How to Change a Lawn Mower Fuel Filter? Step By Step Guide

Clean fuel is crucial to running your lawnmower smoothly and without any stutter. Additionally, it also ensures a long-lasting life of the mower’s motor. That’s why you will find fuel filters in most lawnmowers. These filters help keep the mower engine from becoming clogged by foreign substances in the fuel.

However, a worn-out filter will prevent fuel from reaching the carburetor, which may cause the engine to run rough or stop entirely. So, it is essential to remove the old fuel filter and replace it with a new one whenever you tune your riding mower.

Keeping this in mind, we will discuss the why’s and how’s of changing the fuel filter in a riding lawnmower. Stick with the article to learn about the details.

Where to Find the Fuel Filter of your lawnmower?

Before moving on to analyze the steps of changing the fuel filter of your mower, let’s understand where the filter is located in the mower.

In most cases, you can find the fuel filter located inside the fuel tank or the fuel line. But remember that some models of riding mowers come with non-replaceable internal filters.

That being said, if you are unsure about the location of the gasoline filter of your mower, look in the owner’s manual. You can also visit the website of the mower’s company to learn about its engine and fuel filter. 

Why Change the Fuel Filter?

Why Change the Fuel Filter

The next question that may hit your mind is why you should focus on changing the fuel filter of your mower every year.

Apart from the fact that a good fuel filter will help reach the fuel to the carburetor, the following are the benefits of changing an old filter.

1. Prolongs the Engine Life

A new and clean filter keeps dust at bay; otherwise, old filters harm the engine parts.  By replacing these filters, you can avoid costly issues, like a breakdown. In addition, new filters prolong the engine’s life.

2. Increases Engine Power

As we stated, a gasoline filter enables clean fuel to enter the engine. 

Moreover, it also allows the fuel delivery system to obtain the exact amount of fuel needed.

3. Improves the Mowing Performance

The gasoline filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the fuel supply system’s critical components. As a result, the engine’s performance improves.

4. Emission Reduction

A clogged and worn-out filter would discourage fuel supply to the fuel injectors, resulting in poor fuel burning and undesirable emissions. A new fuel filter will ensure that the engine receives the proper amount of gasoline and air, thus, minimizing any emissions. 

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5. Fuel Efficiency

A replaced filter will ensure that impurities are removed from the fuel and that the correct amount of fuel reaches the engine. As a result, it will enable maximum fuel efficacy. 

How to Get the Right Fuel Filter?

How to Get the Right Fuel Filter

The right fuel filter would vary depending on the design of your mower engine. Check with the user’s manual or log in to the official website of your lawnmower’s company to learn more about the engine design and the apt replacement filter type. 

Steps to Change the Lawnmower Fuel Filter

Steps to Change the Lawnmower Fuel Filter

Here comes the crux of this article. How to change or replace the old lawnmower fuel filter?

It’s not a challenging task, and you can do it yourself with the help of the steps that we mention below. That being said, each mower comes with a different engine type, and you should consult the user’s manual for any specific details. But the general filter replacement method tends to remain the same for all.

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#1. Mower Positioning

Place the mower on a flat, hard surface, and allow the engine to cool down completely. Make sure to park your lawnmower in a well-ventilated area. 

#2. Remove the Spark Plug

After ensuring safe parking, don’t forget to turn off the engine and remove its key. It will allow the mower to cool down before starting the filter replacement. While the machine is cooling down, you can place a plastic container under the lawn mower’s gasoline line to catch any spillage.

Afterward, wear a pair of gloves, lift the mower hood, and disconnect the spark plug.

#3. Get Rid of the Old Fuel Filter

Before you consider replacing the old fuel filter, we suggest matching the new filter with the older one. It would help you indicate how to install the new gasoline filter. You can also look at the indicators pointing in the direction of the fuel system.

Once you are done with the comparison, disconnect the fuel line hose near the fuel filter. Using pliers, loosen the screws on both sides of the old fuel filter. Remove the clamps from the filter by sliding them away. Then, twist the old filter to dislodge it from the hoses.

After removing the old filter, let the fuel durian out in the plastic container.

#4. Replace the Fuel Filter

Now it’s time to install the new filter in the mower’s engine.

To do it, place the new gasoline filter’s ends into the loose hose ends. Here, it is crucial to ensure that you place the new filter in the same orientation as the older one’s.

Place the hose clamps over the edges of the new filter. Using the pliers, secure the clamps. After replacing the old filter with a new one, remove the plastic container, and clean up any fuel spillage or excess fuel. 

#5. Reinstall the Park plug

Lower the tractor bonnet and reattach the spark plug cable. Then, restart the lawnmower and ensure the gasoline line isn’t leaking. 

Now you are all done! Get mowing as you wish!


So you see, changing your riding mower’s fuel filter is not at all hassling. Hence, you should never avoid doing this task at least once a year to ensure a long-lasting mower life and efficient mowing performance. 

Get all the stuff needed and spare a morning or afternoon, and you will get a brand new gasoline filter installed in your lawnmower. And in any step, if you feel confused, refer to this article. 

Happy mowing to you!

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