10 Most Beautiful Sunflower Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

One particular flower that tends to bring joy wherever it is found is the sunflower plant. Its showy bright flower catches the attention of people. Sunflowers are easy to grow and can thrive in any soil type. The first thing that comes to a lot of people’s minds is the tall sunflowers with wide flowers, but there are several other species and sunflower garden ideas to try out.

The ease of growing a sunflower cannot be overemphasized; all you need to do is to clear the area of stones and tree stumps, till the ground, and make tiny holes with your hands while dropping a single seed into each.

Consistent watering and your sunflower will sprout in no time. Sunflowers need lots of sunlight to grow, about 5 hours daily. Depending on the type of sunflower you plant, perennial sunflowers bloom for longer.

sunflower garden ideas

Backyards are an often neglected place in the home with less effort and attention given to the area. It can be pretty overwhelming to tend to all areas in your home, I know, that’s why growing an easy and soothing plant like the sunflower is perfect.

Not only is the sunflower beautiful, but it is also a butterfly-attracting plant you can include in your butterfly garden. If you’re lost on how to style the sunflower in your garden, here are some beautiful ideas to get you going.

1. Mix With Cucumber

Mix With Cucumber

Pairing the sunflower with cucumbers or veggies is a good combination as the height and size of the sunflower can provide the needed shade for optimum growth.

They can also serve as a natural trellis for the cucumber. What’s even more impressive is their similar leaf color that gives the combination a matching look.

Ensure you space the plants correctly to provide them with enough room to grow.

2. The Sunflower Pyramid

The Sunflower Pyramid

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project for the whole family, then you should hop on this sunflower idea. This idea forms a pyramid full of sunflowers in the corner of your backyard.

For this project, you need to make a garden bed, either a low or a tall garden bed and fill it with soil.

Then construct a pyramid with wood like the one seen in the picture and plant sunflowers in the pyramid, so it grows and pops out from the pyramid.

3. Backyard Wall Screen

Backyard Wall Screen

Your backyard could do with a little more privacy. You can line the backyard wall with tall sunflowers to create an enchanting barrier. Simply plant the sunflower some inches apart along the wall and water them till they bloom.

The Helianthus Mammoth is the perfect species to use as a barrier for your backyard fence as it can grow up to 12 feet tall and is sturdy enough to withstand mild and average winds.

4. The Sunflower Basket

the Sunflower Basket

Sunflowers are known for their sheer size and height,but there are dwarf sunflowers you can grow in containers. This idea uses dwarf sunflowers planted in small cups contained in a large basket.

This basket can be kept anywhere in your backyard and is great because you can move it around your yard in search of sunlight, which is necessary for its growth. From your patio to your sidewalk, you’re sure to get admirers for this basket sunflower idea.

5. Pallet Sunflower

Pallet Sunflower

Your backyard can be transformed with this pallet garden idea. Dwarf sunflowers will do well in pallets that can be hung in your yard or left lying on a wall.

This idea is unique because it can be moved during the period of drought or harsh weather conditions.You need to create a bed in the pallet by closing the base of the pallet and filling it with good potting soil.

Then planting your dwarf sunflower about 6 inches away from each other so they get enough space while still being close enough.

6. Meditation Zone Sunflower

Meditation Zone Sunflower

Do you know you can set up a quiet time or meditation zone in your garden with just sunflowers? Well, now you do. You can decide to use a corner of your backyard or even the center as your meditation area.

To seclude the area from the rest, plant the giant sunflower species around the space, leaving a small space as a doorway into your hallowed chamber.

You can then set up a platform at the center of the zone where you can sit to meditate or read.

7. Sunflower Bag

Sunflower Bag

If you’re still undecided on the sunflower garden idea to implement, I bring you the sunflower bag. This bag serves as the container and can be hung on any old object lying in your backyard like a motorcycle, bicycle, cart, or even a wheelbarrow.

You can also decide to repaint the object to make it more attractive. The bag contains potting soil and the sunflowers. Remember to hang it where it can receive enough sunlight daily.

8. Mix It With Your Backyard Plants

Mix It With Your Backyard Plants

You do not always have to make individual plans for the sunflower plant. If you already have a backyard garden sitting pretty, you can incorporate the sunflower into that garden without making a mess.

As previously stated, the sunflower is easy to grow. It does not require a stringent soil condition to bloom, so it can easily be added to your already existing backyard garden.

Its height and color also makes it stand out among the other garden plants.

You can add the sunflower plant in the center or edge of your backyard garden area and watch it grow into a huge spectacle.

9. Fairy Garden Flower

Fairy Garden Flower

Fairy garden lovers are not left out as the sunflower plant can be used in fairy containers. The size of its flowers makes it an excellent plant to use as shade for your fairy garden.

It also makes the garden pop with its bright yellow color. Depending on the size of the fairy garden, you may plant the dwarf or moderate size sunflower species.

10. Let It Grow Wild

Let It Grow Wild

The sunflower doesn’t have to be always regulated. You can just choose a suitable location in your backyard, plant enough sunflowers, and let it grow wild. It creates a thick, lush garden feel. You can mix the giant and dwarf sunflower species to create a good contrast in your home.

Sunflowers are a fantastic butterfly garden plant that is also easy to grow. Having the sunflower in your backyard will brighten up that dull space and make it a haven for butterfly species and a good play spot for your kids. Remember to choose a location that receives enough sunlight as that is the number one ingredient needed for it to bloom.

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