Where Can I Buy and Sell Used Lawn Mower Near Me?

If you have a lawn or plan to keep a lawn, you’ll need a lawn mower to keep your lawn in the best shape possible. Apart from using the right lawn fertilizer ratio, mowing at the right time will also keep your lawn healthy and aesthetically pleasing. The importance of a lawn mower on your lawn cannot be overemphasized, and this is why people buy lawn mowers.

The price of a new lawn mower ranges from $250 to $1,000. This price is out of the budget for a lot of people. Also, since lawn mowers are used sparingly, it might be more attractive to spend less on purchasing the machine. All these bring the price of a new lawn mower out of the reach of many people. This is why many people decide to buy a used lawn mower. Aside from renting a lawn mower, you ca /n decide to outrightly own yours without breaking the bank by buying second-hand. If you’re looking for where to buy a used lawn mower, you’ll find all you need to know here.

People with lawn mowers may also be looking to replace their lawn mowers with newer models and so, want to sell their old lawn models. If you’re looking to sell used lawn mowers, you’ll find this article quite useful.

No matter the type of lawn mower you want to buy or have to sell, whether it is walk-behind lawn mowers, used riding lawn mowers, or self-propelled lawn mowers, you can buy and sell used lawn mowers near you.

Buying a Used Lawn Mower

A used mower is a lawn mower that has been put to use by another user. No matter how long this mower has been used. This section shows you all you need to know about buying a used lawn mower and where to buy it.

Benefits of Buying a Used Lawn Mower

Benefits of Buying a Used Lawn Mower

Why should you even consider buying a used lawn mower for your lawn? There are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this type of lawn mower.

To Save Cost

This is perhaps the most prominent reason you should buy a used lawn mower to mow your yard. Buying a used lawn mower will be considerably cheaper than a new lawn mower. You will be able to save costs on the mower. Instead of buying a new lawn mower for over $300, you can get it for just over $100, depending on the quality.

Easily Upgrade to a Better Model

Lawn mower manufacturers are always on the lookout for improvements to their machinery, and they do this by releasing better models. A lawn owner can easily upgrade to a better model by buying a used mower. Upgrading to another model would have been difficult if you have to buy brand new.

Where to Buy a Used Lawn Mower?

Where to Buy a Used Lawn Mower

If you’ve ever been faced with this question, “where can I get a used lawn mower near me?” don’t worry, as it is normal for lawn owners looking for used mowers to get overwhelmed. And that is why this article is here.

Google Search

A simple google search of “where to buy used lawn mowers near me?” will come up with useful suggestions of places where you can get used lawn mowers in your location. This includes large second-hand markets. You may also find smaller sell-offs.

Social Media

Another way to find used lawn mowers is by searching on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You might find people nearby organizing garage sales, or selling off their mowers.

Asking Friends

Many people underrate the power of their networks. There are a lot of things you can achieve by reaching out to friends and colleagues. You can tell your friends about your search for a used lawn mower and in no time have one calling.

How to Buy a Used Lawn Mower?

Lawn mowers are not fashioning statements; they are meant to help you cut grass; this is why you need to get a used lawn maker that can help you keep your lawn in the best shape

If you want to buy a used lawn mower, after finding out where to get them, here are things to do:

Check for Your Preferred Model

lawn mower model

Look for your preferred lawn mower model or something of similar specifications. More often than not, we already have a particular mower we want in mind. Depending on where you’re buying from, you can easily get your preferred model without having to search many places.

Check if the Specs Matches Your Needs

lawn mower specification

As our needs are different, so are the specs of the mower and what they can do for you. If you need the mower for cutting tall grasses, you’ll need a mower with good ground clearance that will prevent grass from clogging the deck. This is why you need to match the specs of the mower to your needs to make sure it can do what you need.

Test Run the Lawn Mower

Test Run the Lawn Mower

If you don’t test the lawn mower, how else will you know if it works? You wouldn’t want to spend money on a used lawn mower that will require so many changes that will burn a hole in your pocket. Use the tractor to mow and get a feel of it. Some mowers may need some change of parts here and there, but you should find this out and include this in your price consideration.

Selling a Used Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn mower, you’d like to change, this is for you. You’ll find out everything you need to know about selling a used lawn mower, including where to sell it.

Where to Sell Your Used Mower

If you don’t position your used lawn mower where potential buyers can see it, you won’t sell it. Many people struggle to find where to sell their used lawn mowers, if you’re among this set, worry no more as it’ll be a thing of the past soon.

Tell Friends and Neighbours

Friends and neighbors are your first point of call when you want to sell your used mower. They can spread the word faster than you think and get you a buyer for your lawn mower. Let them know you have a used mower for sale.

Post on Social Media

Take pictures and post on all your social media accounts. It will help you reach a lot of people. Depending on the platform and your followers, you can reach a good number of interested buyers around your location in a short time. So go ahead and post those pictures and for sale captions. Make sure to take clear pictures and give detailed information about it.

Make Use of Auction Sites

There are several auction sites you can use. All it requires is for you to do a quick Google search for the top auctions sites for lawn mowers, register, upload pictures and information about the mower, and have buyers see your post. You’ll get a stream of interested buyers and can sell it quickly.

Make Use of Online Marketplaces

Just like the auction option, you can put your mower in the faces of interested buyers by registering and posting about your mower in online marketplaces. These marketplaces have buyers crawling looking for good deals. Make sure to upload enough information and clear images.

Things to Do to Increase Your Chances of Selling Your Mower

It is one thing to know where to sell your used lawn mowers and another thing to actually sell it off. Without doing some of these things, you might find it difficult to sell your used lawn mowers. Here are some things you can do that will increase your chances of selling your mower quickly.

Keep Your Mower in Good Condition

If your lawn mower has so many bad parts or is not even working, you’ll find it difficult to sell it off, or you may be forced to sell it at extremely low prices. This is why you should service your lawn mower and do some parts change if possible, as it will increase your chances of selling it. Do things like change the oilsharpen the blades, and clean the carburetor of the lawn mower.

Be Available for Test Runs

Potential buyers would want to test run your lawn mower to make sure it works or to be able to spot faults earlier. You need to be available for test runs when buyers ask for them. Sometimes this may not be possible as you might be too busy but try as much as possible to reschedule ASAP.


After going through this, you’ll know where to buy and sell your used lawn mowers and everything that you can do in between.

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