Where to Buy Sod? Factors to Consider Before Buying

Sod is one of the several ways to grow your lawn; some other ways include growing directly from seed and hydroseeding. All the different ways to grow a lawn come with their advantages and disadvantages. Still, one thing that stands out about using sod is its quick and stress-free turn-around time.

Time spent caring for the seedling or waiting for it to germinate eliminated with sod. This hassle-free process associated with using sod is not often seen when buying this sod.

A lot of people find the whole process of figuring where to buy sod too stressful and just decide to use seeds instead. Seeds can easily be bought from local garden stores around you.

If you’re considering going the sod way but don’t know where to buy it, in this piece, I’ll be showing you everything you’ll need to make your buying process hassle-free.

Before we get into that, there are several factors to consider before buying sod for your yard.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Sod

factors to consider before buying sod

There are important things to check before you rush to buy sod. Here are a few.

  • Type of sod you need: the type of sod you need in your yard is dependent on a few other indicators like the type of soil you have, water and maintenance requirements, pest and diseases resistant ability, climate, type of grass already available, and so much more. These indicators, when considered right, will give you the best sod type for your yard. This will mean less stress growing and a thick and full lawn at maturity.
  • Amount of sod you need: sod may be a more expensive way to start a lawn, so proper diligence must be done before getting sod for your home or commercial properties. The amount of sod needed can be determined by measuring the area where the sod will be applied and cross-referencing it with the size of the pallet you’ll be buying.
  • Best time to lay your sod: generally, spring is the best time to lay most sod varieties as it gives the sod ample time to form deep roots and establish before the summer heat, assuming it is a warm-season grass.

When Do You Need Sod?

We’ve already established earlier that sod is a quick and easy way to grow a lawn. This has made it quite popular among homeowners looking to get that lush green lawn ready as quickly as possible. There are several scenarios where the use of sod is even more important.

  • When You Need to Get an Established Lawn Quickly

Are you planning a party at your home in a fortnight, and you need to impress your guests or need a place for the kids to play their bbq party games? Or maybe you’re planning to sell the property soon, and you’ll want to increase aesthetics and, in turn, raise the value of the home.

Sod will save you the hassle while giving you a lawn as fast as you need it.

  • When You Need to Patch Bare Spots in Your Lawn

When Do You Need Sod

If you have a patchy lawn with bare spots, sod can quickly patch the open spaces in the lawn and give the area a new look.

Where to Buy Sod?

When I wanted to install sod in my yard the first time, I was curious to know who sells sod around me as I could easily get more information and help through them.

If you’re planning to use sod in your home, knowing where to buy sod is as essential as anything else.

You can buy sod directly from sod farms or sod stores

Factors That’ll Determine the Best Place to Buy Sod

I can go ahead and list some of the best places you can buy sod from, but that may not do justice to this topic as ‘best’ is relative and is governed by some factors. The best place for someone in California will not be the best place for someone else in Texas.

Where to Buy Sod

So knowing these factors will help you choose the best one for you.

1. Location

The location of the sod farm is of utmost importance as sod needs to be applied fast. The fresher the sod, the easier it is for it to grow. And as soon as the sod is removed from the ground, it starts to lose freshness. This is why buying from a farm close to your home is important as the sod won’t spend days in transit.

2. Price of Sod

The price of sod varies from place to place, and different farms will have varying prices. Getting the best deal is important, especially as sod may be quite expensive.

Compare the prices of sod in sod farms near you to know the best price for you. Sometimes the prices may be dependent on other additional services they may be rendering you.

3. Additional Services

Additional services may include delivery and installation, and some farms add this to their services in a good deal. 

You’ll be better off getting your sod from places where additional services like delivery are added to the fees.

How to Save Money Buying Sod?

Sod is quite expensive so getting a good deal is important. There are ways to save some money when buying sod.

1. Pick it Up Yourself

Delivery is costly because of the weight of the sod, so if you have a heavy-duty vehicle, you will be able to save the cost of delivery by picking up the sod yourself.

best place to buy sod

To carry one pallet of sod, you may need a one-ton vehicle. But a ¾ ton vehicle may be enough.

2. Do the Installation Yourself

Having professionals handle the installation of your new sod is beneficial. Still, with proper guidance, you can lay your sod and save a lot on installation costs.

Depending on your yard’s size, you may require the help of friends to complete the installation of a large amount of sod.

How to Care for Your New Sod?

Even though sod requires minimal effort to grow compared to new seeds, you still need to care for it for optimum growth. Here are things you can do to speed up the establishment of your new sod.

  • Water generously: water the sod generously immediately after installation to encourage root growth. You want to make sure you follow the recommended water quantity for the particular sod you have. Some sod types require more water than others. watering sod - care for new sod 
  • Avoid foot traffic in the first few weeks: because the sod is still tender and yet to take root, it is best to avoid stepping on it as much as possible in the first few weeks. This will give it enough time to establish. 


Sod is the fastest means to a new lawn, and this has made it a viable option for homeowners looking to save time and energy. Knowing where to buy sod for your yard will make this quick process hassle-free.

The best place to buy sod is dependent on some factors. Use the factors listed in this guide to select the best sod farm for you.

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