25 Best DIY Garden Pallet Ideas for 2023

The wooden pallets you see lying around were used initially to carry heavy items at docks, factories and many other places where forklifts are used to raise large items.

These pallets are used for a short while and disposed off in landfills, causing a lot of environmental pollution. That is why the idea of using pallets in the garden is getting widespread approval. Since most of the pallets are dumped in landfills, you can purchase them at low prices.

Pallets can be used as plant pots, raised garden beds, trellises, vertical beds, garden chairs and tables. Not only are all these quite easy to make, but they’re also beautiful after setup.

DIY pallet garden idea

Pallets you’ll be using as planters should not have been earlier treated with herbicides.  Herbicide treated pallets are labelled as MB, while HT signifies heat-treated – they can be used as planters.

Using pallets can give your garden an uplift while giving you a chance to work on the project yourself. If you’re wondering what you can do in your garden with pallets. Not to worry, I’ve gathered 25 exciting pallet garden ideas for 2020.

1. Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence

Pallets can be used to fence your garden area and prevent animals like rabbits, dogs and goats from eating up your plants. To increase the stability of the fence, you can add pallets in a sideways pattern, as seen in the picture. 

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2. Pallet Vertical Gardening with Pots

Pallet Vertical Gardening with Pots

Vertical gardens have become a popular choice among gardeners as they use up very little space in your yard and can be transferred to different locations in your home. This idea uses pallets affixed to the ground and reinforced to hang your garden pots. You can use clips or iron wires to fasten the jars to the pallet.

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3. DIY Pallet Crate for Planting

DIY Pallet Crate for Planting

If you’re looking for fast and less stressful design, this DIY crate is everything you’re looking for in pallet design. It’s frugal without fanciful design but serves its purpose well. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table in your garden where you can place garden pots with different plants.

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4. Tiny Pallet Plant Holder

Tiny Pallet Plant Holder

This design uses tiny Pallet pieces to create small plant holders which you can hang anywhere from your sitting room to your bathroom. Small pots, when placed beside art can liven the art even further.

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5. Garden Pathway

Garden Pathway

This design uses pallet pieces to create unique footpaths to your garden or lawn. Using pallet pieces on the ground to your garden will keep you from gathering soil under your shoe and littering your yard. You should know heavy items like wheelbarrows and mowers can damage the pathway.

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6. Pallet Garden Bench

Pallet Garden Bench

 If you’re looking for where to relax after a stressful garden work, consider making a garden bench from pallet pieces. You can decide to use throw pillows or sew outdoor patio sheet covers for the seating area. 

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7. Flower Beds Using Pallets

Flower Beds Using Pallets

Using pallets and nails, you can form a flower bed that can double up as a storage container when not in use. Use the foundation to grow your flower seeds before transplanting or simply have them in the bed all through.

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8. Pallet Strawberry Box

Pallet Strawberry Box

Strawberries mostly grow in specialized boxes. To make a strawberry planter using pallets, it can have a dimension of 47” wide, a height of 19” and 16” deep. See the full guide for details. Use heat resistant pallets marked HT for this project.

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9. DIY Outdoor Wood Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Outdoor Wood Pallet Herb Garden

This outdoor pallet herb planter is made with rows of planting space where you can plant different herb species. Potting soil is used to fill up the pallet; you can also label the pallet with the herb planter in each section for easy identification.

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10. DIY Up cycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter

DIY Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter

This brightly colored flower planter will liven up your patio or garden area. Use a heat-treated pallet marked HT to create this design. You can use different colors you like to paint each section and attach worm clamps to hold the pots.

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11. Raised Pallet Boxes

Raised Pallet Boxes

If you need numerous boxes to plant your flowers, it might become costly to buy already made boxes. You can decide to make your boxes using pallets at a fraction of the cost. These boxes can then be placed on slanted racks for easy visibility.

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12. Tropical Pallet Living Wall

Tropical Pallet Living Wall

This wall is made using pallets, where a section of the pallet is left open, and a lot of different plants are put in to create the impression of plants trying to force their way out. This design can make the area a centre of attraction in your garden.

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13. Ground Pallet Beds

Ground Pallet Beds

This is a simple yet effective gardening technique where pallets are placed on the ground and filled with soil. This pallet garden idea prevents the growth of weed as the weed is compressed and killed when growing under the pallet.

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14. Rustic Vertical Pallet Garden

Rustic Vertical Pallet Garden

This is another vertical garden idea but with a more rustic look. Vertical gardening will continue to grow in popularity because of its space-conserving nature and ease of movement. See the full guide for details

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15. Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden

Yet another vertical pallet gardening idea. If you’re looking to conserve space yet are not too comfortable with hanging or leaning your pallets on objects or walls like most vertical gardening ideas, this design is just what you need. 

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16. Pallet Garden Swing Bed

Pallet Garden Swing Bed

I know you didn’t see this one coming. Pallets can be used to make that garden swing you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Of course, you can just buy a garden swing, but that would be too expensive compared to making one yourself using cheap pallets.

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17. Wooden Compost Bin Using Pallets

Wooden Compost Bin Using Pallets

Every gardener trying to make compost needs a compost bin. This bin is used to gather compost materials like chicken waste or to mix the contents and leave to decompose. Whatever it is, a compost bin is essential, and you can quickly get one or more setup in your farm following this guide.

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18. Wooden Pallet Garden Cart

Wooden Pallet Garden Cart

Do you know the lovely garden cart filled with lots of different garden plants? You can make one yourself using pallets and wheels. You can even use the pallets to create makeshift wheels when regular wheels are not available. Adding fake chickens at the base of the cart will further increase the appeal.

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19. DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

Making this succulent planter is easy as the guide shows you a step by step directory to set it up. You need a wire mesh at the back to prevent the soil from pouring out. After filling with fertile sand and planting, the planter is then kept standing at a corner in your garden.

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20. Wooden Pallet Planter

Wooden Pallet Planter

This hanging pallet idea uses a dry brush finish to create this beautiful design. Bolts and nuts are used to fasten the pots to the pallet. This guide contains comprehensive steps to follow.

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21. Blooming Wood Pallet

Blooming Wood Pallet

This design involves planting blooming flowers that’ll cover the pallet that is leaning on a wall or fence. Blooming flowers are beautiful to the eyes and can create a spectacle in your garden.

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22. The Shipping Pallet Raised Garden Bed

The Shipping Pallet Raised Garden Bed

This is another raised garden bed design using pallets. This is an aesthetically pleasing raised garden bed design with a classic off-white painting that creates a charming view when the flowers have filled the bed.

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23. Wooden Palette Display Planter

Wooden Palette Display Planter

Not only is the design freestanding, but it is also a perfect display planter that showcases the awesomeness of your flowers. The pallet design comes with different layers for your flowers, and you can also attach flower containers.

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24. Lattice Pallet Garden

Lattice Pallet Garden

Vertical gardening cannot go out of fashion. With this new design, you can enhance your vertical garden even further. This design makes use of a lattice structure on the front of the pallet.

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25. Latch-On Pallet Hanger

Latch-On Pallet Hanger

This is a simple pallet garden idea that involves leaning the pallet on a wall or fence then using worm clamps to create a hanger for the flower pots.

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There you go—25 of the best DIY pallet garden ideas you can implement on your own. Using pallets in your garden will help in saving the environment, save you a considerable amount in cost and also give you almost unlimited design plans to choose.

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