25 Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (With Pictures)

A house without a front yard landscaping can be likened to a photographer without a gallery; no one knows the real value of a home without seeing its true beauty. Your front yard can be transformed from bare to alive with some simple front yard landscaping ideas.

The front yard is the first place anyone will see before entering your house, and if you want to make an excellent first impression, the front yard design cannot be shabby. You can employ the help of a professional to produce any of these front yard landscaping ideas listed here if you do not know how to design.

1. Petunias Full Porch

Petunias Full Porch
Source: drawhome.com

Petunias are a beautiful and sturdy flower breed you can use to design your front yard. This colorful flower can be placed in hanging flower pots in your front yard or added to the flower beds on the floor. Whichever way, the petunia flower can grow in dry conditions, so it is a viable choice of flower wherever you may be.

2. Modern Stone Gravel Planted Beds

Modern Stone Gravel Planted Beds
Source: greencubes landscapes

If you’re looking for something unique and away from the norm, this front yard design will surely catch your fancy. Low maintenance shrubs are planted, and gravel stones are used to design the beds. This is a low maintenance landscaping idea that oozes elegance.

3. Fill Empty Spaces

Fill Empty Spaces

Do you live close to the street? Fill up the space between the walkway and the stress with beautiful flowers, preferably sturdy flowers as they may be trampled upon from time to time.

4. Add Herbs and Vegetables

Add Herbs and Vegetables

Does your front yard receive a lot of sunlight? Consider adding veggies and herbs to your front yard. This will make it colorful and also give you enough to enjoy when they grow up.

5. Elevated Joy

Elevated Joy

Having a slopped front yard used to be annoying, but with this design, you’ll finally get to appreciate that slope. Make garden beds in steps; each step will have lush plants and flowers to beautify it.

6. Objective Plantings

Objective Plantings

If you live in an area with lots of deer, this landscaping idea for your front yard will help keep them away. Deer resistant plants when used will bring color to your front yard while keeping deer away.

7. Little Spaces Design

Little Spaces Design

Very little front yard space? No problem. This idea makes full use of a small front yard space to create a beautiful landscape. Dropping flowers are planted by the windows and allowed to drop.

8. Mini Fountain

Mini Fountain

If you love the sound of a water fountain but do not want to care for one or do not have space, this mini water feature will give you all the pleasure and aesthetics with minimal maintenance stress.

9. Boxwood Edged Pathway


Boxwood Edged Pathway
Source: freshdesignpedia.com

Your entry pathway can be designed using boxwood shrubs. These shrubs are placed along the pathway and snapped whatever way you like. This design contains small circular shaped shrubs.

10. Evergreen Multi-Season Flower Beds


Evergreen Multi-Season Flower Beds
Source: aolhouse

This design makes use of evergreen flowers that bloom throughout the year. By mixing plants that thrive in different seasons, you get a colorful front yard all through the year.

11. Succulent Stone Planters

Succulent Stone Planters

This design brings a modern look to your front yard. Not only is this a low maintenance idea, but it also requires minimal water. The stone planters come in different heights and shapes to suit your taste.

12. Climbing Wall Design Using Clematis

Climbing Wall Design Using Clematis


Do you live in a predominantly hot area? Are you looking to hide an old wall? Using clematis plants and trellises, you’ll not only get a beautiful front yard but one that’ll cover an area adequately. You also have the option of choosing from over 300 varieties of the clematis plant.

13. Shading Flower Bed

Shading Flower Bed

Finding shade-loving annuals is a difficult task. However, annuals like sweet alyssum and coleus can grow under shade. Now areas under trees and broad plants can be utilised appropriately. Use pavers to differentiate between the regions to make mowing easier.

14. Lighted Driveway Bed


Lighted Driveway Bed
Source: lifestylesofthestayathomemom.com

This is a simple landscape idea that includes a bed with small shrubs and electricity lamps lined across the driveway. This design gives your driveway a colorful look at night.

15. Drought Resistant Western Feature

Drought Resistant Western Feature

This idea fits dry areas with minimal rainfall. Planting drought-resistant flowers will give your front yard an all year round lush look. A combination of different flowers, rocks and little water will bring this idea to life.

16. Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

Removing tree stumps can be difficult and expensive. Why spend so much trying to remove something you can use to beautify your front yard. Simply create a hollow area inside the tree stump, put your annuals in it and enjoy its uniqueness.

17. Simple Mailbox Flower Bed


Simple Mailbox Flower Bed
Source: countryliving.com

Do you want to go a step further to beautify your front yard? Consider this mailbox flower bed. Plant colorful annuals under your mailbox, this will make your front yard attractive. However, if the land belongs to the government, you may be asked to remove the bed.

18. Tiered Block Flower Beds

Tiered Block Flower Beds

Using tiered stones around your flower bed will make it more pronounced and beautiful. You can assemble the stones yourself as it does not require expertise. This design can help you utilise sloped areas in your front yard.

19. Colorful Fall Flowers

Colourful Fall Flowers


After the spring and summer, it becomes difficult finding blooming flowers to plant. Planting brightly colored flowers that can flourish in the cold will give your yard a unique look when other front yard gardens would’ve withered away.

20. Low Maintenance Mediterranean

Low Maintenance Mediterranean


Living in a sweltering areas might have you thinking you can’t get a beautiful front yard landscape. This idea makes use of Mediterranean flowers that can survive with minimal water and in hot surroundings. These evergreen plants can retain moisture for use during the dry periods.

21. Height Differentials

Height Differentials

This front yard landscaping idea uses height and bloom season differentials for its design. Using plants with different heights and bloom season, you not only get an all year round lush front yard, but you also get a neatly arranged front yard.

22. Low Maintenance, Small Front Yard Design

Low Maintenance, Small Front Yard Design

This small front yard design is low maintenance as it makes use of stones neatly arranged on each other to create a garden bed with little maintenance flowers in them.

23. The Unlikely Iron and Stone Combination

The Unlikely Iron and Stone Combination

Iron and stone combinations may not seem like the best base for flowers, but this landscaping idea brings these two together to produce a beautiful plant base. Use a porous pot that can drain properly while holding enough water the plants need to grow. The bowl is placed on a stone wall that is lined with running plants to give the area a lush look.

24. Desert Life Using Stones and Cactus

Desert Life Using Stones and Cactus

Here is another landscape design that caters for dry desert-like regions. This design makes use of stones on the edges of the walkway to form a bed for the drought-resistant cactus plant. Agaves are planted to give the area a lush green look.

25. Simple Garden Bed Using Wine Barrel

Simple Garden Bed Using Wine Barrel

This idea makes use of wine barrels as garden beds to plant colorful flowers. They can be placed anywhere across your walkway. This design is especially useful to homes or apartments with the smallest of walkways. You can have a lampstand go over it to make it appealing at night.

These front yard landscaping ideas cover all aspects, whatever your needs are, you’ll find something that suits you. Not only are they easy to replicate, but they’ll also finally make your dull front yard epic thereby increasing the curb appeal of your home.

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