5 John Deere L111 Problems And Their Fixes

John Deere is undoubtedly an extremely popular and trusted manufacturer of sturdy lawn tractors designed to accompany for years in your lawn. But you will likely need help with their mowers while on the run. And it shouldn’t be surprising as, after all, they are machines and likely to malfunction in some way.

So it’s beneficial to have some basic knowledge about John Deere mowers, including the L111 model. Besides having a lot of features, you may encounter some serious issue while operating your John Deere L111, these problems may include:

  • Fuel Issues
  • Engine Power Issues
  • Tractor Emitting Smoke
  • Battery Issues
  • Engine Isn’t Starting

However, you will likely resolve the problems by knowing and carrying out a few basic inspections.

This article lists the common problems you may experience with a John Deere L111 model, the probable causes, and solutions to fix them. So let’s get started!

Common Problems With John Deere L111 & Their Fixes

Common Problems With John Deere L111 & Their Fixes

Your John Deere L111 may suddenly stop running, lose power or produce smoke. It’s annoying and frustrating to see it happening in the middle of work. However, the good news is that most problems can be solved easily by repairing or replacing parts. 

1. Fuel Issues

A major concern with the John Deere L111 tractor is fuel problems. You may experience your machine stopping completely after running for 15 to 30 minutes. And after trying for at least 5 minutes, the tractor may again start.

This problem can happen for several reasons, such as an empty tank, clogged fuel filters, carburetor or vent on the gas cap, and damaged fuel filters.

However, whatever the reason, fuel issues are a major thing, and they should be solved as soon as possible.

The Fix:

  • Change the vacuum line, fuel filter, and gasoline pump. If the problem persists, get a new fuel cap.
  • Inspect the pulse line properly, as it shouldn’t have any leaking.
  • You can even clean the cap to avoid any hassle and spending extra bucks.

2. Engine Power Issues

It’s a common issue with nearly all mowers, including the John Deere L111. You can even encounter a simple problem like the cutting blade can’t rip off the long grass due to lack of engine power.

Multiple reasons can contribute to the sudden loss of engine power, including faulty spark plugs, clogged filters, and overheating.

The Fix:

Engine problems must be resolved as soon as possible. Below are some solutions to fix the engine power failure issues –

Next, use Seafoam in the gas tank. You can begin with two oz./gal and increase it to 1 oz. Following this, clean the blade and fix the John Deere L111 engine power problems.

3. The Tractor Is Emitting Smoke

This is another problem you can encounter while running a John Deere L111, but it’s quite normal. The mower generally produces smoke after the engine starts, and most of the time, it emits white smoke.

Now, the reasons could be many, for instance –

The oil settled in the cylinder bore and burnt as soon as the engine started. Or the oil has leaked into the air filter or reached over a maximum limit.

Let’s find the solution!

The Fix:

The possible solutions to this problem are –

  • Inspect the maximum oil level with an oil dipstick
    (There can be oil leakage if the level surpasses the maximum limit, producing white smoke. So drain the excess oil from the engine and fix the problem.)
  • Hot thin oil often moves into the valve guides in an old machine and emits smoke.
  • Another way to eliminate the smoke issues is by drying off the air filter.
    (To do this, clean the air filter thoroughly with a towel after removing it and place the filter again correctly.)
  • Then, try to start the lawn mower and leave it for a few minutes. This should fix the problem.

4. Battery Issues

Your John Deere L111 tractor may suffer from frequent battery drainage, which can be a key concern for consumers. If your mower has battery issues, the engine won’t start. 

You can detect the battery problem by turning on the key and seeing if the machine is producing a clicking noise. If yes, you can still bet on the batteries.

Next, inspect the battery cable, as it should be tight. After this, check the battery voltage to ensure it is over 12 DC. However, if the voltage is less than 12 DC, you can consider the battery dead.

The Fix:

  • Replace the solenoid with a new one. In this case, consult a John Deere dealer. 
  • Check the ground cables. They should be tight and clean, and even the mounting bolts must be closed.
  • Next, examine and fix the parasitic draw. Embed a small test lamp using battery and cable and see if it lights. If you see it lighting, the battery is exhausting the energy.
  • Now, unplug the engine’s voltage regulator and stop the battery drainage.
  • Check the batter, if needed replace the battery of your mower

5. The Engine Isn’t Starting

Your L111 tractor may start but stops after 2 to 3 minutes. It can be due to a faulty spark plug, air filter, or a bad fuel tank. Other possible reasons include loose connection, dirty or clogged air filter, old or bad fuel, and no gas in the fuel tank.

The Fix:

  • Fill the tank with new or fresh gasoline to revive the engine. 
  • Drain the old fuel and add a fresh one. Note that fuel typically comes with a 30-day shelf life.
  • Check the spark plug. If it doesn’t make the spark, the engine will not start. So replace the spark plug if required.


So these were some of the common issues you can experience with the John Deere L111 mower. However, remember that you can face several other problems with this tractor.

If your mower suffers from any of the above problems, you can fix them. Each solution provided is based on clients’ and experts’ opinions who have already solved the same issues.


What engine powers a John Deere L111?

A John Deere L111 runs on Briggs & Stratton’s 2-cylinder V-Twin engine.

What is the horsepower of the L111 model?

The Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine powering the John Deere L111 tractor delivers nearly 20 horsepower. 

How much can a John Deere engine last?

A large engine can run up to 2000 hours, whereas a small one can last nearly 1000 hours.

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