8 John Deere 5055e Problems and their Solutions

When we talk about John Deere, we talk about more than a brand. John Deere has become synonymous with high-quality lawn equipment…an emotion shared by the brand’s fans.

But, no matter how much you talk about the brand and its high-quality items, problems will arise from time to time.

Sometimes the engine will not crank, or it will overheat, or there will be excessive noise and vibration. Several typical John Deere 5055E problems are similar to other JD mowers. That said, it is a John Deere utility tractor introduced in 2008 and is currently in production.

This tractor is powered by a 3-cylinder, turbocharged, charge air cooler (CAC) diesel engine that provides exceptional performance, hydraulic capacities, fuel economy, and other noteworthy features.

However, some common concerns with this type include Hydraulic Problems, Power Loss, Hard to Start Engine, Engine Overheated, Steering Wheel Problems, PTO Issues, Fuel Problems, Power Reverser Issues, Fuel Problems etc.

Why not devote an article to examining the most common John Deere 5055e problems? Therefore, without further ado, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

8 John Deere 5055e Problems and their Solutions

8 John Deere 5055e Problems and their Solutions

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping a mower in top condition. Even still, since these are all machines, difficulties can arise since machines can break down at any time.

Following are some of the most common problems that owners of the John Deere 5055e may have from time to time. These can arise either as a result of poor maintenance, errors in the production process, or simply because the machine is too old and worn out.

1. Hydraulic Problems

The hydraulic issues should be the first thing you pay attention to. According to our research and findings, the 5055e’s hydraulic system must be promptly maintained and carefully monitored.

According to several users, the ball check valve on the mower’s back frequently becomes stuck. The buildup of moisture in the ball check valve is the primary culprit here. Increased fluid pressure and extra tension and heat may result from this. This problem could cause the hydraulic fluid to overheat and melt the fuel tank if it isn’t fixed promptly.

The John Deere 5055e was built to run continuously. Therefore, prolonged inactivity could lead to this problem. Therefore, you should be aware of this and ensure that your mower is on servicing before using it again after a long time of inactivity.

Keep a close eye on the hydraulic system’s oil level to ensure it is properly greased and filled with oil. Additionally, a relevant issue or an air leak in the pump input line results in a low oil flow from the system pump. If this is the case, you might need to replace the worn or damaged components of the oil flow assembly.

2. Power Loss

Some 5055e consumers have experienced an unexpected power outage. Sometimes, the engine may completely shut off without a sound or warning. If you believe this to be the issue, ensure the relays and fuses are in good working order.

You should also pay particular attention to the electric fuel pump because it could malfunction. Leaks or obstructions between the fuel tank and the fuel pump could also cause the problem.

If the gasoline pump is the culprit, you could need to repair or replace it. Additionally, carefully check the fuel filter, the injection system, the air filter, and the turbo. Replace them if they are worn out or broken.

However, if you cannot identify the precise cause, we advise taking the mower to a qualified and skilled mechanic.

3. Hard to Start Engine

One of the most popular issues is that the John Deere 5055e mower is a hard-to-start engine. Users have listed a variety of causes for why their mower’s engine wouldn’t start. Here are a few of the prime reasons we curated.

  • Bad starter
  • A clogged fuel pump
  • Plugged air filter 
  • Broken piston ring
  • Improper oil viscosity
  • Adulterated fuel

Checking the condition of the mower’s above-mentioned parts/ components is the first step in resolving this problem. Next, you will need to replace or repair any of them if you find they are worn out or damaged.

If the starter is faulty, you may need to purchase a complete kit that includes both the starter and the solenoid. Unfortunately, if your mower is no longer under warranty, you will have to pay a high price for the kit.

But if the problem lies with the clogged fuel pump or air filter, you should clean them and make sure they are working fine. In some circumstances, using the correct type of oil will also help. Read the user handbook that came with the mower to learn more.

4. Engine Overheated

Although not exclusively related to John Deere’s mowers, the 5055e frequently encounters this problem. Please be aware that engine failure could result if the engine constantly overheats. Additionally, operating a hot mower for a long time can harm the internal engine parts.

The following were the primary causes of the 5055e engine overheating, according to our study of the customer complaints.

  • The cooling system doesn’t work
  • The coolant system or the fan is clogged
  • Insufficient amount of cooling liquid
  • Improper oil level
  • Improper oil viscosity
  • Overloading the engine 
  • Clogged cutting deck

You can perform the following tests to see if the mower’s engine gets overheated (once it cools down).

  • Are the air vents blocked?
  • Is the cutting deck clogged, loose, blunt, or bent?
  • Is the deck covered in dirt and debris?
  • Is the oil level lower than the required level?
  • Is the air filter overly dirty?
  • Is the cooling system worn out or clogged?

You should clean the cooling system, the cutting deck, or the air vents if you discover them to be blocked. Additionally, if any of the parts mentioned above are damaged, replace them immediately.

While a blunt deck needs to be sharpened, a loose-cutting deck should be tightened. Maintain the correct coolant level, and the oil viscosity should follow the mower’s user guide. Additionally, watch out for overloading your mower.

5. Steering Wheel Problems

Mowers made by John Deere are designed to be utilized on difficult terrain. However, if the terrain is too tough for the mower, certain tractor parts could cause issues. Here, we’re focusing primarily on the issues with the mower’s steering wheel that consumers have reported. There are specifically two issues that the 5055e steering wheel may exhibit.

  • The steering wheel rotates extremely simply and smoothly.
  • The steering wheel is tightly gripped.

So why are there problems? Well, the following are the main reasons for the problems with the steering wheel.

  • Steering cylinder that has been damaged or broken.
  • The tank’s oil level is too low.
  • Inadequate hydraulic connections
  • The steering pump has been damaged.
  • The hydraulic system contains air.
  • The actual axle housing creaks.

Checking the mower’s warning mentioned above is the proper action for fixing the steering wheel problem. A professional inspection is required to determine whether the steering cylinder has to be repaired or replaced if there is a problem. Additionally, you might need to adjust the oil level and correctly seal the hydraulic connections. If the axle houses creaks, take it to a mechanic for a quick fix.

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6. PTO Issues

To transfer power from a source to the machine, PTO is crucial. Therefore, it causes problems if the PTO declines to engage. If your JD 5055e mower has a PTO problem, you are still in luck, though, as it can be fixed.

Installation problems and owner mistreatment of the mower are two frequent reasons why a PTO won’t engage. The PTO typically disengages with the JD 5055e after a few minutes. When the engine overheats, this could happen due to excessive temperatures.

If the problem is engine overheating, you may troubleshoot by following the instructions in #4. However, if the culprit is the PTO control level, you should check to see if it is linked to the cable and make any necessary modifications. You can also consult the manual to learn how to resolve the problem.

Another possibility is that the PTO grinds but does not engage. In this case, you’ll need to replace your clutch pack. In this case, a professional mechanic can assist you.

Note: PTO shafts are risky and can hurt the user if not handled appropriately. As a result, before dealing with the PTO shaft, always remember to disengage the PTO.

7. Fuel Problems

Fuel is the basic thing to start a lawn mower. So, if there is no fuel or the wrong fuel type in the mower, it won’t start or start with stutters.

Several 5055E owners became aware of the unexpected power outage. Sometimes, the engine will simply stop running silently. The “fuel problem” is the most frequent cause of these problems.

Fuel problems may arise for multiple reasons, some of which are stated below.

  • A lack of fuel
  • The wrong type of fuel
  • Plugged fuel filter
  • Clogged fuel line
  • Improper solenoid setup
  • Plugged mower fuel cap

Start checking the above potential causes to find out which is bothering your case. You need to take troubleshooting steps as per the cause(s).

  • Lack of fuel: This is trivial to handle. Check the fuel level to ensure it is at the level specified in the user handbook. If the fuel level is low, fill it up to the recommended level.
  • Wrong fuel: Use the correct fuel for your mower model. It is frequently advised to use fuel that contains up to 10% ethanol or up to 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). But if the fuel is tainted, drain it and put fresh fuel in the tank.
  • Plugged fuel filter or line: If you discover that your fuel filter is plugged, replace it. You can use a carburetor cleaner to clean the hoses on the fuel line. But if it’s broken, you might have to get a new one.
  • Improper solenoid setup: The solenoid can be replaced or reset. Hire a mechanic to assist you in resolving this problem.
  • Plugged mower fuel cap: The fuel cap has vents to let air pass through it. But if it becomes blocked, the mower engine won’t receive the necessary fuel and won’t start. As a result, you can clean and clear the fuel cap vent clog. The best course of action is to replace a fuel cap with a blocked vent if that doesn’t work.

8. Power Reverser Issues

Extreme weather circumstances, like when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, make this problem more obvious. In this case, the power reverse might not function properly, and you might see an error code like PTR A. The three main causes most frequently cited for this problem are the following.

  • Clogged fuel or air filter
  • Problematic carburetor or battery
  • Transmission problems

When you stop the mower from emptying the load and then move forward or backward, the power reverse problem could happen. The Service Indicator Light may be flashing. However, it can be even more unpleasant if the user handbook offers no first assistance.

So, taking the mower to a local expert mechanic is the best way to resolve this problem. However, you should examine the fuel and air filter, carburetor, battery system, and transmission to be sure none of them cause any trouble before taking the mower to repair. Before seeking expert assistance, try to resolve any issues with one of these systems.

Is John Deere 5055e a Deal Breaker?

Is John Deere 5055E is a Deal Breaker

This is an excellent question that everyone should consider before purchasing a lawn mower. Of course, we’re talking about the John Deere 5055e and all mowers. But, if this specific model is used, is it a game changer?

We are not here to provide a yes or no answer because the response will depend on the user’s preferences and requirements. However, when the mower’s qualities and characteristics are analyzed, there is no dispute about its efficacy. Given its price and capabilities, this tractor is also a good purchase. The rest will determine whether the product’s specifications appeal to the target client.

What Do Customers Feel About John Deere 5055e?

What Do Customers Feel About John Deere 5055e
Image Credit: https://e-farm.com/

It goes without saying that the John Deere 5055e is a capable compact utility tractor. Despite its flaws, we liked this product. However, what real-world users feel is more important than our opinions. As a result, below are some of the most important comments made by the users of the JD 5055e.

Very good performance.

…The problems include unresolved issues with fuel and filters, heating and air condition, power and pull, tires and drive bounce, hydraulic and lifts.

Bought mine new. No big issues so far. Got a front-end loader too.

I have had problems with it for 2 years after buying it new. 1st battery went bad, 2nd the starter went out,then sensor, 3rd It started heating …

Starts great in cold weather.

I have had a very good experience with this tractor so far. Coming up on one year of ownership. The tractor is very reliable and does everything I need it to do. No problems!!!


This post covered all of the most prevalent John Deere 5055E issues. We do not, however, want to slander the product or brand by identifying its flaws. Instead, we have tried highlighting this model’s common issues, especially if it is not properly maintained or handled.

Even though we’ve offered the best remedies for the most common JD 5055e problems, we always advise consulting an expert mechanic if you encounter an issue you cannot solve. Knowing about these issues will also keep you aware of the causes, allowing you to troubleshoot them quickly and efficiently.


What type of mower is the John Deere 5055e?

The John Deere 5055e is a compact utility tractor. It has a 3-cylinder Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engine as standard equipment.

What is the current price of the John Deere 5055e?

The John Deere 5055e 4WD costs roughly USD 23,500.00.

The price of a 5055e with all the bells and whistles, though, will be closer to $30,000. On the other hand, you might have to pay between $15,000 and $20,000 for a used 5055e. Be aware that pricing for the 5055e varies depending on where you purchase the mower.

What is the horsepower of the John Deere 5055e?

The John Deere 5055e produces a gross power of 55 hp.

How much weight can John Deere 5055e lift?

John Deere 5055e can lift up to 3,192 lbs.

What is the engine of the John Deere 5055e?

Either a 3.6L John Deere PowerTech diesel engine or a 2.9L Yanmar diesel engine with three cylinders is available for the John Deere 5055e.

What is the weight of the John Deere 5055e?

The John Deere has an operating weight of 5,505 lbs.

How long does a well-maintained John Deere 5055e last?

Most consumers have reported that their well-maintained mower has performed without issue for at least 8 to 10 years. However, depending on how you use and maintain it, it might continue to function well after the specified years. Furthermore, the 5055e model comes with a 3-cylinder engine, further enhancing its lifespan if operated carefully.

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