15 Simple Container Herb Garden Ideas With Pictures

Gardening is becoming more and more difficult due to the reducing yard space in homes, especially in modern homes.This limited space has forced a lot of garden lovers to abandon the thought of owning a garden. However, that shouldn’t be the case as container herb garden ideas has made it possible to overcome that enormous challenge.

Container gardening is even more essential when trying to grow herbs as they don’t do well when planted directly to the ground. If you love herbs due to their medicinal nature or would want to include them in your recipe, then this container gardening article is essential for you.

Herb container gardening is not only efficient; it is adorable. Trust me when I tell you your garden will take a new dimension with these containers in your home.

Growing herbs in containers help you navigate sun-loving herbs or herbs that love moisture and shade. Herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, and thyme will not only add flavor to your meal but will also brighten up your patio.

Check out some beautiful herb container ideas for your home.

1. Single Container Herb Mix

Single Container Herb Mix

Most herbs are small enough to fit into a single garden pot with other herbs. Mixing different herbs in a single container is an excellent way to utilize the limited space you have while growing all the herbs you love.

However, before mixing herbs, check that their soil, water, and sunlight requirements are the same. Growing herbs with different maintenance requirements in the same container is a recipe for disaster.

2. Stunning Front Door Herb Container

Stunning Front Door Herb Container

Your front yard landscape will be enhanced with this stunning container herb garden idea, gracing your front door. Use a fantastic garden pot to plant a mixture of your favorite herbs. Place the container by your front door to amaze visitors.

3. Table Top Basket Herb Design

Table Top Basket Herb Design

Using a basket as a planter can never get old. Baskets bring a classic yet simple look in your garden, and they can be the piece your garden needs to shine.

Fill a basket with potting soil and plant herbs like thyme, rosemary, and basil. Drop the basket on a table outdoors so it can be visible.

4. Metal Bowl Herb Gardening

Metal Bowl Herb Gardening

If you have a metal bowl in your home, you can use them as planters for your herbs. Their metallic shine will brighten your garden.

This container herb garden idea is very convenient, the bowl can be placed anywhere from your patio, to a table in your garden or even indoors. Wherever you choose to place this herb container should be ideal for the type of herb you’re planting.

5. Molded Herb Planter

Molded Herb Planter

Molded planters are a beauty to behold. You can mold them into any shape you like and place them on the ground as part of your front yard landscape.

Paint the planters calm colors so the herbs can get the full attention. Mix several herbs and let it grow wild.

6. Strawberry Pot Herb Garden

15 Simple Container Herb Garden Ideas With Pictures

Strawberry pots are small, unique and produce beautiful luster that will make your herbs more attractive. Using a strawberry pot with many pockets will help you grow different herb species.

This pot is small and can only contain a few seeds of small herbs and is an excellent addition to your deck garden idea.

7. Hula Bag Herb Garden

Hula Bag Herb Garden

Hawaiian hula bags are a beautiful piece of art made with Hawaiian quilted fabric. Imagine the beauty this can create in your front yard. You just need to fill it with good potting soil and plant your herbs.

8. Pot Tower Herb Garden

Pot Tower Herb Garden

You can create a beautiful planter for your herbs with garden pots by forming a planting tower. The plants have different layers to grow, making it easy to grow different species.

It is also an excellent way to raise the landscape as herbs are low growing plants.

9. Herb Pallet Garden

Herb Pallet Garden

Pallets are easy to get as they’re usually discarded after use in shipping containers. Pallet gardening is one of the least expensive container herb garden idea to look out for.

You can restructure the pallet into boxes for your herbs. Put good potting soil and plant different herbs. This can be a great addition to your front door.

10. Movable Herb Pot

Movable Herb Pot

This movable pot is ideal for herbs as herbs have varying needs so you can move it to a sunny area when more sunlight is needed or to a shaded area when it needs a cool place.

This movable planter is set on a high base where it can receive enough sunlight and can be seen by visitors.

11. Repurposed Ammunition Containers

Repurposed Ammunition Containers

Ammo containers is a great container herb garden idea as Ammo containers can be recycled and used as planters for your herb garden. These ammunition containers can be hung on your patio ceiling with chains.

This is a beautiful hanging garden idea you can implement in your garden.

12. DIY Rolling Planter

DIY Rolling Planter

If you’re a DIY lover, then this idea should excite you. With wood and tires, you can create this rolling box that can contain numerous herbs.

Put this elevated roller on your deck and watch how it’ll excite your visitors.

The deck and the planter have a matching look as they’re both made with almost identical material.

13. Broken Pot Herb Planter

Broken Pot Herb Planter

If you have a broken planter, instead of throwing it away, try this fantastic container herb garden idea. Put it on the side like in the picture and line rocks at the edge to prevent the soil from pouring away.

This planter is unique and doesn’t require any investment as you use old broken planters.

14. Raised Garden Indoor Planter

Raised Garden Indoor Planter

This raised bed is exquisite enough to grace a corner of your sitting room. It is made of wood and fastened with nails.

You can use PVC ceilings to design the sides. Fill it with sterilized potting soil to prevent ants and insects from filling your home.

15. Herb Window Boxes

Herb Window Boxes

If you live in apartments without any yard space then, you should consider growing a window garden. Buy box planters and clamps to hold them firmly to your window frame. You can even make use of old boxes at home. Clamp these boxes on your kitchen or bedroom window base and fill with soil. Voila, your herb planter is ready to receive herbs.

Herbs are easy to grow and maintain and can be great additions to your meal. Why not grow these aromatic plants and use them whenever you like. With these container herb garden ideas, lack of space will never be a problem anymore. Go ahead, try out any design and see how much you love it.

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