13 Cactus Garden Ideas with Pictures

Are you looking for low maintenance plants that’ll let you make those occasional travels without stress? Does the idea of growing a plant that can be grown in a garden bed, potted, kept outdoors, or by your kitchen window excite you? The cactus plant is an ideal plant for people looking to enjoy the full garden experience while dedicating lesser time and using an even smaller water quantity. And yes, it grows perfectly in areas with low rainfall.

The cactus plant, like many other succulents,is a versatile plant that can survive in adverse conditions. However, growing cactus in pots filled with potting soil needs to be aerated properly to encourage proper drainage as cactus plants need a small amount of water for optimum growth.

cactus garden ideas

One of the advantages of growing cactus is that you can have it adorn any part of your building, from your front yard to your kitchen window.I know I said this is a low maintenance plant, but it still requires a little maintenance here and there. There are several cactus garden designs you can adopt to enhance your home, but we’ll be going through 13 of the best.

#1. Small Cacti

Small Cacti

Do you love smaller plants? Cactuse do not have to be large, and you can grow smaller variations of the cacti plant in pots and beautify them with brightly colored stones and gravel. These potted cactus can be kept indoors as they’re easy to move. Remember to sterilize your potting soil to prevent bugs from filling up your home.

#2. The Hilly Cactus

The Hilly Cactus

Do you have a hilly, mountainous landscape in your garden? This cactus garden idea will turn the eyesore into an enviable garden location. By growing the cactus plant along the slope, you’ll be creating an attractive center in your garden as the full view of the garden is laid bare.

#3. Mix it Up

Mix it Up

Don’t let the name ‘cactus garden’ limit you. You can grow several other plants and succulents to make your garden even more appealing. Mixing your cactus with colorful flowers of different height will create a great structure in your garden. Try out several variations to see which one is best suited to your needs.

#4. Go for Rare Species

Go for Rare Species

This is a unique cactus garden design that incorporates rare and exotic cactus into your garden. This makes your garden the go-to place for sightseeing among your friends. Depending on your location, it might be challenging to come across these rare species, but not to worry, you can order them online from online garden stores and have them delivered to your home. This idea may be a little expensive, but it is worth it, trust me.

#5. Glowing Cactus Spine

 Glowing Cactus Spine

You can create a glowing cactus plant in the right conditions. Growing cactus with spines (especially red spine) in beds along your driveway with nothing blocking the sunlight when it’s rising or setting, creates a unique glow by hitting the spine at an angle that makes it glow. Line the cactus plant with other exciting plants for added contrast.

#6. Colorful Space Fillers

Colorful Space Fillers

It is quite expensive trying to fill up a large bed with cactus. So why not fill up those spaces with other interesting objects? In comes the idea of this colorful stone, you can cover up large areas without making the garden dull. These stones can be used to fill up garden beds, glass planting containers like the one seen in the picture; you can even use these stones to create several designs around your plants.

#7. Minimalist Cactus Idea

Minimalistic Cactus Idea

This is for the minimalist approach lovers. After the day’s hustle and bustle, getting a cool place to relax while meditating is essential. Symmetry is the key to this concept. By creating a similar cactus pattern around a centerpiece like a pond or even a plain wall, you’ll be getting a minimalist but still exciting garden design.

#8. Pot Color Variations

Pot Color Variations

The idea that garden containers should be bland and blend into the surroundings should be discarded as garden pots can enhance your cactus design. To adopt this idea, you need several brightly colored containers you can mix up in your yard or place around your patio area. These brightly colored pots create contrast and attract attention to your cactus.

#9. The Way to Bliss

The Way to Bliss

Your walkway can come alive with this cactus design. Lining up your walkways with several cactus paying attention to the size and tone to create a smooth transition between cactus. Your entryway would be completely transformed with this design.This idea will require a lot of resources to accomplish, especially if you are lining both sides of the pathway, but that shouldn’t discourage you as the bliss you’ll get from it would be worth the expenses.

#10. Stucco Wall Planters

Stucco Wall Planters

The stucco wall design is a form of vertical gardening that attaches specialized planters on your wall space in such a way they all have enough space to grow while also giving you a clear view of them. Your cactus plant will sit pretty in a stucco wall planter as it doesn’t require a lot of space to grow.

#11. Cacti Fence

Cacti Fence

The cactus plant can be used to create barriers around areas like your lawn or garden to prevent animals like stray cats from entering and damaging your garden. Line the cactus close to each other and have them grow around the perimeter of the area. Its sturdy and thorny back will keep strays and unwanted visitors out of your garden.

#12. Blooming Cactus

Blooming Cactus

Surprised? Don’t be. Cactus don’t have to be green and dull. You can grow flowering cactus in your garden for a unique feel. Cactus need special conditions to bloom, so you may have to experiment by moving it across several locations in your home to get the perfect situation for it to blossom. You get to enjoy these beautiful flowers for several weeks.

#13. Zen Cactus Garden

Zen Cactus Garden

You can create a zen garden with your cactus plants. The concept makes use of stones creating several variations with the cactus plant. You need rocks and gravel of different sizes and tones to make your specialized cactus garden. Because succulents love growing around rocky environments, this zen garden will have a natural feel around it.

The cactus plant is one of the easiest to incorporate into your garden because of the low maintenance required and several designs you can implement. Your location does not matter, with a little tweak, you can grow a healthy cactus garden and create a harmonious atmosphere in your home.

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