16 Great Treehouse Ideas for Your Backyard

Sometimes just a garden is never enough; you and your kids may be looking for something more, something extra to bring excitement to your backyard. Treehouses are not new concepts; they have been there for a while now and have served as a getaway for kids and parents alike. A terrific place in the outdoors but still in the comfort of your backyard where your kids can play with their friends and do fun stuff.

Treehouses are not just for kids, though; adults also use these outdoor structures to relax and bond with their families. If you have trees in your backyard, constructing a treehouse for your family should be high on your list of fun and rewarding activities. Not only would you enjoy seeing this structure up, but you’ll also find them quite helpful as a getaway place from your home.

The fun never stops with treehouses, as you can add swings under the houses for even more excitement and fun. We’ll show you treehouse ideas you can try. Some of them would be straightforward, while others are more sophisticated and may require the help of experts if you have no prior experience. Having a treehouse in your backyard will in no way scupper your modern backyard hopes.

Let’s go right in and see some of these ideas to try.

16 Great Treehouse Ideas

#1. Small and Simple With Cushions

Small and Simple With Cushions

Starting this list with one of the easiest to replicate just seemed suitable. This simple treehouse idea makes use of a bend in the tree to provide support for the house. It uses wood to create the privacy wall and clear plastic roofing so natural light can quickly fill up the space.

The light green paint inside the treehouse adds to the quiet the house already gives you. You can then put cushions on the floor to make it more comfortable and homely. A simple wooden ladder is placed under to make going up and down the house easy.

#2. Treehouse With Wrap Around Porch

Treehouse With Wrap Around Porch

If you want something more than the regular treehouses. Here is a wrap-around porch treehouse idea designed by Jill Morris that you can use. This is a sophisticated one-room guesthouse with an all-around porch for your pleasure. You can bird watch, relax or play games from any corner of the house. Because of the size and requirements of this treehouse idea, only embark on this construction if you have sufficient experience doing something like this; otherwise, you should leave it for the experts.

#3. Fairy House

Fairy House

If your kids like fairies, here is a fairytale treehouse idea to construct to make them go crazy. The house looks like something from a fairytale movie and is something that would excite your kids. The support alignment makes the house look like it was set upside down which further raises its appeal.

With tree branches overhanging the porch area, it looks even more relaxed and beautiful.

#4. A Gazebo into the Trees

A Gazebo into the Trees

Who says you cannot have all the good things in life? Show them this gazebo up in the trees. If you want a treehouse you can use with your friends when the kids are done playing; this gazebo treehouse should be on your list. This type of treehouse will ensure the structure is still functional even when kids outgrow playing in them.

It is a simple gazebo design elevated up a tree with support on the stem. Attaching a flight of wooden stairs to one side of the gazebo to make movement easier instead of a ladder is a masterstroke since adults will also use it.

#5. Treehouse Connection

Treehouse Connection

Do you hear kids love a treehouse? What do you think they’ll do when there are two? And oh, not just two treehouses but connected by a suspension bridge. Well, I’m happy to announce that you’ve successfully launched a park in your home. There’ll be no full moments as kids and adults alike have a field switching between the houses through the bridge.

This idea will require a lot of space in your backyard and the help of a professional to set up a solid and appealing structure.

#6. The Cottage Treehouse

The Cottage Treehouse

Cottages have this unique feeling of ownership and belonging. Kids would feel like they own the playground, and it increases the fun and excitement they get using the treehouse. You can fill the house up with their toys to enhance this feeling.

You can use the cottage concept and make a dog, house, fish House or anything your kid loves to make it personal for them. Don’t get it twisted; adults can also join in the fun as you can also make house designs of what you love.

#7. Pirate Ship in Your Trees

Pirate Ship in Your Trees

If you or your kids are fans of pirate movies, you know what to do when you see this pirate-themed playground up in the trees. It looks intense and real. This pirate ship treehouse would be an exciting place to relax, especially as it has a porch-like area in front.
Bear in mind that this is an expensive adventure; nevertheless, it is a worthwhile investment as it is beautiful.

#8. Treehouse with Slide

 Treehouse with Slide

A treehouse doesn’t have to be in the trees or high up the ground. You can set up a fun treehouse like this close to the ground and make it exciting by adding a slide at one end. You can add a few chairs in the treehouse so you can relax when not using the slide. See this idea as a blank sheet that you can draw whatever you want on and make yours. The house can be any shape or design you like.

#9. Classic Treehouse

Classic Treehouse

This is nothing fancy but remains practical. Something that can make your kids go out to play. The idea is an elevated deck area under a tree in your backyard. It has a short ladder attached to one end, a slide on another end for kids to play and a wall made of wood on one end that can serve as a trellis for plants. You can also add some plants at the edges to make a cool deck garden in the trees.

#10. Hammocks Treehouse

Hammocks Treehouse

How about a treehouse with hammocks attached under so you can get shade and quiet? This idea incorporates all these into it by elevating the house so you can comfortably be under it.
A long ladder leads people into the house with a porch around it and tree branches overflowing into the area.

#11. Ultra Modern Treehouse

Ultra Modern Treehouse

This idea is as exciting as it gets. Treehouses in close proximity are all connected by stairs and decks to make the ultimate ultra-modern treehouse design. This will take you a long time and a lot of money to build. It is more than a playground for kids. You can live here comfortably and have everybody admire your home.

#12. The Net Treehouse

The Net Treehouse

If you don’t want to go with wooden treehouses, this net treehouse design should excite you as it uses a net floor and side reinforced with strong ropes. This treehouse is up in the trees with a couple of cushions to make your stay there comfortable. It can be an excellent place to read that book or have “me” time.

#13. Colour Club

Colour Club

If you want to add color to your backyard, try out this treehouse design with dashes of brilliant colors on display. It has a comfortable sitting area with chairs inside, a swing to one side, and short stairs on another end.

#14. Boat Treehouse

Boat Treehouse

This is a boat-themed treehouse made from wood and shaped finely. The idea requires an experienced hand or a lot of effort to learn DIY methods to construct it. Nevertheless, it would be a rewarding venture as it would quickly make you the envy of the neighborhood as people won’t stop talking about the beauty in your backyard, even more so when your kids are fans of sailing the waters. This will give them an unlimited imagination to enjoy.

#15. Tent Treehouse

Tent Treehouse

While the others on this list will require effort and time to construct, this tent treehouse can be ready in minutes. Perfect for camping activities or in your backyard for your kids to play. It is also an affordable option as getting the tent will not burn a hole in your pocket.

People with minimal space in their backyard will find this tent Treehouse fitting as you can utilize the little space you have effectively. You can also remove the tent when not in use to create more space for other activities.

#16. Simple Hut Treehouse

Simple Hut Treehouse

Hut-themed outdoor structures have existed for a long time but do not go out of fashion because of their practicality and ease of setting up. The thatch used in roofing the house is not heavy, so it keeps the overall weight of the treehouse light and safe. This house can be built quickly between two tree stems.


Your backyard can get even more exciting for you and your kids when adding a treehouse to the equation. The treehouse ideas here range from simple to extraordinary and, as such, require a different amount of effort, time, and money to set up. You can select the one that best suits your needs and incorporate it into your backyard garden.

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