23 Cool Balcony Garden ideas

Some 50 years ago, people living in apartments and even some single homes didn’t even think of gardening because of the lack of yard space. Designers and gardeners alike came up with this relatively new Balcony Garden ideas to help garden lovers living in homes without yard spaces.

Don’t get it twisted; balcony gardening is so delightful that even people with large yard spaces can decide to add a small garden on their balcony.

Like I said earlier, owning a balcony garden is splendid. Still, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is getting started. Utilizing a balcony garden may limit the type of plants you grow; plants like giant bamboo and large trees don’t suit. Nevertheless, you can still grow several plants like pepper and rose.

Amazing Balcony Garden ideas:

balcony garden ideas

1. Right in the Bag 

 vertical gardening

Unconventional yet efficient, this shoe bag turn planter will fit into any balcony size you have. Depending on your balcony size, you can hang several of these shoe bags and grow your favorite plants.

This idea is a vertical gardening design that will save you a lot of space.

2. Comfy Balcony Garden

Comfy Balcony Garden

When it comes to balcony garden ideas, there is usually a lot of talk about plants’ type to grow, but not the kind of furniture to add. If you are staying on your balcony, you’ll need comfortable seats with cushions.

This idea gives you a blend of gardening and comfort. Plants are strategically placed around your space in pots and containers. 

However, a large comfortable chair with cushions and pillows is the center of attraction in this balcony garden idea.

3. Mini Herb Garden

Mini Herb balcony Garden

If you love herbs, this idea will bring your dreams to reality. To replicate this idea, plant herbs in containers and hang some on your balcony rails, while keeping the others around the corners of the balcony. Don’t forget to have a comfortable chair where you can sit to admire your creation.

Can you see the artificial grass on the floor? This will help your mini garden look more natural.

4. Decked Balcony Garden

Decked Balcony Garden

The flooring in your balcony garden is just as important as the plants grow. That is why this idea adds the ever-elegant deck to your balcony. A set of chairs with cushion colors matching that of the deck.

Line the bottom of the railings with low hanging flowers and have others in pots around your balcony.

5. Mix Them All in

balcony garden designs

If you do not want to be limited to a particular plant size or hue, then you’ve got the right balcony garden idea.

It incorporates different plants in crates, rail planters, and cups. These plants include flowers, shrubs, and even small trees. Hardwood flooring makes it more elegant. The table cloth covering the table brings a homely feel to your mini garden.

6. Simple Staked Garden

patio garden ideas

You are wondering how to convert your narrow balcony without burning a hole in your pocket? This simple idea transforms your little balcony into a beautiful garden.

Bamboo is staked to PVC pipes and put across the balcony. You can then grow creeping plants in containers under the stake. They would have covered the stake in no time and provide you with cool shade and lovely scenery.

7. Use Plant Shelves

terrace garden ideas

Plant shelves come in different shapes and sizes. You can utilize its different designs to set up this balcony idea. Plants should be grown in beautiful pots or terrariums.

Succulents will fit in nicely into this idea. You can place the plant shelves in a corner or have them in all corners of your balcony.

8. Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are one of the most famous balcony ideas used worldwide, and it is no surprise why it is so widely used. It is elegant and attractive. Takes no floor space and positions your flower very high up to the view of everyone.

You know the feeling of seeing a basket full of fruits; you’ll get the same feeling seeing a basket full of colorful flowers. To make this idea even more attractive, vary the basket style and make use of decorative baskets. Depending on the type of baskets, you may have to line the inside of the baskets with nylon to prevent your potting soil from pouring away.

9. Rail Garden

balcony garden ideas

If designing is not your fort or you’re looking for something quick and easy. You can’t go wrong with this rail garden. How does it work?

There are unique rail planters made for rail planting. You can grow your favorite plants; place them on your balcony rails without the fear of them falling and causing damage. It’s even more exciting when you think about how many more people will get to see it since it is placed in a vantage point.

10. Trellis in Your Balcony

Trellis in Your Balcony

Trellises bring decorum to your balcony garden. It is so easy for a balcony garden to become clumsy and full of ideas. To keep all your planters arranged and accessible, you need a trellis.

Trellises come in different designs, and that can help spice up your garden. See this article for DIY trellis designs.

11. Fake Grass

fake grass in balcony

If your dream is to grow a lawn and enjoy the benefits it brings, but you lack the yard space to make this dream a reality, then I bring you good tidings. You may not get to grow a lawn, but you’ll get to enjoy some of its benefits by adding a faux lawn to your balcony.

This artificial grass can be gotten online or from particular markets. Please measure the size of your balcony and get the grass for it. Then all you need are beautiful sets of chairs and a table.

12. Jungle Balcony

balcony garden ideas

Are you a tropical garden lover? This idea brings the jungle to your balcony. Don’t let limited space hold you back from trying all the plants you have in mind. Common! Explore.

Plants from shrubs to small evergreen trees all line up this balcony garden. A simple chair will make this full garden less congested.

13. Simple & Neat Balcony

balcony garden designs

This is the complete opposite of the previously mentioned balcony garden ideas. Here, not all plants can go. It would be best if you had small plants with little or no spread. This idea aims to keep your balcony neat and clear while still allowing you to grow a few plants.

Plants like snake plants will fit in nicely here.

14. Balcony Garden Room

Balcony Garden Room

No, I didn’t make a mistake calling this a room. Its design lets hanging flower pots almost cover the open balcony creating something of a barrier for privacy. This now looks like an extension of your apartment but with a lot of light coming in.

It would help if you had lots of planting pots or containers to pull this off.

14. Modern Balcony Garden

modern Balcony Garden

Here, modernity meets efficiency. You lose nothing if you want to have a balcony garden without it looking like a suburb. Talk about eating your cake and still having it.

It combines modern comfort with your garden needs. A stylish cushion sits pretty in this balcony with several potted plants on the table in front and a unique plant table beside the chair.

15. Upcycled Balcony Garden

upcycled balcony garden

The environment needs a breather from all the scraps dumped on it. You can help in this by using old crates as planters for your balcony garden.

Not only are these crates unique, but they are also usually cheap to get as many of them are dumped in factories.

16. Italian Bliss

itallian bliss

Even though your balcony may be too small to accommodate a table or chair, you can still make your garden a center of attraction from below or above, as the case may be.

Window boxes are hung on the outside of your balcony rails and fill with the most colorful flowers. Remember, the idea is to be a showstopper. Hang as many containers as possible for maximum attention.

17. Colorful Pots

types of balcony garden

Pots can bring life to your balcony garden if you select the right colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same pot design; varying the color will make the garden charming.

One other secret to this idea is shelving the pots. Display them on shelves fixed on the walls.

18. Countryside Balcony with Pallets

Countryside Balcony with Pallets

Pallets are easy to get as they are abandoned in warehouses and industrial areas. They are used to transport goods in ships and are dumped after use.

Get these pallets for pennies and use them to create a countryside garden on your balcony. Small jars and cups are used as planters for this inexpensive idea.

19. Private Cabana

types of balcony garden

We all love cabanas at the beach, but why can’t we have this delight at home too? You sure can with this balcony garden idea. 

Bamboo rolls that can be purchased from home improvement stores for cheap are used to cover the walls. At the same time, different succulents grace the corners of the balcony.

20. Yard Balcony

Yard Balcony

It is called a yard balcony because you get the feeling of a yard with this balcony garden. You need a large enough balcony space to pull this off as it requires several plants and floor patterns. A part of the floor is decked while another is covered in gravel and fine stones.

It mimics the yard and lets you live your best life even with limited space.

21. Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

If your dream is to grow the vegetable you need for cooking, then see this idea. It uses vertical planting to maximize space while adding different planting, including terrariums and buckets for diversity.

Companion planting is the key here. You need to plant veggies that will help others grow by preventing pests and diseases.

23. Dinner Garden

balcony garden idea

This idea converts your boring balcony into a dinner garden with a dining table and chairs. Your favorite flowers lining the corners of the balcony will make the meal taste even better, trust me.

Because you’ll mostly be using this garden at night, you need to add warm lights around the balcony.

To Sum it up

With these ideas, gone are the days of sadness because you cannot grow your favorite plants due to lack of space. Your balcony is there to be revamped.

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