Troy-Bilt TB 130 Push Mower Review and Specs

Maintaining your lawn and providing it with an elegantly clean look can be made easier with the help of lawnmowers. There are a wide variety of lawnmowers already on the market, and picking the right one for your yard can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the lawn maintenance scene.

Most lawn owners and landscapers are fans of self-propelled or ride-on mowers. They often tend to overlook the more economical push mowers like the Troy Bilt TB130. These push mowers are remarkably efficient when performing tasks they have been designed for. However, there is a minor setback regarding walk-behind mowers, and it’s got nothing to do with its engineering.

Mowers like the Troy Bilt TB130 are best suited for small-sized lawns. If you have a large backyard to maintain, ride-on tractors are the way forward. This is simply because pushing a mower around a large garden can be pretty taxing. 

Tabular Specifications of Troy Bilt TB130

So, if you’ve got a small yard that’s getting out of hand, this detailed review on the Troy Bilt TB130 will provide you with all the information on one of the best push-mowers for the backyard landscaping world.

tryoy blit TB130 push mower
General Specifications:
ModelTroy Bilt TB130
Manufacturing year2018
FactoryAssembled in the USA, multiple factories globally
Weight72 lbs
Height17.5 inches
Length36.56 inches
Wheelbase23.88 inches
Fuel tank capacity0.26 gallons (1 L)
Engine Specifications:
Engine modelHonda
Engine typeOverhead valve
Fuel Type Gasoline
StarterRecoil start with auto-choke
Oil capacity20 ounces
Drive Specifications:
Drive systemPush drive
Front-wheel7 inches diameter
Rear-wheel11 inches diameter
Mowing Specifications:
Cutting deckSide discharge, mulch, rear bag
Mower cut height (max.)3.75 inches
Mower cut height (min.)1.25 inches
Cut height increments6 levels
Cutting height adjustmentDual-lever
Mower deck materialSteel
Attachment Specifications:
Bushel BagRear mounted 1.9 gallons
Mulch kitMulching plate, mulching blades, mounting hardware

Features of Troy Bilt TB130

The Troy Bilt TB130 push mower packs a punch, making it an effective tool to have in your garden shed. Let’s take a look at all the features of this machine and understand if it’s a suitable mower for your lawn.

#1. Key Features

  • Powerful 160cc Honda OHV engine
  • Rustproof 21-inch cutting deck
  • Advanced TriAction cutting system
  • Sturdy wheels with a solid tread keep the device grounded on uneven terrain
  • Six-position height adjustment with a dual lever
  • Lightweight construction

#2. General Features

The TB130 push mower was released by Troy Bilt in 2018 and is still one of the best walk-behind tractors on the market. This model is third in line in the TB series of tractors produced by Troy Bilt. Additionally, this machine is assembled in the USA, with various parts sourced from manufacturers across the globe.

While the Troy-Bilt TB130 lies on the affordable side of the spectrum, the company hasn’t backed out on loading this push mower with a plethora of features. With a TriAction cutting system equipped with a rake bumper, cutting grass for your mulch and keeping your lawn tidy has never been easier.

To further sweeten the deal, the TB130 comes with a 21-inch symmetrical cutting deck which helps in reducing the clumping of freshly cut grass. This medium-sized pusher is best suited for a lawn with uneven terrain. Moreover, its lightweight body and durable 11-inch rear wheels increase the mowers’ agility with ease.

This helps users with a compact yard with multiple accessories. For instance, if you have a garden hose stand or a sunflower bed placed in a tight spot, the TB130 can easily access those areas and clip the grass in your garden, which you’ve been neglecting for a while.

Furthermore, this device features a side discharge shoot and a 1.9-gallon bushel bag to contain all of your fresh grass clippings. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance of your machine a piece of cake.

Some users may not have enough space to house a large-sized mower. And to fix this problem, the TB130 comes equipped with an integrated clip on the handle, which enables users to fold their equipment, making it exceedingly easy to store and transport.

#3. Engine and Performance

The Troy Bilt TB130 houses a Honda engine. To be more specific, it features a 160cc Honda engine equipped with an overhead valve. To add on, this powerful engine is what drives most users to the TB130 in the first place.

Troy bilt TB130 engine

The Honda engine arms the device with a robust punch enough to shoot across your lawn effortlessly. What’s more, the TB130 comes with an automatic choke system. This means your mower will always start running with the first pull of the string, provided you have enough gas and oil in your engine.

Let’s dive into the performance of the TB130 and see what it has to offer to budding landscapers. Firstly, the device allows users to determine the height of the cut with the help of six adjustable levels. This enables users to maintain a uniform yard and prevent patchiness caused due to unevenly cut grass. 

If you’ve been longing to revamp your garden, but an uneven lawn is your biggest fear, the TB130 will solve this problem without any backbreaking setbacks. This permits users to enhance the aesthetics of their yard by building attractions like a small succulent garden, for instance. 

Secondly, the lightweight body aids in maneuvering the machine over small slopes with ease. However, due to the lack of a self-propulsion system, tackling tougher slopes is a task and might tire you out if you have a large-sized lawn.

Although this mower has features that seem too good to be true, there is one minor drawback. The hose attachment provided to clean the underside of the machine isn’t up to the mark. It leaves behind plenty of gunk which is troublesome and requires users to access the underbelly of the device to keep it clean.

#4. Ease Of Use

Weighing in at just 72 pounds, the TB130 is lighter than most push mowers on the market. What’s better, you can even bring your kid to assist on your landscaping adventures and turn this chore into a collective afternoon activity. What’s more, after mowing the grass, your kids can contribute to easy projects around the lawn, like building great fairy garden containers, bringing magic right to your backyard.

Apart from this, the handle can be adjusted to various heights to deliver maximum comfort and reduce strain by always keeping the bar at a walking height. The grip on the handlebar also provides an added sense of comfort and doesn’t wear your palms out, allowing you to perform lawn work efficiently. 

The various discharge options sync perfectly with the mower, and switching between them is straightforward. The mower can further mulch the grass or expel the cuttings into a bagging system. While the bag is smaller than what most mowers are equipped with, the size shouldn’t be a big problem unless you’re taking the TB130 to a large yard.

#5. Durability

When you hear the words Troy Bilt and Honda in the same sentence, you know you’re in for a treat. This fine craftsmanship is showcased in the TB130’s unrivaled durability and the anti-rust cutting deck. This blade is designed to go the distance without losing efficiency, even after years of rugged use. 

To top it off, the TriAction cutting system gives the device a sturdy structure and heightens the mowing capabilities of the TB130. Furthermore, this machine comes with a 3-year warranty but rest assured, if you maintain your mower, the TB130 will last for years to come. 

Troy Bilt also claims that the TB130 doesn’t require an oil change. By simply adding oil whenever needed, you’ll keep your mower running and in good condition. To stand by their statement, the TB130 doesn’t come with an oil drain plug. However, to keep your engine smooth, we recommend pouring the old oil out and changing it once in a while.

Here are some additional tips on maintaining your TB130 push mower:

  • Lubricating the pivoting parts of the blade with a light coat of oil
  • Cleaning the underbelly of the mower after every use
  • Check the air filter after every twenty-five hours of usage
  • Resetting the spark plug gap and cleaning the plug once every season
  • Frequent inspection of the blade

#6. Safety Features

When handling heavy machinery, safety is the primary concern for all manufacturers. Most lawn mowers on the market are equipped with powerful motors and come preloaded with a ton of safety features. Troy Bilt has got its users covered, and the design of the TB130 guarantees the operator’s safety.

The build quality of the mower is excellent and provides a rigid and sturdy feel when in use. What’s better, a lever attached to the handle controls the blades. This feature provides maximum safety for the user by stopping the motor instantly after leaving the controller. 

Although there are multiple plastic instruments, the design is free of any sharp components or harmful fragments jutting out of the main body. Even better, the TB130 is 100% safe to use around kids and pets, and it handles small obstacles like tiny rocks without causing any hindrance to the operator.

Pros and Cons of Troy Bilt TB130

Let’s glance at the pros and cons of the TB130 for a better understanding of its offerings and downsides:


  • Honda 160cc engine
  • The engine barely makes any noise
  • Guaranteed first pull start
  • Added hose for cleaning
  • Easy to store
  • Firm build quality
  • Lightweight and extremely agile


  • Clipping bag is small sized
  • No plug for draining oil
  • Cord starter
  • Gas engine releases fumes


When we said affordable, we meant it. The Troy Bilt TB130 ranges from $289 to $400 on the market. Getting a mower for this price in 2022 is probably the deal of the year. Other push mowers are slightly more expensive than the TB130 and lack certain features like the TriAction cutting system.


We hope our review of the Troy Bilt TB130 has helped you get the necessary information about this push mower. Tons of satisfied customers have backed this product and hailed it as an absolutely fair value for money compared to other mowers out there. If your lawn requires a trim, the TB130 is roaring and ready to go.

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