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What comes to your mind when you hear of John Deere 455? Reserve your answer for now. However, we highly welcome your views on JD 455 in our comments section under this timely read.

Well, my relationship with John Deere 455 started in 2005. I was shopping for an efficient garden tractor, and a friend had actually recommended the John Deere 317.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it was out of stock in that particular Tractor Supply store. I had witnessed the JD 317 serves her diligently for years. Still, I didn’t mind trying JD 455, especially after the positive vibes from the vendor. Long story cut short, and it turned out to be my first John Deere and my only for keeps.

john deere 455 tractor

John Deere 455 Specs:

ModelJohn Deere 455
TypeGarden tractor
ManyfacturerJohn Deere
Engine modelYanmar that’sliquid-cooled and 4-stroke
Fuel typeDiesel
Brakes:Wet disc
GearsInfinite reverse and forward
SpeedForward: (8.5 mph)
Reverse: (4.2 mph)
Transmission oil typeJD Low Viscosity HY-GARD (J20D)
PTO (Power take-off shaft):
Middle PTO typeHydraulic clutch-2,000 rpm
Rear PTO type Hydraulic clutch-540 rpm
Front tiresLawn/turf: 18×8.50-8, 16×6.50-8, 16×7.50-8
Rear tiresLawn/turf: 26×12.00-12, 23×8.50-12, 23×10.50-12

John Deere 455

John Deere 455 first hit highlights in 1992 when it got introduced as a top garden tractor. Since then, it has been many gardeners’ dream tractor for decades. In my opinion, it can’t compare with today’s consumer tractors. Its heavy-duty frame, engine, and hardware are unmatchable to today’s models.

I love how this John Deere 455 tractor maneuvers, its power, and durability. This machine can handle any job you entrust it with. One clear advantage of this machine is its ability to accept exterior attachments. Undoubtedly, I’ll remain John Deere 455, always. Here is why.

Birth of John Deere 455 Tractor

Why John Deere 455 Tractor?

Mmh, every day is a learning process. I don’t mean to boast. I very well know that that comes before a fall. However, despite my loads of garden tractors’ experience, I’m yet to come across a tractor that beats this John Deere 455 when it comes to extended usage without breaking a sweat.

Here are other reasons I think it’s the ultimate choice for any serious gardener.

  • Presence of a heavy-duty welded frame and unmatched wet-disc brakes that don’t skid upon sudden stop or on inclines. 
  • It has 3-point hitches that allow for maximum attachments. Its front-end loaders can be very handy in mowing heavy material during back yard landscaping.
  • Its tilt power steering and cruise control, among other features, are guaranteed to keep the operator very comfy during long tasks. 
  • It has a 4.5 ft wide mower deck that is down-gradable and up-gradable to a 4 ft and 5 ft deck for added flexibility. 
  • Cruise controls. These are great for vast stretches of grass. They eliminate the need to keep stepping on the fuel pedal—best for commercial-scale usage in extensive gardens, parks, and sports fields.

Why John Deere 455 Tractor

Pros of John Deere 455 Tractor

  • Extremely powerful. It runs smoothly at high rpm though it’s a bit rough once the idle is too low.
  • Easy to operate. It makes mowing a breeze.
  • Very quiet, and also, it rarely scalps lawn.
  • It can easily mow around flower boxes and poles. Its power steering and all-wheel steer are responsible for this.
  • Efficient fuel consumption. Unlike most garden tractors, JD 455 can mow six times and still have close to ½ gauge gas.
  • Saves times while operating around obstacles thanks to its hydraulic transmission.
  • Durable.
  • Does a great job mowing.
  • Very reliable

Cons of John Deere 455 Tractor

There is something that I believe John Deere 455 could have improved. 

This is:

  • Air intake into its fans. I don’t know why JD decided to let it pull air through its side panels. This can easily cause a pile-up of dirt and cause overheating of the engine. Thankfully, it does have a pull out screen that’s easily removable and cleanable.
  • No individual brakes/plastic hood and side covers.
  • Price parts. However, you’ll rarely need any parts’ replacements.

Features of JD 455 Garden Tractor

1. Engine and Electrical

The John Deere 455 tractor is possessed a Yanmar diesel engine. This engine is responsible for transmitting 18 Power Takeoff (PTO) to attachments such as a mower deck.

Essentially, this engine is a 22 horsepower of liquid-cooled diesel goodness. Its ability to handle various jobs can’t be matched. It can hold a capacity of 6.5 gallons, 3 quarts of coolant, and oil, respectively. Its piston stroke and bore are both 2.83 inches.

Specifications of John Deere 455 Garden Tractor

2. Battery

JD 455’s electrical system is powered by a 12-volt battery that cranks 470 amps. A 20 amp alternator charges it best.

3. Tires and Power Attachments

This garden tractor moves on lawn front tires of 18×18.50 or 16×16.50 eight sizes. The rear tires are 23×8.50 or 23×10.50 12 sizes.

Its 2-valve hydraulic system pumps about 4.60 gallons per minute at 1,000 pounds per inch squared. Its clutch operates the rear PTO at 540 RPM while the front PTO gets used at 2000 RPM. It allows for the attachment of a 54-inch blade weighing 50 pounds.

Attachments of Jd 455

Thanks to its longevity in the market, the JD 455 has a variety of attachments available. The options include varied collections for its mower deck, mount blades, rollers, rotary blooms, aerators, and sprayers, to mention a few.

4. Steering, Transmission, and Brakes

This John Deere tractor model has a 2-wheel steering wheel with a rotating radius of 2.16 ft. Its hydrostatic transmission holds 7 quarts of the JD oil. Counterpart models with 4-wheel steering hold 6 quarts. 

The hydraulic transmissions have infinite reverse and forward capabilities with a maximum forward and reverse speed of 8.5 MPH and 4.25 MPH, respectively.

No clutch shifting ensures smooth operation and extra comfort for the gardener. The tractor has a wet disc brake system.

5. Size

This tractor stands at 75 inches length, 48 inches width and 51inches high. Models with 2-wheel steering weigh app. 9,650 pounds.

Those with all-wheel steering weighs about 1,060 pounds. The former has a wheelbase of 54.4 inches while the all-wheel steering has 49.4 inches wheelbase.

6. Mower Deck

The standard mower deck is 54 inches, but there are optional upgrades of 48 and 60 inches. JD 455 is renowned for its ability to work on vast tracts of grass with zero hassle.

7. Power Take-Off (PTO)

All models of JD 455 have hydraulic PTO that has an RPM of 2000. The rear PTO has an RPM of 540 and is optional.

8. Hydraulics

The hydraulics on John Deere 455 is controlled by two levers on the right of its steering wheel. The lower lever is responsible for regulating the optional rear hydraulic ports and elevating the tractor’s front mount. 

The upper lever controls its three-point hitch, the optional angle adjustment of the front mount, and its mower deck. 

Adding a lockout valve to isolate the flow of the tractor’s circuit can significantly enhance the performance of its front angle hydraulics.

features of john deere 455

9. Its open cabin can be supplemented with another detachable user’s place.

10. Tilt-able steering wheel that can allow the user to sit at different heights. 

Care and Maintenance of John Deere 455 Garden Tractor

As alluded to earlier on, I can’t trade this machine for any other. Trust me; despite the lengthy usage, it’s been trouble-free for me. I’ve just carried out the regular maintenance, which included;

  • Replacement of battery.
  • The recommended 50-hour oil changes
  • Carried out the right transmission service.

Care and Maintenance of John Deere 455 Garden Tractor

Apart from the filters and oil, I haven’t done any other repairs that weren’t my fault. So, believe you me when I say this is an extremely good, tough, and well-built garden tractor.

End and Rejuvenation of John Deere 455 Tractors’ Era

Its manufacturing stopped in 2001. Despite that, this member of the JD 400 tractors’ family has always remained an excellent garden tractor. It has stayed true to the JD legacy of most quality garden tractors.

What’s more, the cessation of manufacture happened to ignite its demand-it still has a substantial market value. Well, I have no intention of parting with mine. However, John Deere can’t lack a solution for a willing buyer. Also, several second-hand quality vendors and even auctioneers may come in handy in helping you acquire this quality John Deere 455 garden tractor.

Parting Shot…

Who remembers Whitney Houston hit song, ‘I’ll always love you?’ That’s how I feel about my John Deere 455 tractor. For me, it’s the ultimate ‘savior’ in matters of gardening. What’s your experience with this heavenly garden king!

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