John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor Review & Specs

Discover one of the best from John Deere’s lawn tractor models – E100.

Equipped with a 17.5 HP engine and 500 cm3 working volume, the John Deere E100 mower has the required power to offer an efficient cut.

The operator has total control over the gears with the automatic transmission feature that allows changing gears to get the job done faster. Easy-to-use controls and the ergonomic remote control make it easy to learn and use the machine. The hood opens up easily, which lets you check the machine and give it any immediate maintenance or service that it may need. The tank has a 2.4-gallon capacity so refuel it for a long ride.

Boasting durability, which is legendary and comes along with the brand name John Deere, E100 has a full-length frame made of steel. It comes with a two-year and 120-hour warranty from bumper to bumper.

John Deere E100 Specs

ModelJohn Deere E100
TypeLawn tractor
Manufacturer/modelJohn Deere
John Deere E100 Engine:
Engine power17.5 HP (13 kW)
Displacement500 cc
Oil capacity1.5 qts
1.4 L
Type of Lifting SystemLever on the bridge leaf
Lawn/turf front15x6-6
Lawn/turf rear20x8-8
Wheelbase48.9 inches
124 cm
Length68.8 inches
174 cm
Height40.2 inches
102 cm
Shipping weight427 lbs
193 kg
Front axleCast-iron
John Deere E100 Attachments:
42" mid-mount mower deck
Width of cut42 inches
USA Warranty2 years / 120 hours to bumper

Features of John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor

  • A deep deck design for easy grass lift and a superior cut.
  • Improved deck life to raise and lower the deck with ease.
  • Comfortable and wide operator station.
  • A powerful battery that offers a better start even after lengthy storage.
  • Debris removing channel at the footrest panel for a dry and clean footrest.
  • Non-slip and anti-vibration floor mat for better quality seating.
  • Two incandescent headlights of high quality for safe night usage.
  • The Mower adheres to all the OPEI and ANSI standards.
  • Very Safe and easily affordable.


The JD E100 engine has a V-twin cylinder design which offers a greater torque. The engine power is 17.5 HP or 13.0 KW, making the machine ideal for vigorous mowing and mulching. It offers lower vibration. The single-cylinder engine starts with electronic ignition. It is easy to start the engine with an auto choke. The choke is only required when the temperature is close to or below the freezing point. The spring return feature takes care that the operator does not leave the throttle in the choke posture when the weather gets warm.

The electronic ignition ensures a faster start, and the overhead valves offer better fuel economy and amazing power. The cast-iron cylinder liner increases the life, endurance, and durability of the engine. You can prolong the engine’s life with the oil filter, which offers cleaner oil and full pressure lubrication that also increases the time between two oil changes. As a result, the engine is more effective when the tractor is operated on an incline. It is also easy and quick to change the engine oil when required. Every feature of the E100 engine aims to increase the lawn tractors’ efficiency.

The machine performance does not affect air quality. On the contrary, it causes minimal air pollution, as has been agreed by the California Air Resources Board.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity is 2.4 US gallons which are equal to 9.1 liters. You can easily spot the fuel filler opening located just under your seat. The position of the tank makes refueling convenient for the rider. It is easy to fill the fuel tank without any spillage or wastage. The tethered fuel tank cap is a great addition to the design. With the sealed fuel cap, it is possible to keep the vapors inside the tank, not letting them escape. The lawnmower is equipped with a gauge that shows the fuel quantity in the tank.

The Cutting System

The 42-inch edge cutting system ensures better reliability, performance, and availability. The outer edge of the decks’ curve offers better protection and strength. The deep deck design offers easy lifting and cutting of the grass. The underside of the Mower is smooth that distributes the grass evenly. With the wash connection, it is convenient to clean the dual blades.

Controls and tools

The die-cast panel comes with an attractive and clean style. It is easy to work with the pen lever. Adjust the cutting height of the Mower with the low load spring-loaded handle. The controls for the controlled brake are located conveniently at the base, which makes it easy to access. You can spot the cutting deck with the yellow level that has been placed above the hole.

Seating and auto transmission feature

The auto transmission feature lets the operator select the traveling speed adjusting it to either forward or reverse by pressing on the foot pedal.

The manufacturer has taken special care to make the seating comfortable. The placement and the material used to make the seat ensure maximum comfort to the operator. The alignment of the seat is such that the operator can easily access the steering wheel and the control panel. With the cushion on the back seat and the seat placed in an elevated position, the rider is sure to enjoy a comfortable ride. To add a little twist to the traditional lawn tractors’ design, the manufacturer has placed a beverage holder in the unit. The footrest panel has a channel to remove debris, ensuring that the footrest stays clean and dry at all times. There is an anti-vibration and non-slip floor mat for better seating and ease of driving.

The quality of the cut   

It is the cut quality of the JD E100 that makes it stand out. The machine has a 42-inch axle which is made using die-cut steel of 13 gauges. It just takes two wheels with anti-wear technology to ensure that your lawn stays safe. The cable adjustment is simple, with a lever on the left-hand side that lets you adjust the cable from 1 inch to 4 inches in increments of ¼ inches. A deck wash port is also attached that connects the garden hose to let you clean easily.

Performance and handling

John Deere E100 is designed to mow flat grounds or grounds with some small hills. The Mower works best in yards that are less than one acre. It can be used in bigger areas, but the size should not be more than 2 acres. The tractor’s top speed is 5.5 mph in the forward direction and 3.2 mph in the backward direction. The vehicle lets you mow in the reverse order as well. The front tire is 15 inches, and the rear tire is 20 inches which is the standard mower size. The width, including the deck deflector, is 44.8 inches.

The Mower does not use a hydrostatic transmission but a continuously variable transmission which offers a smoother ride. This is a technology that is used in most cars as it offers automatic transmission. The sliding pulley of the lawnmower changes the speed of the belt, which is relative to the pulley motor. This then changes the ratio of the gear. The benefit of this is more power transfer and a smooth operation.

Warranty and safety

The two high-quality incandescent headlights in the vehicle let you drive the tractor even at night with complete safety. Approved by OPEI and ANSI standards, you are assured that E100 meets all the safety requirements.

Attachments and accessories

The E100 lawnmower performs well with many accessories and attachments like a loader, box blade, mower, snow blower, disc mower, rear blade, and bucket.

Pros and cons of John Deere E100

Every product has some upsides and downsides. Here we list the pros and cons of the John Deere E100 tractor.


  • The steering system is sensitive, and its turning handles are rigid.
  • The seating arrangement is very convenient and has a beverage holder.
  • The grass gets cut with a lot of precision with the 2 cutting blades.
  • The performance is highly dependable.


  • The price is a bit on the higher side.

Price of John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere E100- 31R977 (M31) model is manufactured in Greeneville in Tennessee, USA. The price is roughly around $1,599.00, which is an excellent bargain for a machine that has so many features.

The Verdict

John Deere has proved itself and has made a mark in the industry as a company that stands for high performance and reliable machines. With a host of features like the single-piece fender, which has a rigid bolt attached to the steel surface frame, the product is robust as it is made of steel rails of premium quality. The front axle is made of iron, offering a navigation system mimicking a car with the sector and the pinion steering gears. To ensure a smooth driving experience, the steering system has a solo drag link. The cutting blades offer accurate and rapid cutting, which consumes less time. In addition, its high fuelling capacity reduces a lot of expenses that the operator would otherwise have to bear.

Summing up, if we were to look at all the top-notch features, it could be said without a doubt that the John Deere E100 lawn tractor undoubtedly qualifies as one of the best choices available in the market today.

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  1. From my experience. with my E100 John Deere Tractor, the 17,5 hp engine is unreliable. This engine has a loose moving part at the crankshaft area that breaks and build excessive exhaust in the chamber, causing lock up, thereby preventling the starter to operate properly. It has less than 110 hours of usage.


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