4 Best Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Every lawn is unique, as are each person’s mowing preferences. From reel mowers to wide-area walk mowers, walk-behind mowers (including Self-propelled lawn mowers) provide a solution for everyone.

However, making a decision can be difficult! That’s why we have compiled this list of the Best Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers in 2022 premised on our best-selling, top models, as well as expert suggestions, to help you buy the right model for your needs.

If you’re not sure what type of walk-behind mower you need, start with our Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide, and then return to the list for professional advice. You can also look through our other Best Lawn Mowers listings.

Best Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Image Product
Greenworks 25072
  • High-Efficiency Motor
  • Multi-Blade System
Makita XML08Z 36V Lawn Mower
  • Star Shield Computer Controlling System
  • Extreme Protection Technology
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 304-14S
  • Self-propelled power source
  • Comfy cushioned grasp
Greenworks 25062
  • Height adjustments with 9 positions
  • 0 aerosol emissions

#1. Greenworks 25072

With the 10-inch front wheels and 6-inch rear wheels, the hand push mower could easily maneuver through your lane, producing a thorough and clean grass cut that leaves your lawn sparkling. The twenty-inch trail promotes efficiency by allowing for more work to be completed in less time. Mulching and rear release are features of the adjustable mower. Given the 9 position height adjustment that goes from 1-3/4 inches to 2-3/4 inches, this Greenworks manual push mower is ideal for all grass kinds.

Top Features of Greenworks 25072:

  1. High-Efficiency Motor
  2. Multi-Blade System
  3. Variable Speed Dial

Pros and Cons of Greenworks 25072


  • It is environmentally beneficial since it emits no emissions.
  • Suitable for all types of grass
  • Allows for rear discharge as well as mulching.
  • Because of the various wheel alignments, you can effortlessly navigate on your grass.
  • It is simple to stop without having to restart.


  • The bag’s fabric is not strong enough and may rip.
  • The rear wheels may come off if there is a lot of strain on them.

#2. Makita XML08Z 36V Lawn Mower

Makita’s cordless outdoor power equipment lineup has been expanded to include the 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (XML08Z). Makita developed Star Protection Computer Controls to increase tool performance and battery life. Star Protection is a communication system that allows the Star Protection-equipped equipment and battery to share data in real-time and monitor operating conditions to safeguard against overloading, overcharging, and overheating. The tool may also be powered by Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries for more versatility, with the star emblem on the battery denoting Star Protection within.

Top Features of Makita XML08Z 36V Lawn Mower:

  1. 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Power Battery
  2. Star Shield Computer Controlling System
  3. Extreme Protection Technology

Pros and Cons of Makita XML08Z 36V Lawn Mower


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to use and risk-free
  • There is no sound production
  • Suitable for all types of grass
  • Blades that are strong and long-lasting


  • A clean cut may take a long time to produce.
  • It is possible that it will become entangled in trash and twigs

#3. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 304-14S

The lawnmower’s composite wheels allow it to travel and navigate easily through the dense compound. This ensures an equal cut, which improves the overall appearance of the yard. The manual push mower’s sturdy alloy steel blades ensure its long-term reliability. As a result, it does not need regular blade sharpening. This lawnmower is environmentally beneficial since it emits no substances into the air. It does not have an; thus it is less expensive because it does not require gasoline to cut the lawn. The padded handle makes pushing the mower across the grass more pleasant. Its efficiency is increased by the T-shaped handle.

Top Features of Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 304-14S:

  1. Self-propelled power source
  2. Comfy cushioned grasp
  3. T-shaped handle

Pros and Cons of Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 304-14S


  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • It is environmentally beneficial since it emits no emissions.
  • Blades that are sharp and long-lasting
  • Premium quality with no noise
  • Workout without stress


  • Small potatoes for any lawn of reasonable size
  • Gets entangled on twigs.
  • The handles appear to be a little tiny.

#4. Greenworks 25062

The Greenworks 18-Inch Reel lawn mower cuts quickly and neatly. This is due to the strong form of the steel helical blades. The wheel difference allows for simple maneuvering over the grass. This lawnmower’s contact-free blades ensure a smooth and silent cut. The absence of noise creates a serene and tranquil setting for lawn mowing. This well-made lawn mower can cut all varieties of grass, regardless of height.

Greenworks reel lawn is inexpensive since it does not require any type of power source. It is also environmentally beneficial because it emits no harmful emissions into the environment.

Top Features of Greenworks 25062:

  1. Height adjustments with 9 positions
  2. 0 aerosol emissions
  3. 3-YearsTool Warrant

pros and Cons of Greenworks 25062


  • Simple to use
  • It is silent and does not cause noise pollution.
  • Excellent for all types of grass
  • faster and more efficient
  • Very simple to use


  • Not Adjustable
  • Expensive

How We Test?

Years of mower testing have taught us one thing: to have an idea of what a mower is worth. You must cut a lot of grass and mow in a range of conditions to know. We put lawnmowers through paces on flats, sidehills, uphills, and downhills. We mow weed-infested retention basin walls as well as pure bluegrass and fine fescue-planted areas. We assess the ease of handling, the ease of raising and lowering the deck, and the ease of mounting and dismounting the grass bag during bagging, side discharge, and mulching. Every component is extensively studied, from cutting ability to accuracy. We also look to see if the tires have a tendency to gather up moist grass clippings. It’s grueling and arduous testing. On the other hand, it’s the most successful approach we’ve discovered for evaluating a mower. Whatever your situation, we hope our testing and evaluations may help you achieve a neat yard.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Manual Push Mower

  • Cost: It is essential to get a manual mower that is within your budget and never sacrifices quality for a lower price.
  • Warranty and maintenance: Make sure you acquire a warranty when you buy your mower so you can get free repair help if it breaks down.
  • Safety features: It is important to get a safe and simple mower to avoid injuring yourself while cutting your lawn.
  • Comfort: To minimize discomfort and annoyance, you should get a mower with a comfortable, well-cushioned handle that allows you to push it about your yard without straining.
  • Durability is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to get long-lasting service from your lawnmower.
  • The simplicity with which you may vary the cutting heights: A good manual push power should be simple to adjust to your preferred grass heights.
  • What grows in your yard: Certain mowers are ideal for long, dense grasses. Others, on the other hand, are better suited to shorter and less thick grasses. So, it is critical to get a lawnmower that meets your needs based on what grows in your yard.
  • The manufacturer’s name: You may select to acquire a mower from a brand that appeals to your tastes and preferences.
  • Performance: It is critical to get a manual push mower that will provide you with exceptional performance for an extended period of time without heating up or failing.


A manual push mower is unquestionably the most environmentally friendly. It’s doesn’t emit any potentially dangerous pollutants. The clean-cut provided by manual mowers preserves the grass from disease and insect assaults, resulting in a healthier and greener lawn.

Manual reel lawn mowers are simple to operate and maintain since they do not utilize an engine and so do not require a power source such as petrol. This makes them cost-effective; all you need is a tiny amount of energy to drive the manual mower around your lawn.

The majority of manual lawn mowers are strong and long-lasting since they are made with heat-treated alloy steel blades. This ensures that the reel mower is used to its full potential. Why are you waiting? Get a manual push lawn mower today and enjoy a peaceful, smooth grass-cutting session that will leave your yard looking fantastic.

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