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To maintain a lawn requires a couple of tools and machinery, and top in that list is a lawn tractor. This piece of machinery is in charge of many essential lawn activities such as mowing, moving heavy equipment, among other things. One of the major tractor manufacturers in existence for a while now is Husqvarna, with an extensive collection of tractors. 

Husqvarna’s YTH collection is known for its durability and compactness. These features have made the YTH quite popular among users. The Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor is a member of the YTH collection and packs its unique features, among other things. 

If you own a lawn, you might be wondering which among the tonnes of lawn tractors out there would serve you, or maybe you’ve considered the Husqvarna Yth18542 tractor but don’t know if it’s right for you. This tractor may be consumer-grade, but it produces professional-level results while being compact and sturdy. It takes up less space in your garden shed. And as the tractor sports improved durability, you will worry less about repairs and frequent changing of parts. 

That being said, there’s more to the Husqvarna YTh18542 lawn tractor than its size and build. Leaving it at this will do a huge disservice to the vast features this lawn tractor brings. That’s why we’ll be delving further into all the essential information you should know about this tractor, including features and benefits.

Features of Husqvarna Yth18542

Features of Husqvarna Yth18542

The makers use different parts during manufacturing and include varying mechanisms that make using the machine easier. This makes up the machine’s feature, and is one of the first things people ask about when they start considering it. As we’ll see soon, the Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor is not any different.

#1. Compact Size

What better way to start than the compactness that has made it and other YTH tractors popular. It is 70 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 41.4 inches high, which gives it a small size that can easily move around tight spaces and objects. It also only weighs 490 lbs with a couple of attachments.

Size is a vital factor to consider when buying a lawn tractor because it’ll typically work in smaller areas. A small tractor size would ensure you can work effectively in such fields. Even though this tractor sports a small size, this does not affect its cutting width as it features a decent 42-inch cutting width, which will work your lawn quickly.

#2. Briggs and Stratton Engine

The Intek Briggs and Stratton engine moves the Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn mower with a 1-cylinder gasoline engine and 18.5 hp. This horsepower rating will handle most of your lawn needs without breakdown. 

Its fuel tank capacity is 11.36 L (3.0 US gal) which is not the largest but will take a decent amount of fuel while working. It uses the electric starter system used in most modern tractors to improve ease-of-use.

#3. Comfort

Who would like to buy a machine that’ll only bring them problems like backaches? The comfort of the user is paramount in the Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor, and that is why several features have been employed. Made of vinyl material and slidable to bring it closer or farther away from the steering, the seat is ergonomic to ensure maximum comfort. 

There’s also a cub holder for your beverages, so you stay hydrated as you work the field. The step-through style of the mower makes mounting easy. The fuel cap is located at the left side of the tractor towards the rear end and is easy to locate and use.

The fender-mounted cutting height adjustment system helps you cut any height you want once you change the height settings. You can make six cutting height adjustments.

#4. Incredible Performance

Husqvarna Yth18542 may not be the most sophisticated lawn tractor out there, but it packs an impressive performance for its price. It uses an air-induction technology cutting system that takes air from the top and bottom of the deck and uses it to straighten the grass just before the blade cuts it. This creates a clean and sharp cut leaving your lawn looking beautiful.

Its anti-scalp wheels ensure you don’t damage the lawn while working. Working at night also becomes easier with bright headlights showing you the way. It gets even better as you can mow in reverse by just clicking on a button. 

You’ll find the cruise control available in the Husqvarna Yth18642 quite helpful, even if you have an uneven lawn area. It uses the standard side discharge system to remove grass clippings from your lawn though you have the option of using a bagger and mulch kit. So, no matter the obstacle or terrain you go over, the speed remains constant, and you can focus on making amazing patterns. 

#5. Pedal Operated Transmission System

The transmission is a pedal-operated hydrostatic type that allows you to control the speed and direction with your foot easily. This system improves your focus since both your hands can remain on the standard steering. The transmission system is made by Tuff-Torq, a popular transmission manufacturer for big tractor brands.

#6. Durability

Another popular feature the Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor possesses is its durability. The manufacturers equipped this lawn tractor with stamped cutting deck type made of reinforced steel to protect it from damage as it comes in contact with flying debris and stones.

The vinyl material used for the seat ensures it doesn’t tear or wear out quickly. It uses cast iron as its front axle to make it capable of withstanding a lot of pressure. The cutting deck is powder-coated. This increases its durability and ensures it lasts longer. 

#7. Accessories

Husqvarna Yth18542 comes with additional accessories to help you work better with the lawn tractor. These accessories include bioclip kit/cover accessories and front-end protection added to the tractor. There’s also a collector attached as an accessory.

Pros and Cons of Husqvarna Yth18542

Pros and Cons of Husqvarna Yth18542
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Why would you want to buy a Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor? Here are some benefits of using this lawn tractor to work in your field.

  • The compact size makes it possible to maneuver small spaces. Its 16″ cutting width is even more impressive when you have obstacles and rugged terrain.
  • Impressive cut with its air induction cutting system that takes air from the top and bottom of the deck and enables a clean cut.
  • The 3 year warranty period shows the trust Husqvarna has for its product.
  • Steel reinforced cutting deck improves the durability of the deck.
  • The adjustable sliding seat, even while seated, provides operator comfort.
  • Reverse mowing is available with a push of a button.
  • It comes with added accessories like collector and front-end protection.


In the same way, there are reasons to purchase this lawn tractor, and there are also reasons you may hesitate to make your buying decision. You must get the complete picture so you can make a better decision.

  • A small fuel tank will limit the amount of fuel you can carry at a time and may require you to stop more frequently to refuel.
  • The warranty is not far-reaching.


When you have all the information you need about the Husqvarna Yth18542 lawn tractor and weigh its pros and cons, you can then make a buying decision. This tractor may not be the most advanced, but it holds a lot of value for its price.

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