19 Amazing DIY Urban Garden Ideas

With the world population increasing and houses getting an even smaller garden area, there is a growing need for homeowners to utilize their small yard the best way possible. People living in urban areas are looking for Urban Garden Ideas to mix urbanity and their love for gardening. Green Roofs are also a growing trend.

This new-found drive has led to the urban garden trend where you’re still able to grow lovely plants but with a touch of urbanity. It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or even no garden at all; the urban garden design can fuse urban ideas into garden styles in whatever garden space available.

urban garden ideas

Living in urban areas can be so fast and tiring, what better way to cool off than by adding a touch of green to your home. DIY lovers can create fantastic urban ideas for their homes. If the concept of urban gardening is strange to you or you’re looking for more ideas, not to worry, I’ve compiled a list of some fantastic urban garden ideas you can create in your home yourself.

1. Urban Chicken Garden

Urban Chicken Garden

Living in a city shouldn’t stop you from rearing those chickens. This urban garden idea makes use of wood and chicken net to create a coop for your chicken.

You need to make a small chicken coop like the one in the picture in your garden. Adding a flower bed to the side of the coop will make it even more attractive.

This small size chicken coop can accommodate up to 4 chickens.

2. Hinged Garden Bed

Hinged Garden Bed

A hinged bed can serve as a relaxation spot in your garden where you can lie or sit down to enjoy your garden view. The lower part of the hinged bed serves as a storage space for garden supplies and equipment and is perfect for small homes that cannot afford the area for a garden shed.

Simply make a wooden box with a hinged top that can be opened. Add a backrest and use an outdoor mattress cover to cover a small mattress you’ll use on the box.

3. DIY Window Boxes

DIY Window Boxes

Here, steel frames are used to hold zinc window boxes on windowsills. These boxes contain quality potting soil and different plants. You can get these window boxes from garden stores near you.

Your dull window area can be transformed with this simple idea. Small plants are ideal for this window gardening, so it doesn’t completely block light from entering your home.

4. No Lawn No Problem

No Lawn No Problem

Trying to grow a lawn in an urban area is almost mission impossible because buildings around will be blocking the sun from reaching your home.

Why not convert the small space into a beautiful modern garden with an anti catch floor for the dog. Use garden pots to beautify the corner of the area. You can even add a sitting chair made of metal.

5. Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

It is a difficult task to get privacy in an urban area because of the high rise buildings there. This idea can help you get the needed privacy in your yard by creating a screen blocking prying eyes from seeing what you’re doing.

Simply make a raised garden bed,preferably with the same flooring material for uniformity, and fill it with soil. Planting quick growing bamboo will give you the necessary peace of mind you deserve.

6. Mix Up The Floor Pattern

Mix Up The Floor Pattern

Sometimes all you need to convert that boring yard into an interesting one is just changing the floor patterns. This idea uses 3×3-foot sections set perpendicular to each other to create a unique look in your garden area: potted plants, a relaxation chair, and shade are all you need for this idea.

7. Modern Vertical Garden

Modern Vertical Garden

A lot of homes in urban areas do not have yard space. Should that stop you from growing that urban garden? Not at all. Hop on this indoor vertical garden idea. Using wood or pallets, you can make this vertical garden planter and grow small plants in them.

You can use a spare room in your home for this idea. Bear in mind that some plants do not do well indoors, so you have to do due diligence before planting.

8. Gated Container Garden

Gated Container Garden

If you only have a small space in the corner of your yard, then why not use this simple corner garden idea to add green to your home.

A barricade is made with wood and wire,and containers filled with potting soil are kept inside. You can add stone slabs as foot walks through the garden.

9. DIY Garden Stairs

DIY Garden Stairs

Space is a scarce commodity among city dwellers, and this stairs garden idea can address that by giving you several layers to plant. Using wood and nails, you can make these stairs for planting in your yard.

The stairs need quality soil, and plants of different hues to bring it to life.

10. Garden On Wheels

Garden On Wheels

Nothing can stop your love for gardening. This Urban Garden Ideas carries a touch of class into your home and sets you apart from other gardeners.

Not only is it fanciful, but its wheels also make it possible for you to move the planter around in search of sunlight or indoors during harsh weather conditions.

You can order this planter from online stores and have it delivered to your home.

11. Patio Delight

Patio Delight

Your patio design can get a new look by adding lush green flowers in containers around the area. Not only does it serve as a screen against nosy neighbors, but it also creates a soothing atmosphere.

12. Modern Backyard Garden

Modern Backyard Garden

Your backyard is not left out when it comes to modern gardening. You can set up your garden right in your yard by lining plant containers along the walls and planting creeping plants that can grow onto the fence.

13. Wild DIY Balcony Garden

Wild DIY Balcony Garden

Balconies are usually a place to chill out while enjoying the view of the city. Why not make it more interesting by adding colorful plants in containers and letting them grow wild. It allows you to enjoy the feeling of having a lush garden.

14. The Walkway Urban Garden

The Walkway Urban Garden

Your open walkway can also be modernized and brought to life by adding different varieties of plants to the sides of the pathway. These plants can be grown in beds or pots.

If you want to create a more serene environment, then you should consider adding tall shade forming plants.

15. Indoor Mini Greenhouse

Indoor Mini Greenhouse

Your living room is a perfect location for this mini greenhouse. This is a glass box with a lid at the top. The lid contains a cap that is opened for air to go in. You can get this glass box from online stores and keep your plant containers inside.

16. Modern Hanging Cylinders

Modern Hanging Cylinders

These classic cylinders can be gotten from online stores and used as planters for light plants. They come in different colors and can make even the blandest of plants look magical. Use ropes to tie them together and hang them on a wall in your home.

17. Raised Garden Sinks

Raised Garden Sinks

If you have old sinks or basins, you can utilize them to create this modern garden design in your home instead of throwing them away.

Simply make holders for them with wood and put the sink inside. Fill them with potting soil and grow plants close to your window.

18. Outdoor Dining with Green View

Outdoor Dining with Green View

Surrounding your outdoor dining with lots of green plants creates a natural atmosphere to enjoy your meals. The type of plants and flowers to plants in this space is not restricted as you can mix as many as you want to give your space that brief look for relaxation.

19. Sloppy Backyard Modern Garden

Sloppy Backyard Modern Garden

A sloppy backyard doesn’t have to be a worry anymore. This design changes that worry into a sloppy delight. You can form layers with slabs and blocks and plant in these layers.

Gardening among city dwellers is almost like an extreme sport because of space and time. But with these ideas, you can go back to your first love and plant that flower you’ve always wanted.

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