Craftsman T2200 Lawn Tractor Review & Specs

Lawn tractors help maintain your lawn and work in your field, like dragging heavy machinery and clearing snow. Getting a lawn tractor for your garden may seem like an easy enough task to do, but that cannot be farther away from the truth.

 For one, there are so many brands in the market that it can easily get confusing. Craftsman is a reliable lawn tractor brand, and one craftsman lawn tractor worth mentioning is Craftsman 917.20381 T2200.

The Husqvarna Craftsman T2200 Lawn Tractor was built between 2014-2016. Manufactured in the US and fitted with a Briggs and Stratton engine with 19 HP for your garden work. Typically, lawn tractors come with low horsepower ratings because they’re not tasked to do a lot of heavy duties. 

Tabular Specification of Craftsman T2200 Lawn Tractor 

The characteristic deep red color and sleek design of the T2200 tractor make it a beautiful sight. Let’s delve deeper into this tractor to see how it fares.

Craftsman T2200 lawn tractor
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ModelCraftsman T2200
Year of Manufacture2014-2016
Weight405 lb (184 kg)
Height46 inches (1160 mm)
Length72.8 inches (1840 mm)
Width45 inches (1140 mm)
Wheelbase48 inches (1210 mm)
Operator stationOpen
Engine type4-cycle vertical shaft
No of cylinders1
Power19 HP (14.2 KW)
Displacement32.9 (540 cc)
Bore × stroke3.7 × 3.06 inches (94 × 78 mm)
Fuel tank capacity2.5 gal (9.5 L)
Oil tank capacity1.75 Qts (1.7 L)
Transmission modelHydro-Gear T2
Transmission typeBelt-driven hydrostatic
SpeedMaximum forward speed 5.5 mph (8.8 km/h)
Maximum reverse speed 2.9 mph (4.7 km/h)
No of forward and reverse gearsInfinite
Steering systemManual
BrakesMechanical disc
Mower deckMid-mount 2-blade with manual lift 42 inches mower deck
BladeFront-mount 42 inches blade
Snow blowerFront-mount 42 inches snow blower

General Specifications of Craftsman T2200

Craftsman T2200 lawn tractors, like other tractors, come with their unique features and working system, but what exactly makes them stand out and command so much respect in this space? This is what we’ll find out in this guide, including everything there is to know about the model. 

#1. Briggs and Stratton Engine

Engines are the force behind the work tractors do. They’re so important and determine to a large extent what you can do and cannot do with your tractor. This lawn tractor engine was made by the popular Briggs and Stratton brand. Briggs and Stratton make engines for a variety of tractor brands, including Husqvarna and John Deere, among others.

Briggs and Stratton Engine
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Equipped with a 19 HP engine, you’re assured of quality work for a long time without overloading. This Briggs and Stratton Intek platinum engine is a single-cylinder, 2-valve, gasoline-powered motor. The electric starter it uses ensures you can quickly and effortlessly start up your tractor even in extreme weather conditions. You encounter none of those starter problems common in tractors with a manual starter.

With a displacement of 540 ccs (33.0 ci) and bore × stroke of 3.7 × 3.06 inches (94 × 78 mm), the capacity of your engine is increased. It sports a 2.5 US gal (9.5 L ) fuel tank capacity, which may not be the largest for a tractor of this nature but should carry a decent amount of fuel. 

Like most tractors, the starter volt is 12, while the recommended starter plug is Champion RC12YC. You have 1.75 Qts (1.7 L) oil capacity in this tractor, and it is recommended that you replace the oil after every 50h usage to keep the engine running smoothly.

#2. Dimensions

The size and look of a tractor matter a lot to many users. While the effectiveness cannot be overemphasized, how the tractor looks is also a huge pull as people want a tractor that turns heads. The size can also affect what you can do with your lawn tractor. People want tractors that’ll comfortably fit into their garages and garden sheds.

This craftsman T2200 is a medium-sized lawn tractor weighing 405 lb (184 kg). It sports a length of 72.75 inches (1840 mm) and is 45 inches (1140 mm) wide. It has a height of 46 inches (1160 mm) and a wheelbase of 48 inches (1210 mm) that gives it balance on the ground. It uses a front steer manual steering and a mechanical disc brake to keep it on track. 

It looks sleek with the characteristic red color of craftsman tractors. It has an open operator station, which may hinder working under the sun or in the rain.

#3. Belt-driven Hydrostatic Transmission

The transmission is the link between your engine power and the work it can do through the tires and attachments. And if you have an impressive engine while using a substandard transmission system; you’ll struggle to utilize the full capacity of your tractor. This is why transmission is important to translate the power to effective work. The craftsman T2200 lawn tractor uses a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission type with infinite forward and reverse gears. Its transmission model is a Hydro-Gear T2 model. 

It has a maximum forward speed of 5.5 mph (8.8 km/h) and a maximum reverse speed of 2.9 mph (4.7 km/h).

#4. Comfortable and Durable Ride

The user should at least get some level of comfort while using any tractor. 

Tractors do not have an enclosed cabin, typically, given that you use your tractor for hours on end and sometimes in harsh conditions. Craftsman understands why comfort is important and has made it an essential part of the T2200 lawn tractor. 

Comfort and durability are often related when it comes to tractors. As much as you want a comfortable tractor you can use, you also want something that can last you a long time without requiring constant repairs. 

First, the seat is made of the durable vinyl material that ensures the comfort and durability of the seat. Further, the sitting area is spacious with ample legroom and enough comfort. The front axle is made of steel to protect the frame from damage if it bumps against any hard surface when in use.

Attachments of Craftsman T2200

There are three main attachments for the Craftsman T2200 lawn tractor. These help the user achieve more than one goal. They are: a snowblower, blade, and mower deck.

1. Mower Deck

mower deck of Craftsman T2200
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This attachment carries the system that cuts the grass. It is attached under the tractor, known as mid-mounted. With a cutting width of 42 inches (1060 mm), you should get a good amount of grass on a single cut. It has 6 cutting positions that cut from 1 to 4 inches. Moreover, the mower deck has a 2-blade and a manual lift system. It sports a belt drive system and a mechanical lift system.

2. Blade

mower blades of Craftsman T2200
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This is a 42 inches (1060 mm) blade mounted at the front of the lawn tractor. It comes with a mechanical lift system and manual angle. 

3. Snowblower

craftsman t2200 snowblower

If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow yearly, you’ll know the importance of having an effective snow blowing attachment you can use with your craftsman T2200. This is a single-stage snow blower mounted at the front of the tractor with a clearing width of 42 inches (1060 mm). It also has a mechanical lift system.


The Craftsman lawn mower made by Husqvarna is an impressive machine to own if you want to take care of your lawn and garden area. The good thing is that the tractor is affordable and within reach for many people. As of the first year of its release (2014), a new T2200 lawn tractor was sold for $1750. A neatly used model will be going for slightly less now.

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