17 Impressive Tree Stump Ideas for Your Garden

Where do trees go when they die? You can determine what happens to your beloved tree when it is cut off.

Most trees beautify our landscape for several decades. This longevity means we’ll quickly grow fond of them. But trees, like all living things, cannot live forever. How do we keep our beloved trees even after they grow old and must be cut down?

People living in woody lands will have so many tree stumps. Finding ways to utilize these stumps in your garden is not only economical but also beautiful. 

The thing is, a tree sometimes doesn’t need to grow old before it is cut down. Sometimes they carry diseases that can harm other plants; the other times, their roots may be affecting the structure of nearby structures.

Here are some tree stump ideas that’ll blow your minds while saving you money in the process.

Tree Stump Ideas for Your Garden:

tree stump ideas

1. Simple Tree Stump Planter

Simple Tree Stump ideas with purple flowers

This simple tree stump idea hardly requires any skill. You can set it up by creating a hollow area at the top of the stump and filling the hole with soil, and then planting your favorite flowers.

This idea will set plants up to be the center of attraction in an otherwise low landscape garden.

2. Tree Stump Retaining Wall

Tree Stump Retaining Wall

Uneven garden surfaces are common in most gardens and can cause erosion. This can be solved by using retaining walls to hold the higher ground layer together and stop erosion.

However, making a standard retaining wall with concrete or boulders can be expensive; that is why this tree stump retaining wall idea is incredible. It saves you a lot in cash while setting up a unique looking in your garden.

To implement this idea, line up tree stumps on the steep slope base between ground layers.

3. Climbing Tree Stumps for Kids

tree stump ideas for kids

This is an outdoor game for kids made with a long tree stump. Ideally, the stump should still be in the ground to reinforce its stability. 

Climbing aids are fixed on one side of the stump to safely enable kids to climb the top of the stump. The stump’s top is fitted with barricades open on the opposite ends to allow the kids to slide out from the other end on the slides.

4. Mosaic Tree Stump Table

Mosaic Tree Stump Table ideas

Feeling a little artistic? Then create this mosaic design on old tree stumps and use them as tables. Not only would these tables serve as an outdoor rain-resistant table, but it’ll present something different and away from the norm.

5. Bird Bath Holder

Bird Bath Holder on tree stump

A birdbath should be located at a vantage position that will easily be visible to birds and butterflies alike. Butterflies and birds love to hang out here to cool off during a hot day while taking water.

If you want to attract beautiful birds and butterflies to your garden then, you may want to implement this tree stump idea. 

Set this stump in a clear area in your garden and place your basin filled with water on it. Place a stone in the water so the birds and butterflies can have a place to stand on while drinking water.

6. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe on tree stump

This is another bbq party game. Both adults and kids can enjoy this game. A small flat tree stump would be ideal for this game. Simply make the tic-tac-toe boxes on the top of the stump with a marker. 

You can paint smooth pebbles and use them for the game.

7. Twisted Tree Stump Planter

Twisted Tree Stump ideas Planter with purple red flowers on it

If you want a more sophisticated design for your front yard, this twisted tree stump idea will give you precisely what you want.

It involves a base with more than one stump; this will provide you with the opportunity to explore numerous other flowers and designs. You can even decide to vary the hue of the plants to bring more contrast to your landscape.

8. Fairies Home

Fairies Home ideas in tree stump

Kids love fairies, so why not make them a fairies garden with a tree stump? 

You can buy fairy garden materials from local garden stores near you. Use them to make an exciting fairy garden right on the tree stump. You can also include gnomes if your kids like them too.

9. Stump House

tree stump ideas for stump house

If you have a tree stump strong enough to hold a reasonably heavy structure then, I’ve got just the right tree stump ideas for you.

This is a house stump made with wood with a ladder to climb. It is a relaxation center where you can sit during the day to admire your beautiful garden. Add more beauty to the structure by planting creeping flowers for privacy and aesthetics.

This is a complex idea that needs a professional’s help as it can be dangerous if not constructed properly.

10. Amazing Stump Outdoor Light

tree stump ideas for stump Outdoor Light

This idea is going to blow the minds of your visitors. Here, special lights are placed in the cranks in tree stumps. These stumps are then placed in strategic locations all around your garden. You can even place these stumps along your driveway.

Nights out with friends will take a different dimension with this tree stump light showing you the way.

11. Tree Stumps Table and Chairs

Tree Stump Table and stump Chairs around it

Do you know you can make complete outdoor furniture set from stumps? This tree stump idea uses stumps to make a table and chairs for your garden.

To make the table, a broader and shorter stump is placed on a long and thinner stump. This forms the table. For the chairs, however, you need a bit more work to get them ready. A chair has to be carved out of a stump. You can employ the help of a carpenter to get this done.

12. Colorful Stumps Table and Stools 

tree stump ideas for Colorful Stumps Table and Stools

This idea is similar to the previous one, but the difference lies in its colorful simplicity. A large stump serves as the table, while several smaller stumps serve as the stools placed around the table.

Painting a part or all the stump makes this idea pop and attracts the attention of everybody. You can place this stump in your garden or even in your backyard pavilion.

13. Carved Tree Surface

Carved Surface on tree stump

If you want something more artistic, then you should go with this tree stump idea. You can have an artist carve a face on the stump. This idea transforms the most boring stump into a masterpiece.

Place this artistic stump in a vantage position where you and visitors can easily see it.

14. Tree Owl

Tree Owl from tree stump

These tree stump ideas brings back the memories of old childhood owl stories. The stories of loving mother owls are impressive, and the kids will love them. The giant owl will bring warmth and art to your garden.

This idea will need the help of an artist in carving and painting this piece.

15. Stump Throne

tree Stump Throne

This throne resembles the iron throne in the Game of Thrones movie but doesn’t worry; there wouldn’t be violence here. This throne chair right in your garden can provide you with the quietness to enjoy that book or reminisce about your day.

A taller tree providing shade for this throne will make it even more peaceful.

16. Stump Pot Stand

tree stump ideas for pot stand

If you do not want to plant in your tree stump, why not use the tree stump as a potholder. It can help your outdoor vertical garden design stand out.

Place hooks around the stump and hang your plant pots around the stump. Paint or polish the stump to prevent it from deteriorating.

17. Painted Stumps

Painted tree Stump ideas

Painting a tree has so many benefits. It will save the tree from deterioration, make it stand out from your garden design. You do not even have to be a professional painter to pull this off.

You can make a simple painting or use patterns or mosaic to decorate the stump.


Tree stumps are difficult and expensive to remove from the ground. Instead of going through all that stress, why not create a beautiful scene with it in your garden?

As you have already seen, most of the tree stump ideas are DIY crafts you can make with family without burning a hole in your pocket.

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