John Deere 400 Tractor Review & Specs

Tractors are one of the greatest inventions ever to be made in the garden industry. We’ve moved from manually working our land to sitting in a machine and directing it. Jobs that would’ve taken us days to complete are now can be done in hours.

Gardeners like me know this machine; that is why they’re careful and meticulous when getting a tractor—thinking of investing in the John Deere 400 tractor? Not to worry, I’ve got the review for you.

John Deere 400 is a garden-type tractor, was manufactured in 1975 in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. It is the first of the 400 series with successors like the 420 and 430 coming years later. JD 400 was a design to handle the challenging work you have in your garden. 

Why is this machine so popular even after over 40 years? Why do people still find value in this machine and keep purchasing it? All these and more will be answered here, but first, let’s look at the 400 series and what makes it unique.

John Deere 400 Tractor Review & Specs

What Makes the John Deere 400 Series Special?

The John Deere 400 series manufactured between 1975 and 1983. And in that time, 400, 420, and 430, which are the first, second, and third brands in the 400 series, were produced.

The 400 series is powerful enough to serve both home and commercial operators and equipped with engines of 20 to 22 Horse powers. Their powerful engines, durability, and cutter width of 48 to 60 inches make them ideal for cutting 3 to 5 acres of grass.

Power is a strong point for tractors. The additional power this series packs gives it an edge and makes it able to carry more attachments.

New Features Added to John Deere 400

The first ‘super garden tractor,’ as many people call it, the JD 400 tractor introduced many features that transformed the way we see tractors today. The added features made it a complete garden tractor able to handle all home needs without stress. Here are some of the introduced features.

John Deere 400 features

  1. A power take-off shaft for driven mower deck and snow thrower was in this series.
  2. A 4.5-gallon fuel tank mounted at the back.
  3. One hydraulic spool for the rock shaft and two hydraulic spools for the remote, making it a total of 3 hydraulic spools were added in this series.
  4. A 60” mower deck for your mower attachment is present to help you with your front yard landscaping.
  5. It has a two-cylinder air-cooled Kohler KQ532 engine with a 19.9 HP and an oil filter.
  6. An assisted power steering makes it easier to navigate the tightest of corner gardens.
  7. Two-speed hydro-static trans-axle.
  8. An optional three-point rock shaft category termed “0”.
  9. And optional three-point attachments for towed rear PTO drive.

These nine new features made the JD 400 tractor a popular choice even after several decades.

John Deere 400 Specs

Model John Deere 400
TypeGarden tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Dimensions & Tires
Engine19.9HP Kohler 879cc 2-cyl gasoline
Front PTOindependent
Front tire18x8.50-8
Fuel4.5 gal
17.0 L
Hydraulic system1.375 gal
5.2 L
John Deere 400 attachments60" mid-mount mower deck
front-end loader
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOindependent Opt
Rear RPM840
Rear tire26x12.00-12
Weight975 lbs
442 kg
Wheelbase52 inches
132 cm

The John Deere 400 is considerably shorter than the John Deere 650 brand at 76 inches in length but more massive in width at 48.8 inches, and it sports a height of 43.7 inches.

Its wheelbase is 52 inches. JD 400 is a light machine at 442kg, having a reasonably small fuel tank at 17 liters. If you’re wondering about the cabin type, it is an open cabin machine where the operator seat is available. The battery is 12 V like most tractors.


john deere specification

The engine of the John Deere 400 is rugged and durable enough to handle most of your garden needs. Settle down, let’s discuss its engine.

It is a two-cylinder Kohler KQ532 model with a four-stroke, air-cooled inline engine type. John Deere 400 is a gasoline engine powered with 19.9 horsepower. The engine is not only powerful but also reliable. With a 53.67 ci displacement that makes 3500 RPM, you’re sure to get a machine capable of servicing your needs.

Not forgetting its oil capacity of 2.8 L, you have a reliable machine in your garden.


john deere 400 review

The transmission of JD 400 is a shaft driven hydro-static type with infinite forward 10.8 mph and reverse 4.0 mph. It also sports a transmission oil capacity of 5.2 L, a chassis of 4×2 two-wheel drive, and a power steering.

Talking about brakes, it is a mechanical shoe brake with a Sundstrand transmission model.


The tires are the unsung heroes of the tractors. They carry the weight of the tractor and, in this case, 442 kg. It also takes the tractor around your farm. Which is why they’re essential. Now, let’s look at which tire this tractor has.

As already stated, the 400 tractor has a wheelbase of 52 inches. The front tires – 18*8.50-8 while then rear tires – 26*12.00-12.

Advantages and Disadvantages of John Deere 400

 What makes this brand highly popular among gardeners? Are there things you should consider before going for the 400 brands? 


Here are things that make it so popular and in vogue after four decades.

  • Unlike JD 317, JD 400 has a power steering, making it easier for control in tight spaces.
  • It packs a powerful engine that makes it possible to do most home garden needs.
  • It is super durable.
  • JD400 can work in sloppy gardens. If you have a cluttered land area, this tractor is the best for you.
  • It is efficient when working in thick grasses.
  • Has an infinite range of front and reverses gears.
  • It is user friendly.


  • Its small fuel tank capacity makes it unable to carry enough fuel.
  • Its open cabin is a disadvantage for people looking to work inside the rain and sun.
  • The length may make it challenging to navigate in tight spaces.

Some of these cons stem from the age of the tractor.

How Much is the John Deere 400 Tractor?

How Much is the John Deere 400 Tractor

The cost of a decently used JD 400 tractor depends on its condition and your negotiating power. You should check the price in other online markets before placing a bid.

Remember to check the tractor thoroughly to ensure it is in good working condition, and that will give you a good idea of its worth. 

The average cost of a used JD 400 tractor is $4500.

Parting Shot

The first super garden tractor. The JD 400 is an all action-packed tractor that’ll service your every need.

Let me leave you with this, if you’re looking for a tractor that is durable, efficient and can handle most of the attachments for your garden work, then don’t miss this tractor.

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