19 Beautiful DIY Tree Swing Ideas for Your Backyard

When I was a kid, my favorite toy was the swing hanging down the only tree in our backyard. Sometimes they had to come to take me off the swing before I could leave it.

The thing is, that’s the reality of most kids, including some adults too. Who wouldn’t love the relaxing and fun nature of the swing?

Your backyard garden could do with an additional feature that’ll make it more fun and provide a relaxation spot for you and your family. For several years now, families have utilized this simple yet effective fun tool to keep the spirits high and make family time an exciting period.

If you have a large tree in your backyard, whether it is an evergreen tree or any other tree, you can set up a tree swing without breaking the bank.

DIY Tree Swing Ideas for backyard

This is a compilation of fun tree swing ideas for DIYers to make in their homes. You do not have to be an expert DIYer with the essential power tools to set this up. This list contains diverse tree swing ideas from traditional plank designs to more modern and stylish swing chairs design.

Just sit back peruse through this list to see which best suits you. I’ve got you.

19 Beautiful DIY Tree Swing Ideas:

1. Disc Tree Swing

Disc tree Swing ideas

Tree swings can be in the form of many different materials around you. This idea uses a disc as the seat and a single rope or chain to hang the tree’s disc. This guide will show you how to make your disc swing and how to hang it effectively.

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2. Airplane Tree Swing Ideas

Airplane tree Swing

This is a more stylish and demanding DIY project, which will catch your kids’ attention and make them enjoy the flight more. Woodcraft is needed to make the airplane while three chains or rope hangs them unto a tree branch.

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3. Wooden Chair Swing

Wooden Chair Swing

Old wooden chairs lying around in your homes can be upcycled and used in this wooden chair design. You would be saving the environment while providing a unique swing idea for your family to enjoy. You can vary the color of the chair by painting it. This is an activity your kids would love to do.

Please make sure the chair is sturdy and still in good condition before using it as a swing.

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4. Bouncy Swing Platform

Bouncy Swing Platform

This DIY tree swing is made from PVC pipes, adapters, and nylon webbing interweaved to form a sturdy platform. It is wide enough to accommodate two kids at a time and can even serve as a platform for them to rest or play on when they are not swinging.

This swing can be ready in an hour, but it is good to check its integrity before letting your kids play on it.

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5. One Rope Tire Swing

One Rope Tire Swing

Tire swings are the most affordable swings you can get. It may even cost you nothing if you already have a tire and a sturdy enough rope. 

In this design, the tire is only fastened with one rope carefully tied through the center unto one side. This means the tire is in a vertical position instead of the traditional horizontal position. It is so straightforward to make, and this guide shows you how to tie the tire effectively.

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6. Hammock on a Bar

Hammock on a Bar

A hammock hung on a wooden bar, which is then hung on a firm tree branch, will provide you the perfect spot to read that book and relax after a stressful day. Remember to add pillows to make it more comfortable.

Can you spot the hanging bag containing drinks? That added feature can be your wine or beer stack when you’re chilling on this swing.

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7. Pallet Chair Swing

Pallet Chair tree Swing ideas

You can recycle the wood from a pallet to make a chair for your backyard swing. The pallet pieces here are fastened together through the help of sturdy ropes in a zig-zag pattern. The ropes holding the pallets to the tree are fixed on the pallet so that it forms a chair. See a more detailed guide.

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8. Round Swing with Pillows

Round tree Swing with Pillows

You can make use of any sturdy round object with a dip in the middle. A large round pillow will sit nicely inside the chair, providing you comfort while you can have several other pillows for extra joy while you swing away.

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9. Skateboard Tree Swing

Skateboard tree Swing idea

This tree swing idea reuses your old skateboard and sets up an unusual swing in your backyard for your kids. The skateboard is held with sturdy ropes on both ends and can serve as a standing or sitting swing for your kids.

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10. Rope Swing

Rope tree Swing ideas

The rope swing is ideal when set near a pond or body of water, as most people won’t hold unto the rope for long. Setting it over or beside a body of water will allow the swingers to fall into the cold water when they can’t hold onto the rope anymore.

Tie a single rope on a tree branch hanging over a water body and make knots at the lower end of the string, or you can make a slightly more comfortable hold by tying the lower end, so there a circular rope to hold.

11. Horse Tree Swing Ideas

Horse Swing ideas

Your kids would enjoy a little more tree swing creativity. This idea mimics a horse ride and uses old tires to make a horse for your kids to swing on.

The idea is unique and wouldn’t take a lot of time to set up.

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12. Tire and Chain Swing

red Tire and Chain tree Swing

 Eye-catching and sleek are some qualities this tree swing design has. A simple tire and chains can be turned into a notable swing in your backyard. The tire is painted in bright colors, and chain hooks are attached for the chains that’ll hold the tire to the tree branch.

It can be completed in under an hour, and you can have your kids help you paint the tire.

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13. Colorful Wooden Swing for Two

Colorful Wooden Swing for Two

Children love colorful things, and making a brightly colored swing in your backyard is sure to attract them. Let them handle the painting to get them involved in the DIY project.

A sturdy rope that can be painted to match the wooden base is attached to the bottom and fastened. The swing is wide enough to accommodate two kids at a time.

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14. DIY Swing with Wooden Beads

DIY Swing with Wooden BeadsInnovation will take you beyond the traditional wooden plank tree swing to a more sophisticated design. This design may look daunting, but it is relatively easy to make. It involves small wooden pieces and beads all passed through a rope.

This swing will be completed in under an hour.

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15. Classic Tree Swing Ideas

Classic Tree Swing ideas

This is the traditional tree swing design. It is perfect for someone looking for a more laid back tree swing idea that’ll still provide a fun and relaxing experience.

It involves a wooden plank and two ropes tied at either end of the plank. You can paint the wood in any color you like and hand them on a strong branch in your yard.

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16. Touch the Sky Swing

Touch the Sky Swing

The key to getting some real height on your swing is tree height and, of course, rope length. You want to fix your swing on a tall tree, and you want to match that with an equally long rope.

The length of the rope will provide you with a far-reaching swing when you start enjoying it. 

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17. Treehouse Tree Swing

Treehouse Tree Swing

If you already have a treehouse or looking to set up one, a tree swing beside your treehouse would be perfect. A house on your tree to relax and enjoy the cool of the evening and a swing or two beside the house for when you or your kids want more fun is the ideal relaxation spot.

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18. Porch Tree Swing Ideas

Porch tree Swing ideas

Not only does this look inviting, but it also is enjoyable. Swinging with your partner on this porch swing hanging off a tree in your backyard is beautiful.

Make sure the porch is still strong and in good condition before using it. Use chains to hold both ends and hang on the tree limb.

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19. Traditional Hammock

Traditional Hammock

A traditional hammock tree swing ideas involves hanging the hammock ropes directly unto a low hanging tree branch. It is perfect for a sunny afternoon relaxation near a pool or just in your garden. 

This is one of my outdoor lounging favorites.

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Before you even consider setting up a tree swing in your backyard, check if your backyard tree branch is sturdy enough to hold the weight of humans. You do not want to get injured when enjoying the swing now, do you?

The ideas are straightforward to make, and the guides are detailed enough to answer any question you may have along the way.

Now, get building.

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