameleon. It can be any animal you love. Using a particular succulent variety to design a giant chameleon shape on your garden floor will make a great center of attraction.

15. Using a Watering Can

Using a Watering Can

Planting running succulents in an old watering can or container will give it a look of overflowing water. This creates a unique design with your old watering can, which can be placed on a table in your garden.

16. Door Post Clip

Door Post Clip

This door post succulent design lets the succulents hang out of a wooden frame hung on the wall. You can hang this design in your front door and excite visitors. A perfect blend of colors on this frame will make it a topic of conversation for all your visitors.

17. Using Large Ceramic Planters With Several Openings

Using Large Ceramic Planters With Several Openings

Ceramic planters cannot go out of fashion. Using a ceramic planter with several smaller openings by its side will make a beautiful garden piece that you can also keep inside your home. Simply fill the holes with potting soil and plant one or two succulents per hole.

18. Tray of Joy

Tray of Joy

Using a tray filled with garden soil and different varieties of colorful drought-resistant plants will transform your front yard into a movie-like scenery. To make it even more heavenly, add big candlesticks in the middle for that dreamy look.

19. Using a Grecian BirdBath Design

Using a Grecian BirdBath Design

Do you want to switch up your bland looking coffee table? This design using a birdbath pot makes use of two rosebud succulents in conjunction with several smaller water-wise plants of your choice to create an eye-catching view on your table.

20. Succulent Frames

Succulent Frames

Having old picture frames lying around in your home used to be worrying, well, not anymore. This design makes use of old picture frames to create enticing designs on your wall. Simply cover the area with peat moss and glue your succulents on the area. Paint the picture frame with contrasting colors to form an even classier look.

21. Plant Crassula Capitella

Plant Crassula Capitella

Crassula capitella is a brightly colored succulent that grows by spreading its beautiful leaves along your driveway. Using this plant as the main attraction in your garden while growing other smaller different colored plants will enhance the aesthetics of your driveway.

22. Succulents and Rocks Combination

Succulents and Rocks Combination

Succulents love growing from creeks and areas under rocks. That is why this design brings about a natural look to your garden. Grow your water-wise plants between large rocks and stones. Make sure to plant large succulents that’ll not be overshadowed by the rocks. Beautify the areas by spreading pebbles around.

23. Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container gardening is perfect for people that are not sure of the garden design they want in their yard. This way, you can switch up the arrangement whenever you want. Planting in containers also allows you to plant as many succulent varieties as you like.

Because of the rising water cost in homes and the cost of maintenance, homeowners are beginning to embrace succulents as they can thrive for a long time with minimal maintenance and water while still looking colorful in your garden. These 23 garden ideas for succulents will transform your garden and make it the topic of discussion whenever you’re meeting with friends.

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