Must-Have Greenhouse Accessories that You Should Consider

Gardening is the best therapy. Planting your plant and seeing them grow from a seed sprout to a big plant, flowering and blooming; if you ask a gardener, he will say that this is the best feeling of satisfaction. As a gardener, you may experience this feeling.

Though pollution and heat are increasing daily, gardeners are inclining more towards greenhouse gardening. However, for a breeze experience of greenhouse gardening, you will require a few must-have equipment in your greenhouse. There are a few tools that can make your work easy to grow a variety of healthy and organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

This article will tell you about the top 5 must-have greenhouse accessories you must consider for your effortless gardening experience. With these tools, you can harvest effectively while also simplifying your life.

Let’s look at the tools and accessories we have selected for you!

Image Product
Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5051
  • App Notification Alert
  • Accurate Evaluation
  • Dual Display Method
Organic Cotton Apron
  • Perfect for all Bodies
  • Spacious Pocket in the Middle
  • Lightweight Fabric
Secret Garden Burgon and Ball Stainless Steel Compost Scoop
  • Wooden Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
A ANLEOLFIE Automatic Roof Vent Opener Greenhouse Accessories
  • Automatic Opener Sensing Heat
  • Robust and Effective
  • Works Without any Battery/Power
100 PCS Plastic Plant Labels, Premium Garden Tags, Waterproof Greenhouse Markers
  • Easy to Use Without Washing off
  • Packaging Includes
  • Effective and Versatile
EarlyGrow 93774 Domed Propagator, 1 Height Extender
  • Heavy-duty Tray
  • Shatter-proof Lid
  • Height Extension Availability
SONKIR Soil pH Meter
  • Great Accuracy and Reliability
  • Effortless to Use
  • Multiple Uses

7 Must Have Greenhouse Accessories

Doing away with certain accessories is unavoidable if you would like to keep your greenhouse in the best condition. Therefore, you must have some of these greenhouse accessories to keep your greenhouse away from the flaws that could impact the vigor of the plants growing in it. Scroll down to check which are the accessories you must have.

#1. Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5051

You need a thermometer/hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse. Monitoring temperature changes, especially during the summer and winter, is essential. It tells you when to heat your greenhouse and cool it down by ventilation. You will need to identify the growing plants’ ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

This WiFi- thermometer we are recommending is from the brand Goove. Goove is a world-class home brand offering its customers technical devices with constant innovation that ease life.

The best thing is that this thermometer will also work as a hygrometer and provide humidity data, which means it will measure the amount of water vapor in the air.

App Notification Alert

This Thermometer cum hygrometer operates with 2.4 GHz WiFi (does not support 5G) and comes with a Bluetooth connectivity feature. The Bluetooth connectivity enables it to deliver an app notification alert on your phone about the current temperature and humidity value. With the app, you can monitor your greenhouse from any corner of your home or even when you are away from home.

Accurate Evaluation

The thermometer cum hygrometer from Groove does not compromise the accuracy of measurement. With a Swiss-made sensor, the Govee Smart hygrometer thermometer measures temperature to within 0.54°F/0.3°C and humidity to within 3%.

Dual Display Method

Govee WiFi thermometer hygrometer has a crisp LCD screen. With the dual display feature, you can check the measurement of current temperature and humidity on the LCD screen of the device. Alternatively, you can use the app to access current and historical data on your cell phone.

Tabletop Stand

Many thermometers have the issue of a place to put them because they lack a stand or a base to rest on. But this problem is no longer a concern for you. The Goove thermometer/hygrometer comes with a tabletop stand that allows you to place it wherever you like on the stand and do your job freely.

Effective Goove Home App

Govee Home is a smart App provided to control the device by the brand. It has features such as a low battery warning, a simple setup, and data sharing (log in with the same account). You can change the temperature unit to °F/°C, calibrate it according to your understanding, and pre-set the alarm value with your fingers on the APP. Double-tap the device’s front-face button To switch between °F/°C.

Pros and Cons of Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5051


  •  It does not only tell you the temperature value of your greenhouse but the humidity value also.
  • On the product, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.
  • Best to use in a warehouse, a guitar case, server room, a wine cellular, home, or animal habitats.


  • Connectivity hinders in bad weather.
  • Little pricey.

#2. Organic Cotton Apron

While gardening, you must work in and with the soil at all times, but you must also keep your clothes neat and clean so that you do not bring dirt into your home. Do it with a handy apron.

Choosing a resilient, eco-friendly apron is an excellent approach to diminish your environmental effect.

To help you with that, we recommend this apron made with organic cotton as the second must-have accessory for greenhouse gardening. It is the best apron with no impact on humans or the environment during production.

This striped kitchen apron is made from organic cotton stripe fabric, commonly known as hickory cloth, and is ideal for the kitchen, garden, or workshop.

Perfect for all Bodies

This organic cotton apron features a neck strap that is a standard size and fits everyone who wears it. Additionally, the straps you tie around your west are sufficiently long to prevent any uneasy feeling even if you wear them for a prolonged period.

Spacious Pocket in the Middle

While gardening, you must use many tools and equipment. Carrying them all in one hand at one time must feel difficult. But not anymore. With this organic cotton apron, you get a spacious pocket in the middle of it in which you can put as many handy gardening tools and accessories as you want.

Lightweight Fabric

The fabric molecules are made with lightweight cotton fabric, making it durable and easy to use.

Pros and Cons of Organic Cotton Apron


  • Machine-washable.
  • Easy on the budget. 


  • Difficult to find one.

#3. Secret Garden Burgon and Ball Stainless Steel Compost Scoop

Being a gardener, you already know how important it is to apply fertilizers to your greenhouse plants or any other plant for steady and hefty growth. However, as much fertilizer is good for the health of your plants as it is harmful to your health if anyhow enters your body.

It causes enormous damage and takes a toll on health. For pouring the fertilizer, you must employ a compost scoop. But wait, are you fed up with using that plastic scoop, which makes it hard to work with and breaks down fast?

No worries; we bring you a robust and beautifully designed stainless steel compost scoop from Secret Garden Store. Want to know why it is unique? See below.

Wooden Handle

Pouring compost or fertilizer is no easy or quick job. It takes a good amount of toil and time. Using a plastic-handled scoop for a longer time leaves your palm with blisters, making the job even harder. That is why Secret Gardener stoor designs their scoop handle with wood. Wood feels soft to the hand, and its sturdiness makes the job easier.


Compost or fertilizers are weighted themselves. If your scoop has a considerable weight, it will be challenging to sprinkle fertilizer on all your plants, and sometimes heavy -weighted scoop makes it tougher to fertilize the plants that gardeners miscount the weight of compost and particular plant needs. It is not a case to deal with when using this lightweight stainless steel scoop of just 0.46 pounds.


To save money, gardeners are seldom inclined toward using plastic compost scoops. Plastic scoops break down after minimum uses, and they need to get new ones soon. We do not want to make the same mistake. This stainless scoop is a one-time-investment product. Though it is a little expensive, buy it once, and it will last forever as new as you bought it.

Pros and Cons of Secret Garden Burgon and Ball Stainless Steel Compost Scoop


  • Robust, long-lasting, feasible
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel


  • A little tough on your budget

#4. A ANLEOLFIE Automatic Roof Vent Opener Greenhouse Accessories

Temperature and humidity play a crucial role when growing plants in a greenhouse. A little higher or lesser of their amount can greatly impact your plant’s health. Since greenhouses are all packed, it is always possible that the environment will get overheated. In that case, letting the heat out is sorely needed. This automatic roof vent opener from ANLEOLFIE will make this job easier for you. Using it, you can prevent overheating of your greenhouse and give a healthy life to the plants growing in that space.

Automatic Opener Sensing Heat

It works in a way that if you place it in the ventilation window of the greenhouse, it automatically senses the temperature and starts opening it when the temperature rises between 59-77 degrees F.

Robust and Effective

The A ANLEOLFIE automatic roof vent opener works with a stronger force of up to 30 lbs which is perfect for your greenhouse window, door, or wall. You can use it by screwing it directly to any polycarbonate panel, wood window or door, or metal frame.

Works Without any Battery/Power

It features automatic opening and closing, which means no batteries or electricity are required to operate the greenhouse window opener.

Pros and Cons of A ANLEOLFIE Automatic Roof Vent Opener Greenhouse Accessories


  • It works automatically and needs no manual help
  • Features dual spring opener


  • Strats work less effectively if not lubricated from time to time

#5. 100 PCS Plastic Plant Labels, Premium Garden Tags, Waterproof Greenhouse Markers

With so many plant labels available, making the optimal choice can be difficult. Nearly every day, many companies release new products. However, if you are searching for something inexpensive, durable, and reliable, let me tell you that your search ends right here. This plant label we recommend here is from the Zoosunx brand, which is well famed for its incredible and reliable products and services.

Plastic makes up the plant labels. The head of it is wide enough to note any plant/ product name very efficiently, and the bottom area is sharper and longer enough to stick it strongly.

Easy to Use Without Washing off

The label’s surface is smooth and easy to write on, the provided marker makes writing on it quick and simple, and the ink won’t wash off in the rain or fade in the sun. You can provide the plant’s name, maturity date, and any necessary reminders.

Packaging Includes

100 pieces of white label stamps of 3.9″ x 2.4″, a size perfect for decorating in flower pots or plant boxes. It also includes one ball pen marker.

Effective and Versatile

With these labels, you can classify plant varieties, indicate the growth stage of seeds and seedlings, and enhance your garden’s aesthetic value and interest. Or, you can use it as a reminder to water your plants more frequently.

Pros and Cons of 100 PCS Plastic Plant Labels, Premium Garden Tags, Waterproof Greenhouse Markers


  • The pen inc does not fade for up to 3 months, even under the sun
  • Made with 30% PVC material


  • Produces heat in scorching summer

6. EarlyGrow 93774 Domed Propagator, 1 Height Extender

Do growing plants from seeds or cutting terrify you? Do you think your efforts will succeed? Do not worry anymore because we have bought a product that promises to give you a joyful planting experience. The product is the EarlyGrow propagation kit which makes growing your plants straightforward and enjoyable.

It also contains a safe and stable environment for germination and the growth of young plants. Propagators can give your seeds and cuttings a head start in the summer by creating the ideal setting for growth while growing indoors throughout the winter. It leads to greater success rates of plant output and growth later.

Heavy-duty Tray

EarlyGrow has designed a huge, heavy-duty tray bed measuring 24″ x 15″ for a dedicated gardener like you. The strong gauge PP material used to create the propagation kit’s trays allows you to carry large pots of developing plants without worrying about the tray collapsing or stretching out of shape.

Shatter-proof Lid

This propagation keet features a transparent, crystal clear, shatter-proof lid with two large vents that you can open or shut as your need to adjust humidity and stimulate seed germination and the development of young seedlings. Under grow lamp heat, the crystal transparent lid won’t disintegrate or reduce the light’s ability to promote seed germination.

Height Extension Availability

It offers an additional height extension to increase the depth, giving you more space to grow plants under the dome. The height extensions can be easily stored away when not in use by detaching them like all other components.

Pros and Cons of EarlyGrow 93774 Domed Propagator, 1 Height Extender


  • It comes in various sizes and prices to match your budget
  • Made with Pp (Polypropylene) crystal which does not let the inner environment overheat


  • Employable for compact planting only

7. SONKIR Soil pH Meter

Planting is very much identical to parenting. Your plant or the soil it is planted in will not tell you about its needs and health. Being a good plant parent means knowing it all by yourself.

We recommend the best tool to tell you all about your plant and soil needs and their health. To assist you in better understanding the health of your plants, SONKIR created this 3-in-1 soil moisture meter.

It can detect soil moisture, tell you what the pH of the soil is, and inform you whether plants are receiving enough sunshine to maintain a healthy growth rate.

It will enable you to manage every aspect and keep tabs on all alterations to your plants. Through scientific data monitoring, you can use it to maintain the health of your plants.

Great Accuracy and Reliability

The double-needle detection technology in this 3-in-1 soil pH meter makes measuring and evaluating soil moisture and pH acidity significantly efficient and accurate. With its measurement, you can know the exact condition of your soil and can take care of it according to its requirements.

Effortless to Use

The 3-in-1 pH meter doesn’t require batteries to operate. To test moisture, pH, sunshine, or anything else you want to monitor, sink the sensor probe into the soil and activate the switch. You’ll get an instant and accurate measurement.

Note: It does not move the need on the meter if the soil is dry. To get it to work efficiently for you, wet the soil before taking the measurements.

Multiple Uses

It is easy to move around, lightweight, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This tool package is perfect for soil testing for your indoor plants, gardens, lawns, and farms.

Pros and Cons of SONKIR Soil pH Meter


  • Most accurate measurements of pH, moisture, and sunlight level
  • Can be used for three purposes


  • Warranty is not specified by brand

Buyer’s Guide

With this, here’s the buyer’s guide to clearly understand when and how to buy the recommended products for your greenhouse.

  • If you’re a working person who always worries about their garden and plants. An absolute necessity is this Goove WiFi thermometer/hygrometer. It allows you to monitor the atmosphere in your greenhouse from anywhere; knowing that your plants are thriving, you can live peacefully.
  • For the neat-freak like you, an apron is necessary if working in soil and mud. The organic cotton fabric on our list will do it if you need a lightweight and robust apron on a budget.
  • If you are a biker, an adventure lover, along with being an Anthophile, the headtorch at such a budget-friendly cost helps you while enjoying your hobby at night.
  • For the people living in the tropical area, to prevent overheating of your greenhouse and to get rid of the toil that goes into using a manual vent opener, you must buy the A ANLEOLFIE automatic vent opener. It does not demand your help and does all the work independently.
  •  Love to mark things, keeping plant growth & their needs in check; you should add these plastic plant labels in your gardening accessories.


Can multiple iPhone/android connect to one sensor?

No, you can connect one iPhone/android at once to the device.

Does the automatic vent opener senses temperature change?

It does, and that is how they open the window/door vents without human help.

Is the plastic plant label for one use only?

 Yes, one at a time. The marker ink is so strong and waterproof that your writing will remain as it is for max. Three months.


Greenhouse gardening is always a fun hobby. However, the experience becomes even more smooth with the right tool and accessories. We hope this article will help you add some fun and effective tools to your collection to make your life easier and gardening a relief.

Happy Gardening!