How to Keep Dogs Out of Garden?

That joy you get seeing your garden bloom and those precious plants bring forth fruits, yes, that. What if I told you dogs get the same joy seeing a garden? Maybe even more pleasure as they have a more advanced sense of smell.

Now, because dogs do not have the control humans have, their love of gardens is not the same. Dogs channel their love of gardens towards using it as a playground, food source, or a litter area.Seeing your hard work in the garden in a pile because your dog decided it was time to dig can be frustrating. It can even lead to being physically aggressive towards the dog.

Even though we love dogs, it is difficult to stomach the damage they cause in our garden. That’s why we need to figure out ways to keep them out. There are several ideas on the internet on how to keep dogs out. Many are unrealistic; a few only work on some breeds. That is why I’ve compiled this list of ways to keep dogs out. Before we get into that, you must know why dogs are drawn to your garden in the first place.

how to keep dogs out of garden

Why are Dogs Drawn to Your Garden?

Why are Dogs Drawn to Your Garden

Humans love the lush green nature of the garden; why shouldn’t dogs? Dogs love to cling to their owners and follow them around the house. Especially when you’re working in your garden, they’re watching your every move. Here are specific reasons your dog would love visiting your garden.

  • Dogs love to dig: Your Garden is a ripe place for dogs to practice digging. They love to dig loose soil, and what better place to find one than where you just finished preparing? Dogs dig for several reasons; for relaxation during hot weather, in search of feed or toys, or for fun, yes dogs dig when they’re bored.

Dogs love to dig

  • They love your scent: Dogs love their owners’smell and are comfortable around them. After a long morning’s work in the garden, you must have left a strong scent behind for your dog to find (that’s pretty easy because of their heightened sense of smell). They’ll track your scent to the garden and start playing there because dogs feel comfortable where you are or were.
  • They love Playing: If you’re a dog owner, then you already know how playful dogs can get. They never miss an opportunity to jump and run around. Now, if your home doesn’t have a designated play area for your dog then, that is an invitation for it to visit your garden.The shade in the garden is a strong pull for dogs.
  • Dogs feed on plants: You see a blooming garden; your dog sees a yummy plantation. Veggies are a delight for many dog species, and they’ll munch on it even when it is still tender. Because they see food in your garden, it’ll be difficult to discourage them from visiting your garden.

How to Keep Dogs Out of your Garden?

How to Keep Dogs Out of your Garden

After knowing the why, we need to figure out how. How do we keep these lovely creatures out of our cherished garden? Because we’re not looking to kill the dogs even if they are strays, subtle methods need to be employed. The method of keeping cats out of the garden is similar to that of dogs, but there are variations because cats and dogs do not behave alike.Even though the methods I’ll be showing you are not %100 efficient but close enough to give you the desired outcome.

Set Up a Fence Around Your Garden

Set Up a Fence Around Your Garden

I know I said these methods are not 100% efficient but this method is closer to that number than anyone I’ll be listing. Depending on the type of fence material, height, and strength, you can have a solid barrier that’ll last you a very long time. This is a very efficient method that’ll not only keep out dogs but also other animals like raccoons and squirrels.

It is, however, an expensive option to take, and depending on the size of the project and material, you may have to employ the services of professionals. Don’t let the price deter you, though; it is highly profitable in the long run as it’ll allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the garden.

Alternatively, you can grow prickly succulents as a fence around your garden as their thorny leaves can keep dogs away.

Bury Chicken Wire

Bury Chicken Wire

Does your dog like digging? Then you should consider burying chicken wire under areas it loves to dig. Because dogs love digging loose soil, they’ll continuously dig up your garden, especially when you’ve just worked on it. Burying chicken wire or just placing it on the ground over where the dog loves to dig will prevent it from digging that area anymore. They love digging soft areas, and meeting a coarse obstacle like wire will discourage the dog from digging further.

Install Motion Activated Water Sprinklers

Install Motion Activated Water Sprinklers

Another viable option to consider is installing a motion-activated water sprinkler system. Even though this is relatively expensive to purchase, installing a sprinkler system is straightforward. Be careful though, some dogs are not deterred by water and may even find it fun to play in. So, you need to be sure your dogs do not like water before adopting this method as a means of discouraging dogs from your garden.

Motion Activated Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Motion Activated Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Using an ultrasonic system to chase dogs is a reliable way of keeping both your dog, your neighbor’s dogs,and many other animals away from your farm. This system works by emitting disturbing noises that are so annoying to dogs that they’ll be left with no other choice than to flee your garden. What’s even better is that it is motion-activated, so you don’t need to lose sleep because you’re keeping watch in your garden.

A solar-powered system would be ideal for this idea as it wouldn’t add to the electricity bill of your home. You may have to change the system after a few years as it tends to get damaged easily under the weather.

Create Alternative Digging/Playing Area

Create Alternative Digging Playing Area

Instead of hitting the dog or shouting at it for digging your garden, why not create an alternative area where it can dig without restrictions? Some dog breeds like huskies, terriers,and dachshunds are digging breeds.

No matter what you do to stop them from digging your yard, they’ll still find a way. Why not make it easy for them to leave your garden alone by creating a digging zone in a separate location and train your dog to use this zone instead of the garden.

Grow Dog Repelling Plants

Grow Dog Repelling Plants

Strong odor from certain plants like rue, citronella, citrus, and even onion. Growing these plants in and around the edges of your garden will keep dogs away as their strong odor is often unbearable for them. You need to experiment with some of these plants as some dogs may not mind some of their scents.

Dogs will continue to ransack your garden until you do something about it. Trying out some of the methods listed here will surely bring you the peace of mind you deserve in your home.

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