Toro Vs John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers – Which Mower You Should Buy?

John Deere and Toro are the first two brands that come to mind when we think of zero-turn mowers. Leading producers of zero-turn lawn mowers are these two companies. It’s also challenging to pick a winner overall because both products have excellent qualities.

So people often need clarification about whether to go for the John Deere Zero-Turn or Toro Zero-Turn. Which one is better? 

Zero-turn mowers are top-rated among lawn owners due to their ability to take tight turns easily in limited spaces. In addition, their turning radius is more maneuverable, easier to operate, and faster. Now:

Toro zero-turn mowers offer some excellent features at a more budget-friendly price. On the contrary, John Deere mowers are relatively expensive but offer more durability and power.

In this article, let’s look at the differences between Toro and John Deere Zero-turn mowers and determine which one is better for your needs.

John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers

John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers

The John Deere company began operating in 1837 and is well-recognized for producing premium tractors and machinery worldwide.

The brand produces its mowers in the United States. However, the company got registered under the name ‘Deere & Company’ in 1968.

The key features of the John Deere Zero-Turn mowers include the following –

  • A Dynamic Engine: Its V-Twin engine has an electronic throttle control (ETC) and electronic fuel injection (EFI), ensuring a quick start and good performance.
  • Comfort Glide Suspension: The manufacturer has equipped the mower with a Comfort Glide suspension for running smoothly over rough terrain. In addition, it features an advanced and readable instrument display, electrical controls, and a fuel gauge.
  • A Bigger Gas Tank And Larger Deck: This mower features a bigger deck that holds the brand’s iconic twin-engine and a bigger gas tank.
  • A large instrument panel with readable gauges

Toro Zero-Turn Mowers

Toro Zero-Turn Mowers

Established in 1914, this company also manufactures budget-friendly mowers in the United States.

They commemorated its centennial in 2014. The Toro also produces turf maintenance products, rental, landscape and construction equipment, and ice and snow management.

The key features of the Toro Zero-turn mowers include the following –

  • The Ironforged Deck: The deck is built to last, ensuring top performance and durability.
  • A Durable Engine: This Toro Zero-turn mower is equipped with a Kawasaki engine, boasting a higher Hp and RPM.
  • A Proprietary Myride Suspension System: It boasts a front-shock and fully floating rear adjustable operator platform to tolerate the bumps.
  • Adjustable Blade-Height: The mower comes with blade-height adjustments at the front and rear sides. Moreover, it has a brake clutch to disengage the blade easily.

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers: Know the Similarities

Toro Vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers - Know the Similarities

Firstly, Toro Zero-turn and John Deere Zero-turn will satisfy you with their ease of use and performance.

Secondly, they run smoothly and comfortably, ensuring the best cut possible while mowing. Moreover, you can enjoy many happy hours mowing the lawn for many years.

Toro Zero-Turn Vs. John Deere Zero-Turn Mower: The Comparison

Toro Zero-Turn Vs. John Deere Zero-Turn Mower: The Comparison

John Deere Zero-Turn and Toro Zero-Turn mowers are two of the most amazing products designed exclusively for hilly lawns.

Below are some of the most prominent differences between the two mowers that will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

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Powerful Engine and Performance

Both manufacturers have equipped their mowers with a powerful and durable V-twin engine. You may even find some of their models powered by Briggs and Stratton engines. However, these engines are known for their maneuverability and power.

The brand’s new V-Twin engine, which promises better fuel efficiency than any other engine in the market, powers the Toro Zero-Turn mower. Besides boosting the engine’s performance, the brand also added a few valuable features to it. 

On the other hand, thanks to the unique V-Twin ELS engine, the John Deere Zero-turn mower is suitable for commercial and home mowing.

Customers are happy with how much torque this twin-cylinder engine can produce. Yet, it produces less noise and vibration and consumes less fuel.

If you are concerned with easy functionality or convenience, the Toro Zero-Turn mower might be the one for you.

It features a smart speed control system that allows you to change the speed without slowing the engine down on the go. And the John Deere mower lacks this functionality.

When the engine slows down, it minimizes the blade speed, and eventually, the cut quality decreases. And this is an important feature.

Furthermore, the V-twin has a self-cleaning air filtration system that eliminates dirt and dust. Plus, the engine produces 24.5 horsepower.

Cutting-Edge Qualities

You can expect the same cutting-edge qualities from both mowers, but they have some key features. For example –

The Toro Zero-Turn mower comes with a smooth and easy-to-use cutting and dispatching system. Thanks to the Smart Speed Control System, this mower offers three ground speed ranges – Mow, Tow, and Trim.

Eventually, you can easily control the machine while hauling accessories and cutting grass. 

On the other hand, John Deere has equipped their mower with 22-inch wide rear tires for elevated traction on the lawn grass. Moreover, their steel frame and heavy-duty components make the machine easier to operate even on the roughest landscapes.

Frame and Strength

Both the mowers use the same material for the framework but differ in thickness. The frame is made of heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. And in that case, the Toro mower will win as it boasts a stronger frame and deck.

Apart from this, the Toro mower features a larger caster of cubs than the John Deere ones. So, you can expect more durability from the Toro Zero-Turn mower. 

Usability and Ease of Use

John Deere’s mowers exceed customers’ expectations when it comes to operability. They are easier to operate and have simple speed adjustment systems. 

However, the user-friendly designs of Toro mowers also make them easier to control. But the John Deere mower can suit various mowing needs because of its better-quality range.

Reversely, the Toro mowers feature a hitch to attach or tow anything easily, making them highly versatile.


John Deere mowers bear a more expensive price tag than Toro mowers. The Toro Zero-Turn mowers usually range between $4,000 and $16,000 or more. 

Those who are on a budget can buy a Toro Zero-Turn Mower. But if you want a John Deere mower within your budget, you can buy second-hand John Deere ones. 

So, Which One Should You Buy?

It’s tough to decide which one is better as users can enjoy great features and performance in both mowers. However, you have to make a decision depending on your lawn needs. The ultimate aim is to minimize effort and time.

Keep note of the following points –

  • Toro Zero-Turn mowers are more comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Besides a cup holder, they also have an additional storage holder for a lunch box, a key chain, and smartphones.
  • However, John Deere Zero-Turn mowers might be a bit expensive, but they are durable.
  • You can expect a John Deere mower to operate up to 5000 hours upon proper maintenance.

So you can buy a Toro Zero-Turn Mower if you are on a budget or want to spend less time mowing. But if budget isn’t a concern, one can go for the John Deere mower. However, the John Deere mowers aren’t recommended for injured or aged.

Overall, the choice will depend on your budget, quality, and job at hand.

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What are Zero-Turn mowers?

Zero-turn mowers are popular for making tight turns easily. In addition, they are smaller than regular riding mowers, making them suited for small yards. 

How long can a Toro Zero-Turn operate?

A Toro Zero-Turn mower is designed to operate for more than 2000 hours consistently and flawlessly. No major repairs will be required.

How long can a John Deere Zero-Turn operate?

A Zero-Turn mower’s durability usually depends on how well you maintain or take care of it. But like Toro, a John Deere mower should also run consistently over 2000 hours.

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