23 Landscape Timber Design Ideas You’ll Love

We all have ideas on landscape timber designs. For some, it’s how they can use them to tidy worn flower beds or breathe life into dull patiosraised gardens; you name it. Could this be why any mention of ‘landscape gardening’ turns the talk to landscape timber designs? Maybe, who knows!

Unfortunately, when it comes to using landscape timber designs at our homes, most of us are usually out of inspiration. Does that sound familiar? Fret not; we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled 23 landscape timber design ideas that will assuredly shape your backyard’s or garden’s landscape in this read. We hope you’re ready for these fantastic landscape timber design ideas to bring your landscape’s natural look.

landscape timber design ideas

Landscape Timber Design Ideas

1. Unique Timbers Table and Bench

landscape timber ideas

Tables and benches form versatile furniture for any landscape. For the lovers of pretty traditional chairs and bars, this timber design is an excellent possibility for you. All you have to think about is how to make it unique. It will be hard to come across such an original and rustic material.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, contemplate the one above. The timber is in the natural state, thus conserving the charm of its natural beauty. 

2. The Classy Deck

timber landscape idea

A landscape deck isn’t a new concept. In case it is, here several beautiful deck garden ideas to jog your mind. The only variation, probably, is that this is timber-made. Feel invited to look at this magical style of the walkway.

Now, what about considering and replicating such beauty to your taste! Though it might look simple, it’s guaranteed to add an extra layer of natural-feel to your landscape.

3. Landscaping Timber Fence

landscape timber design

You’ll be pardoned for thinking that fences are only meant for safety. You should ensure they provide aesthetic perfection as well. Timber fences are a great addition to any garden. They stand alone as stylish pieces. In this one, landscape timbers have made an excellent fence that’s easy to put up.

Such a fence can prove a practical solution to hindering stray animals or even getting rid of homeless pets. While you can easily construct such a wall, we recommend you make it more decorative and ornate. 

4. Make A Cozy Swinging Bench

with wood

I’m yet to come across any furniture that makes a stylish spot to sit, read, and sip a teacup than a timber swing bench overlooking a view. They’re comforting and fun. It would help if you had some ingenuity, quality timber, and a firm chain to come up with this beautiful swing bench.

It’s a great way to whale the long and lazy afternoons. It’s pretty affordable too. It is a compelling way towards extra satisfaction, knowing that you crafted a comfy and cute seat. 

5. Creating Raised Garden Bed With Landscape Timbers

raised bed landscaping ideas

Combine your love for gardening with your passion for landscape timbers. Raised garden beds accrue you that chance—stack landscape timbers over each other without even fixing them with anything. Alternatively, you can provide them with a little additional support for total peace of mind.

Making a raised garden bed with your landscape timbers adds a great dimension to your garden and simplifies your gardening. They create a magical visual feature and break the monotony of a single-level garden. The design possibilities are inexhaustible; it all depends on your creativity.

6. Build a Garden Tool Shed With Landscape Timber

Build a Garden Tool Shed With Landscape Timber

Those leftover landscape timbers lying all over your homestead can serve a practical purpose too. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create a functional and safe storage space for your garden tools such as spades, shovels, or lawnmowers. What’s more, landscape timbers allow your design your tool shade in a way to match the rest of your backyard.

7. Create A Herb Garden

 timber landscaping ideas

Undoubtedly, an herb garden is an excellent addition for any gardener, incredibly passionate cooks. Using landscape timber to build one is less intense than a full-on log cabin.

While there are several options for creating your herb garden, using landscape timber allows you to give it a natural aesthetic, rustic feel. Ensuring it has the right soil and light for growth.  

8. Make A Children’s Playground Set

landscape timber designs

A porch swing can provide a great way of relaxation, but you don’t have to stop there. You can still combine some landscape timber, a few other materials like sturdy ropes and create a complete play area for your loved young ones.

If your budget allows, you can accentuate it with climbing frames, fiberglass, monkey bars, and other fun stuff. Ensure it’s safe for your children’s fun and physical activity. Your kids will thank you for it.

9. Make A Log Cabin From Your Landscape Timber

Make A Log Cabin

We may not be in a position to promise you excellent forest scenery; however, we can promise that you can’t go wrong by creating a log cabin. This can be achieved entirely from landscape timbers.

Building a log cabin from your landscape timber may be demanding at first but will prove to be a rewarding project. Come what may use your landscape timber to come up with something you’ll be proud of, prove of your creativity, ingenuity, and hard work.

10. Build a Beautiful Planter Bench

Beautiful timber Planter Bench

There are varied ways to actualize your landscape timber ideas. However, a few areas great as this planter bench. The planters can be made into any size, shape, and style to fit your environment. If you search these streets, you’ll find tons of ideas for creating great planter benches from landscape timber. Why not try out the varied colors and designs of landscape timber and create some enviable designs!

11. Landscape Timber Pool Area

Landscape Timber Pool Area

In case you have an above-ground pool in your homestead or planning to build one, landscape timber will assuredly help add a stylish finish to your pool area. Landscape timber help liven things up.

Additionally, you can make a whole new decking area around the pool. If space allows, use the landscape timber to extend the decking to create room for sun loungers or even bbq games.

Importantly, ensure that the landscape timber used for the pool area idea isn’t susceptible to rot.

12. Landscape Timber Garden Stairs

Timber Garden Stairs ideas

If you have a sloped garden, you may need to consider constructing some stairs, especially if the slopping area is leading to your house. While there are several options for building stair steps, a combination of gravel and landscape timber gives the entire design an unrivaled rustic look. Apart from the fantastic natural look, they last long regardless of the elements they may be exposed to.

13. Match your indoor and outdoor spaces 

timber landscape ideas

When treated with the right wood stain, cedar landscape timber is excellent for merging your indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in consistent them all over. You can have similar landscape timber for your patio decking, construct a table and outdoor furniture from similar landscape timber for similar visual style.

14. Landscape Timber Bridge For Your Water Feature/Pond

Landscape Timber Bridge For Your Water Feature Pond

Bridges serve a unique focal point to any outdoor space. Just like many garden features, you can buy your garden bridge. Sadly, that won’t give you that authentic look that you get from making your own.

We’re not after looks here. However, done right, landscape timber can accrue your garden water feature optimal use while helping you cross over from one side to another. 

15. Make Piece of Abstract Art

timber landscape abstract art

Landscape timber can help you form a masterpiece piece of abstract art for display in or outside your house. It’s a smart way of showcasing your creativity, which is vital when you want your neighbors and guests to remember your home. Matters art, though, are entirely personal. As such, it doesn’t have to resemble this one. You can have specific shapes of cut-outs. 

16. Create A Shade

Create A Shade of timber

Nothing beats the feeling of sipping your cup of tea or coffee under a landscape timber gazebo, especially when it’s overlooking a view. You can have some build this for you or do it your own. We advocate for the latter. Use your landscape timber and customize such to your liking. The outcome will amaze you. 

17. Explore Brilliant Balcony Ideas

Brilliant timber Balcony Ideas

Treated landscape timbers are great for making a sturdy base for your deck, benches, and other furniture. However, you don’t have to settle for the basics. Go the extra mile by using them to build a balcony.

You may need different landscape timber to construct a spiraling staircase connecting to your patio and other features. This helps you develop a landscape timber design that truly reflects your style.

18. Create A Natural Landscape Timber Edging and Garden Border

Create A Natural Landscape Timber Edging and Garden Border

Using landscape timber to create lawn edging and garden borders is an excellent way of making your outdoor space neat, tidy, and attractive. Apart from giving your flower bed and garden a natural-looking frame, they’re straightforward to install.

Lay landscape timbers around the garden edge and join them where necessary. Add some LED lighting for that magical look, especially once the sunsets. Just be creative.

19. Build Adorable Hanging Beds and Baskets

timber garden ideas

Hanging baskets may be a common sight in most modern gardens, but have you tried your own? This is a quick DIY project and a great way to use any landscape timber leftover. When done right, hanging timber garden beds help add a rustic look to your garden while providing an excellent display for your herb pots and other greenery.

20. Landscape Timbers Pergola

Landscape Timbers Pergola

If you’re lucky to have a spacious garden with paths and sitting areas, you should give pergola a try. Don’t know what’s that is? Let’s explain. A pergola is a timber landscape feature that’s best for keeping your garden’s paths and sitting areas well shaded. It consists of vertical timber posts that create a shade structure.

While it’s not a must-have, we think it’s an excellent option for an interestingly beautiful way to use your landscape timbers. Whatever your decision, landscape timbers on a pergola will accrue you of a yard with an original landscape feature.

21. Landscape Timbers Retaining Wall

Landscape Timbers Retaining Wall ideas

There are several landscape timber design ideas out there; this is one of the best. Retaining walls are one of the genius ways to use landscape timbers. It’s the ultimate way to make it pop. Landscape timbers may not be the only materials to build retaining walls.

Still, they are versatile enough to use in varied projects, that’s why we love them too much. The above image is the perfect way of having landscape timber surround your whole yard. We suggest you keep a minimalist design.

22. Walkway Of The Future

modern landscape timber ideas

Landscape timber walkways are pretty significantly when made with light planks embedded into the ground. It makes the walkway spontaneous and quirky. It evokes that feeling of walking in a forest of wonders built by the fairies towards their magic kingdom. Please keep it simple for that natural allure. 

23. A Wall of Greenery

timber landscaping

Last but not least, using landscape timbers to create a wall of greenery is an ideal way of using your garden to experiment with various vegetation, different soils, and veggies.

You can lay natural boards and add landscape timber where you can sit and admire your smart work.

This landscape timber design idea is best applied in or outside your house, for garden décor and urban gardening.

Summing It All Up

Regardless of your dream landscape design, you won’t go wrong with landscape timbers. They’re genuinely heaven’s gift to landscaping diehards, and you can build virtually everything from them. Irrespective of which landscape timber design you settle for, we’re sure you’ll enjoy spending time there.

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