6 Best Crabgrass Removal Tool to Buy in 2023

Your lawn deserves to look perfect for the value it adds to your house. So you have to ensure no weeds take over your lawn and add a blackspot to its show. However, some grasses can be annoying regarding weed removal on your lawn.

Crabgrass is one such variant of grass in the weed category that refuses to come out of the ground quickly. You can not even use a lawn mower and get rid of crabgrass. Hence, you might have to use a crabgrass removal tool to get the job done.

A crabgrass removal tool can be of various types with different features. The various factors associated with your lawn can make you choose the best. The crabgrass removal tool you select must have the appropriate features and be able to reach the roots of the crabgrass to remove them effectively.

You can look for numerous features in a crabgrass removal tool, such as the tool head type, the length of the handle, design, material, and durability. Another factor that plays an essential role besides these features is the soil type in your lawn.

Hence, considering the above factor in mind, here we have brought you a list of the best crabgrass removal tools of 2022 that you can buy to keep your lawn free of stubborn crabgrasses.

Image Product
Radius Garden 205 PRO Stainless-Steel Weeder, Original Green
  • Easy Handling
  • Industrial Strength
  • PRO-Stainless-Steel Blade
Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder
  • Power of Four Claws
  • Easy-Eject Mechanism
  • Long Shaft with Foot Platform
Yard Butler Rocket Weeder dandelion extractor handheld weed removal tool - RKT-1000
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable Steel Construction
Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder, Root Removal Hand Weeding Tool
  • Five-Claw Design
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Ergonomic Construction
Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle
  • Simple Yet Effective Design
  • Long Handle with Four Claws
  • Has a long bamboo handle with powder-coated metal construction for effective performance
Walensee Stand Up Weeder and Weed Puller, Stand up Manual Weeder Hand Tool with 3 Claws
  • Pointed Three-Claw Design
  • Long Handle
  • Durable Material

2023 Best Crabgrass Removal Tools

Here are the best crabgrass removal tools you can add to your gardening equipment. You may quickly get an overview by looking over the specifications of the products mentioned and comparing the costs. Further, you can walk through a detailed discussion on each of these crabgrass removal tools and compare their pros and cons to see what fits your garden the best.

1. Radius Garden 205 PRO Stainless-Steel Weeder, Original Green

Easy Handling

This crabgrass removal tool has a design that makes it easy to handle for all age groups. It has a lightweight that allows you to dig into the ground with the least effort and with utmost comfort. Moreover, it is a long-handled stand-up weeder that eliminates bending or kneeling while cleaning your lawn.

Radius Garden 205 weeder also comes with a non-latex and thermoplastic grip for you to handle it with comfort and convenience without hurting your hands while working.

Industrial Strength

Strength is the soul of this crabgrass removal tool. It is known for its industrial strength and pulls out crabgrasses, weeds, shrubs, and trees deeply rooted into the soil. It can be perfect for dealing with tricky soil areas on your lawn. The industrial strength provides a greater force and proves reliable with no bending or breaking.

PRO-Stainless-Steel Blade

Durability is essential in a crabgrass removal tool because it is tough to pull out. It is why this crabgrass removal tool provides you with a PRO stainless-steel blade and resin-encased carbon steel shaft. When digging, it guarantees excellent leverage and is dependable and long-lasting.

Pros and Cons of Radius Garden 205 PRO


  • Lightweight design for easy handling.
  • It comes with an extra-forward step for a better digging capacity.
  • PRO stainless-steel shovels for enhanced force and zero effort.


  • It might not be able to work on emerging weeds.

2. Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder

The Fiskars 339950-1002 4-claw weeder is one of the most popular and effective crabgrass removal tools for your lawn. The ease and comfort of the users were taken into consideration when designing it.

Power of Four Claws

Fiskars 339950-1002 claw weeder makes it to our list due to its unique serrated four-claw design. These claws grab and remove the weed like no other tool. First, it provides a great hold on the crabgrass and ensures that you do not lose the hold until it is pulled out from the roots.

Easy-Eject Mechanism

Cleaning the tool after crabgrass removal can also be tough and require you to bend and do it manually. But Fiskars 339950-1002 claw weeder comes with an ejector slide that provides you with an easy eject mechanism. Hence, you can clean the tool without bending over or straining your hands and knees.

Long Shaft with Foot Platform

The long shaft in this crabgrass removal tool is the best feature it has. In addition, it has an extra-wide foot platform that completely fits your foot. Hence, the combined effect of both allows you to penetrate deeper into the soil and pull out the weed without bending or sore knees.

Pros and Cons of Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder


  • It has a large foot platform for penetrating through tough soil areas.
  • Eject mechanism for easy clean-up of the tool.
  • It has a stainless steel structure for enhanced durability.


  • They are mostly preferred for damp soil.

3. Yard Butler Rocket Weeder dandelion extractor handheld weed removal tool – RKT-1000

Yard Butler rocket weeder is another excellent addition to our list of best crabgrass removal tools. It is best famous for dandelion extraction and acts effectively on weed. Its ergonomic design is what steals the show.

Ergonomic Design

Yard Butler rocket weed removal tool comes with an ergonomic design, considering the safety and convenience of the users. It features a handle for easy holding of the tool.

The long handle construction with an effective claw helps you pull tough crabgrass in your lawn with the least effort.

Moreover, it has a wide-foot platform to give you greater control over the force applied. Not to forget, the ejector mechanism that keeps the tool clean without involving your hands.

Environment friendly

It is an environment-friendly tool that requires no herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals to apply on your lawn before pulling out the crabgrasses. So you can expect a clean environment.

Durable Steel Construction

Yard Butler Rocket Weeder has a heavy-duty steel construction that makes it a highly durable and reliable tool and eliminates any chances of bending or breaking while handling tough weeds.

Pros and Cons of Yard Butler Rocket Weeder dandelion extractor


  • The environment-friendly nature makes it versatile.
  • Easy ejector handle to sweep the grass without manual effort.
  • It has a better rocking action due to the well-designed foot platform.


  • It might create holes in your lawn after removing the crabgrass.

4. Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder, Root Removal Hand Weeding Tool

Worth Garden stand-up weeder is a crabgrass removing tool that is worth giving a try for cleaning your lawn, as you would realize with its robust features.

Five-Claw Design

Worth stand-up garden weeder has a pointed five-claw design. It provides you the power to deal with different soil types on your lawn, including hard soil. The five-claws work together to give you the most effortless and efficient pulling effect.


Quality is the best asset of this crabgrass removal tool. It is crafted with sturdy steel and is zinc-plated. The highly reliable steel construction with zinc coating makes the tool rust-resistant and fit for handling your weight.

Ergonomic Construction

This crabgrass removal tool has an ergonomic construction to keep you safe and sound while working on your lawn. It has a long handle that outwits the pressure on your knees or back as it requires no bending. Moreover, the padded foam handle gives you an easy grip.

Pros and Cons of Worth Garden Stand-up Weeder


  • A padded foam handle makes it easy to twist and pull without harm.
  • Long-lasting construction with zinc plating.
  • It comes with a power of five claws.


  • It works only on well-established gardens and lawns.

5. Grampa’s Weeder – The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handle

Grampa’s weeder is one of the oldest crabgrass removal tools that are effective to date. It has been in use since 1913 and has only improved in its design and performance since then, with enough experience dealing with different types of lawns. 

Simple Yet Effective Design

Grampa’s weeder is the first of its kind with a simple and ingenious construction. As a result, working on your lawn is simple. This tool has a timeless and classic design you would love to add to your lawn.

Long Handle with Four Claws

It has a 45″ long handle made up of bamboo. In addition to that, it comes with powder-coated metal construction. It provides you a tool with the power and strength to deal with tough weeds on your lawn. The four-claw design adds to the tool’s functionality by helping you deal with different soil types.

Pros and Cons of Grampa’s Weeder


  • Easy to use.
  • It gives you the classic feel of Grampa.
  • The best combo of a long handle and sturdy claw.


  • It works best in wet soil areas.
  • It does not have an ejector.

6. Walensee Stand Up Weeder and Weed Puller, Stand up Manual Weeder Hand Tool with 3 Claws

Walensee stand-up weeder and hand weed puller is the best combination you can get for your lawn. Both the products have their features and functionality that add up to provide you with the best and most effortless crabgrass removal experience on your lawn.

Pointed Three-Claw Design

Walensee stand-up weeder comes with a pointed three-claw construction. The claws have 2.72″ steel teeth that provide you better hold over the stubborn crabgrasses and pull them out from roots. The three-claw design also provides you control over different soil types.

Long Handle

The stand-up weeder has a 39″ tall handle to provide enough force to penetrate deep into the soil and remove the weed roots. It also does not require bending or involving your knees to pull the grass.

Durable Material

This combination of stand-up and hand weeder is made up of high-strength steel. Hence, you can expect years of durability and reliability with this combo at your side.

Pros and Cons of Walensee Stand Up Weeder and Weed Puller


  • It is the best combination of stand-up tools and hand weeders.
  • Three-claw construction to handle different soil types.
  • Highly durable steel construction.


  • It might not work properly on a rocky lawn.

Crabgrass Removal Tools Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a crabgrass removal tool, there are numerous factors you need to consider. To be on the safe side, you must look for the features of a crabgrass removal tool that best suits the type of soil and the crabgrass infestation in your garden.

How to Use a Crabgrass Removal Tool?

While you might require a lot of effort to pull out crabgrass manually, the crabgrass removal tool does the job in no time. All you need is to place the crabgrass removal tool at the center of the crabgrass, press it into the ground using the foot platform provided on the tool, and finally lean the handle to pull out the grass. 

What are the Features of a Crabgrass Removal Tool you Must Consider?

There are three aspects of a crabgrass removal tool you can take into account before purchasing.

  • Handle: Ergonomic handles prove best for crabgrass removal tools as they offer comfort and convenience while using the tool. Hence, long-handled crabgrass removal tools with a padded grip can be your best fit.
  • Tooltip: a crabgrass removal must have a sharp tooltip, including the shaft, in order to pull out the crabgrass easily. Hence, you must look for sharp-edged crabgrass removal tools with a heat-treated steel or aluminum construction for best results.
  • Price: A crabgrass removal tool does not cost you a fortune. Hence, you must compare the prices from different online websites and choose the one that is affordable for you.
  • Material: a durable material is a must for a crabgrass removal tool as it must be able to handle the tough crabgrass in your lawn and remove it without bending or breaking. You can consider crabgrass removal tools with industrial strength and heavy-duty steel construction. Metal plating, such as zinc, on the top, can be a plus point.

Why Should You Use a Crabgrass Removal Tool?

A crabgrass removal tool has many advantages that aid in cleaning your garden. It avoids using any chemicals to remove the weed and pulls out crabgrass from the roots, so it does not regrow. You need not put much effort while using a crabgrass removal tool as it loosens the soil before pulling out the crabgrass.

Crabgrass Removal Tool FAQs

These are some intriguing queries sought by gardening enthusiasts that will help you to understand more about crabgrass removal tools.

Q1. What is a better way to remove crabgrass, spraying or pulling?

Ans. If you seek a chemical-free lawn, pulling out crabgrass can be your best option. However, using a combination of both spraying crabgrass killer and pulling them out with a crabgrass removal tool can show you faster results.

Q2. What features make the best crabgrass removal tool?

Ans. You can consider a crabgrass removal tool with serrated claws, a long handle with an easy-grip system, a wide foot platform, and an eject mechanism to make use of the best features.

Q3. What are the tips for an effective crabgrass removal experience?

Ans. The first and foremost tip is to remove the crabgrass from the roots and not leave any part of it behind. It has the tendency to regrow. Another tip you can use is to wet the soil before pulling out crabgrass.


Crabgrass is one of the most stubborn weeds to remove from a lawn. It can use most of your effort on a lawn day and might not be pulled out from the roots. However, with the best crabgrass removal tools, you can get rid of it effortlessly and expect the least regrowth. Hence, you can choose from the best crabgrass removal tools mentioned above and get a weed-free lawn.

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