21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Design Ideas

If you’ve been trying to find a way to organize your garden, you won’t go wrong with garden trellis designs. They not only act as supporting structures but also add charm and beauty for your plant arrangement. Ultimately, your plants will attract more attention. Still, the garden trellis will be the primary determiner of their shape and disposition.

Trellis creates privacy and adds style to your space. They also allow you to get vertical, especially if you have space limitations. You may buy or build your own. As usual, we suggest that you do it yourself. That way, you’ll be able to customize and make a trellis design that fits your desire.

DIY trellis design ideas may seem like a daunting project to do on your own, but they’re worth the effort. You can easily make one in a day. What’s more, you need to upcycle items that you could have discarded. This saves you funds a big deal.

In case you’re short of trellis designs ideas, this write-up is for you. Read along to discover 21 beautiful DIY trellis design ideas that will accrue you the cheapest and most fascinating DIY trellis ever.

21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Designs

trellis designs

1. Repurposed Garden Tools Trellises

Repurposed Garden Tools Trellises

This project is easy and affordable. It also looks cute, right? It accrues you more wisdom to using your garden tools. You require some quality poles that will provide a strong base. The vertical boards that connect the tools, tie them with a rope-you even don’t need a hammer.

2. Circular Stand-Alone Trellis Design

trellis designs

Who said trellis always have to be straight or lean on a large surface! Such a circular garden trellis designs can also form a refreshing arrangement in your garden. It’s more appealing when accentuated with clematis vines climbing up the trellis and red begonias in the middle. Such an arrangement provides for a rich green attractive look.

3. Bamboo Grid Trellis Design

Bamboo Grid

This is a genius way of using bamboo plants. However, don’t get it twisted. This is not your traditional bamboo trellis. It consists of hay at the bottom, where the tall grid structures rise. These grid structures are linked by a string and intersect at the top.

The bamboo trellis functions like the wooden square trellis, but it’s easier to DIY because of its knots. They replace the need for drilling and hammering when trying to secure the bamboo poles—done well, this trellis design idea results in an ingenious, beautiful, and durable trellis design that works well.

4. Crib Side Trellis

Crib Side ideas

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that adult beds are the only ones that could be recycled to create a great garden trellis. Now, know that you can quickly develop a garden trellis by using that old crib rail.

Such an economical and unique way to build a trellis, isn’t it? Use that old baby’s bed, remove the rails, hang them, or stand them up from a garden wall.

This trellis design idea will not only accrue you a beautiful trellis but is also easy to make. Your plants will again thank you as they climb up the rails.

5. Old Door Trellis

Old Door Trellis

We love old upcycling materials and pieces around the homestead. If you have an old door lying somewhere, you can turn it into a creative trellis. By removing the windows and installing them as a freestanding trellis, you create fantastic garden stands.

Let the plants peek through where the windows were. That’s already unique itself. Also, it combines well with any flowers and fountain nearby.

6. Large Trellis Fence

Large Trellis Fence

Trellis fence forms a boarder and is a decorative way to divide your garden from the rest of the land. However, you ought to be mindful of the sun-build a sizeable fence and ensure it doesn’t decrease your greenery exposure to the sun. That could slow their growth.

This idea looks more appealing when you choose trellis designs that matches your garden’s overall style. Customize the trellis posts by turning them to your favorite positions for extra interest.

7. Beautiful Trellis Gate

Beautiful Trellis Gate

Employ a trellis gate that will provide a scene for your visitors’ when they enter. Suppose you have a pergola that connects to your gate. Flank this structure by urns for a magical introduction to your garden.

You may need to set it to the side of your home to allow your guests to bypass the front yard and head to your charming backyard. What’s more, this trellis design provides high privacy and security.

8. A-frame veggie trellis

trellis designs

This DIY trellis designs idea is perfect for anyone who loves cultivating the garden. It’s a relatively simple design, easy to set up yet convenient in providing support for your veggies without taking much space.

Traditional wooden trellis offers elegant charm, but other materials are fine too. When done correctly, your crops enjoy untold support while your garden looks more professional.

9. Patio Trellis Designs

Patio Trellis Design

In addition to these fantastic patio ideas, patio trellis is an unrivaled way to add distinction and structure to your garden. They’re guaranteed to add an attractive architectural element to your space.

They say pictures tell a thousand words. As seen on the one above, patio trellis helps maintain an open feeling in your garden.

10. Repurposed Curtain Rod Wall Trellis Designs

trellis design ideas

This fantastic DIY trellis designs entailed crossing a few old, elegant curtain rods and fixing them to an outer wall. Quite simple. The vine that it’s supporting looks happy with it, and together they look quite charming. Why not create such trellis for your garden.

11. Trellis Ideas for Decks

Trellis Ideas for Decks

Adding a DIY trellis your deck can accrue you untold privacy for relaxing or conversation. Would you have some large-grid panels within your garden? That could be all you realize this beautiful trellis design. Wrap them around the edges of your deck to form benches.

12. DIY PVC Trellis Designs


This is another impressive trellis design. Seemingly, it’s hard to create, but that’s not the case. In implementing this idea, PVC was used to create an elegant pattern that was then affixed to a pre-created frame to come up with this product.

13. DIY Twig Ladder For Trellis Designs

DIY Twig Ladder For Trellis

How do you fancy this: Making trellis from twigs. It’s such profound creativity. Depending on your imagination, you can arrange some long and thick branches to form a ladder shape to create such a trellis designs.

14. Old Mattress Springs Garden Trellis

Old Mattress Springs Garden Trellis

Suppose you’ve ever thought of a junkyard style trellis but lack full headboard, fret not. Just look for the springs found inside a mattress and create your dream DIY trellis.

Re-using mattress springs make a genius yet functional trellis. After building one, paint them with a brighter color to make them more appealing. However, that’s optional since the goal is installing a trellis. 

15. DIY Trellis and Planter Box

 Planter Box

Nothing should kill your dream of nurturing your green finger. It just takes a little creativity and a few hours to create such a planter box and start growing your veggies.

The above trellis planter box is build using pallet arranged in a crossed formation. Sooner or later, the plants will be climbing up the structure, and the grower will ultimately reap long-term benefits.

 16. Curved-Top Trellis Designs

Curved-Top Trellis

Your garden does not have to look like another transition space. Why not gift it with these graceful trellises topped with curved tops and flank them by stout posts.

Well, they may not provide additional space for your greenery. Still, they’ll help balance and make the trellis design more beautiful. Curved top trellis turns a garden into a desirable vignette.

17. Easy DIY Bike Rim Trellis

Easy DIY Bike Rim

Are you that kind of DIY enthusiast who sees any craft as a chance to re-use something? In that case, we think this trellis designs idea will appeal to you.

Some old bike rims plus wires, metal bars, and garden twine are all you need. Chances are you have them lying all over your compound. Now pick them and build this simple trellis.

It looks fantastic when finished. If you have climbing plants, these bike rim trellis will give them the generous support they need.

18. Repurposed Clothesline Trellis

Repurposed Clothesline

Suppose you’re looking for something comfortable and inexpensive to do. In that case, that abandoned clothesline trellis can prove to be a great idea.

In the absence of an old clothesline, a fence or related structure can serve the purpose.

Using twines, let the plants climb and hang the string on the clothesline. This can provide untold support to your greenery.

19. Simple Pergola Trellis Designs

garden trellis ideas

Just imagine how amazing this simple pergola would look when covered in the vine! Undoubtedly, the roof-like structure may be a bit complicated and expensive to construct.

However, with a few friends and a little creativity, you can build one using the same natural materials.

Hopefully, the picture will provide you with enough inspiration.

20. Rustic “Spider Web” Wall Trellis

trellis garden ideas

This spider-web-shaped plant bed is simple to construct. It doesn’t span over the whole wall. This is important in limiting your creeping crops’ growth while adding a fascinating aspect to your garden.

It’s also a creative way of adding a unique trellis designs to your garden. It works great in front of a contemporary home.

21. Ladder Trellis Designs

Ladder Trellis

This DIY trellis design proves that you don’t require tons of materials to build a trellis. An old ladder can form a tremendous vertical garden trellis. You need to mount it in the ground and let your creepers do what they do best. This ladder-like trellis design has step-like breaks for extra support. It’s ideal for a corner garden.  

To Conclude

Which of the 21 beautiful DIY trellis design ideas appeals the most to you? There being myriads of garden design concepts, settling on one may deem tricky. However, you don’t have to limit yourself. 

You can match and mix more than one DIY trellis designs within your garden. Regardless of your choice, one thing is guaranteed. You can’t go wrong with any of the above trellis design ideas.

What’s your experience growing greenery on a DIY trellis? Or, have you had one before? Guess what? We would like to hear from you. Kindly share your experience hereunder.

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