Simplicity Sunstar Lawn Tractor Review and Specs

If you had to think about the oldest players in the lawn equipment industry, Simplicity is undoubtedly one of the first companies that come to mind. Today, the company has come a long way since first starting production in 1937. 

Simplicity has evolved from manufacturing residential mowers and tractors to producing one of the most elite riding mowers like the Simplicity Sunstar in the lawn care industry.

However, finding information on a Simplicity mower is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Due to the company’s old roots, there isn’t much online information available. We have curated a detailed review of the Simplicity Sunstar to streamline the matter. This will provide lawn owners with relevant information on the product. Additionally, helping them make an informed decision on choosing a tractor for their plot.

Simplicity has withstood the test of time by equipping their mowers like the Sunstar with premium features. They have strengthened their stance amongst the most favored lawnmowers by building a reliable and highly functional machine. 

Even better, Simplicity was manufacturing the Sunstar model between 1987-1997 in its factory in Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA. Even though the production stopped over a decade ago, the Simplicity Sunstar still manages to be a prime candidate in the lawn tractor race.

In this guide, we will look at all the specifications of the Simplicity Sunstar and thoroughly investigate its features. 

Specifications of Simplicity Sunstar Lawn Tractor

Specifications of Simplicity Sunstar Lawn Tractor
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Here are the general, engine, transmission, chassis, and attachment specifications of this established lawn tractor by Simplicity Sunstar.

General Specifications:
ModelSimplicity Sunstar
Manufacturing year 1987-1997
FactoryPort Washington, Wisconsin, USA
Weight 873 to 1108 lbs (395-502 kgs)
Height(steering wheel) 47 inches (1190 mm)
Length 78 inches (1980 mm)
Width 38.25 inches (970 mm)
Wheelbase51 inches (1295 mm)
Fuel tank capacity4.25 gal (16.1 L)
Battery12V, 400 CCA
Cabin typeOpen operator station
Engine Specifications:
Engine modelKohler Magnum
Cylinders2 cylinders
Fuel TypeGasoline
Displacement770cc (46.98 ci)
Bore and Stroke3.125 x 3.063 inches (79 x 78 mm)
Horsepower20 HP (14.9 kW)
Air cleanerDual element
CarburationFuel pressure lubrication
Start volt12V
Spark plug gap0.025 inches
Transmission Specifications:
Transmission modelSunstrand 15
TypeShaft-driven hydrostatic
Steering typePeerless 2600 transaxle
BrakeMechanical drum
SpeedForward speed: 0-8 mph Reverse speed: 0-4.5 mph
Chassis Specifications:
FrameFull length welded steel
TiresFront: 16 x 6.50-8 Rear: 26 x 12-12
Fender deck materialStamped steel
Attachments Specifications:
Mower deck48 inches mid-mounted mower deck 60 inches mid-mounted mower deck
Snowblower 46 inches front-mounted snowblower
Blade46 inches front-mounted blade
Simplicity loader479 lbs (217 kg) load capacity

Features of Simplicity Sunstar

Features of Simplicity Sunstar
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The Sunstar lawnmower by Simplicity is a powerful machine to have in your garden shed. Its accurate and compact design is best suited for small gardens, lawns, and uneven terrain! Moreover, by using the various attachments provided, you’ll be carrying out landscaping projects like revamping your corner garden area without breaking a sweat.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the features of the Simplicity Sunstar and see what’s in store.

#1. General Features

Simplicity launched the Sunstar series of lawnmowers in the year 1987. They continued to tweak the tractor over the years and released variants in the Sunstar series, such as the Sunstar 16, Sunstar 18, and Sunstar 20. The Simplicity factory is located in Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA. Since then, it has served as the birthplace of the Sunstar from 1987 to 1997. Although the production of this model ceased in 1997, the Simplicity Sunstar gives other modern tractors a run for their money.

There are multiple variants of the Sunstar lawnmower categorized by their deck size. The base variant of the tractor weighs 873 lbs, while the 46-inch deck and 60-inch deck models weigh 1051 lbs and 1108 lbs, respectively.

Compared to modern tractors, this lawnmower is slightly larger, with a wheelbase of 51 inches and a length of 78 inches. What’s best, this elongated design aids in maintaining the center of gravity and keeps the tractor balanced when equipped with light or heavy attachments.

However, a minor drawback of the design is the open operator station. Say you’re working on building a fire pit for your garden and have attached a wheelbarrow attachment to your Simplicity Sunstar to do most of the heavy lifting. Though the tractor is meant for heavy-duty work, there’s a risk of the machine toppling over if the trailer is overloaded. In this event, the open operator station provides zero to no protection for the user.

Furthermore, the Sunstar boasts an 18-inch wide, 22-inch deep, and 18-inch high seat, providing more comfort than most other tractor seats on the market. This makes operating the tractor for lengthy durations pleasant and doesn’t strain the back of the user.

#2. Engine

Engine of simplicity sunstar
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The Sunstar series of lawnmowers by Simplicity implements a Kohler Magnum gasoline-powered engine. This 2-cylinder engine has a full-pressure lubrication system and maintains its temperature by running an opposed-twin air cooling unit. 

Note: The front end of the lawnmower is covered with a hood, gauges for fuel and electricity are installed on the dashboard.

The gasoline-powered engine on the Sunstar packs a punch and delivers a staggering 20 HP, making hauling of the heavy materials a piece of cake. This extra power permits users to carry out extensive landscaping tasks requiring heavy machinery, such as leveling a sloping yard with ease. What’s more, the parts used in this tractor are highly durable, and with proper maintenance, won’t need to be replaced for years to come. 

Not to forget, a common problem most tractors face is starting during the winters. Many starter motors and sparkplugs have operating temperatures higher than the outside temperature during cold seasons. DIY gardeners and backyard owners should be happy to know the Simplicity Sunstar rarely faces this issue as it houses a Champion RV15YC electric sparkplug capable of operating smoothly at temperatures up to -25 Celsius. 

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#3. Chassis

Chassis of Simplicity Sunstar
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The Simplicity Sunstar has a bulky body mainly due to the powerhouse it hides beneath its hood. A welded steel frame holds the body in place, giving the mower a sturdy appeal. Also, a length of 78 inches and a width of 38.25 inches put this tractor into the medium-sized category.

In addition, this tractor comes with a tray for housing tools and other equipment. Interestingly, some users have fashioned the tray to carry their beverages on the field. With a lawnmower so versatile, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, since the paint used on the Simplicity Sunstar is outdated, it will fade within a few years if kept under harsh sunlight. Remember that you can solve this problem for good by applying a fresh coat of paint to make your Sunstar look as good as new.

The steering wheel is at an adequate height of 47 inches and is placed to make operating the mower comfortable. To top it up, this old-school beast comes equipped with a power steering which makes driving the Sunstar effortless so you can focus on your gardening and farming tasks.

#4. Transmission

The Sunstar hauls enough power to tackle rough jobs and boasts a 20 HP Kohler Magnum engine with a Sunstrand 15 transmission system. This system is the driving force that takes power from the engine and propels the tractor forward.

Above this, the speed of the Simplicity Sunstar is impressive, considering the weight and bulk size. And as the tractor reverses at a speed of 4.5 mph, it moves forward at 8 mph. Most importantly, a 4.25-gallon fuel tank ensures long hours of work without having to refuel in the middle.

Two-foot pedals operate the shaft-driven hydrostatic transmission system on either side of the steering wheel. In addition, the Sunstar implements a 2-range infinite forward and reverse gear system with a 4×2 two-wheel drive. Lastly, the front tires are 16 x 6.50-8 in size, and the rear tires are 26 x 12-12.

#5. Attachments

The Simplicity Sunstar can be equipped with various attachments like a mower deck, blades, snow blowers, loaders, plows, and other ground-engaging tools. Using additional equipment attached to the tractor will take the load off many tedious tasks around the lawn as you aren’t limited to just mowing the grass.

For instance, a 46-inch front-mounted snowblower will change the way you look at your tractor. Likewise, you can go for a 48-inch mower deck, depending on your task. Or, if you feel that’s not adequate, you can switch to a 60-inch mower deck to tackle that gnarly overgrowth in your lawn. Couple this with a 46-inch blade with the option for a hydraulic angle; you’ll have the perfect lawn mower for all your needs.

Simplicity also provides a loader to transport materials using the tractor. Above all, this loader can carry a weight of 480 lbs which makes this a must-have attachment for your Simplicity Sunstar.

#6. Pros and Cons of Simplicity Sunstar

Let’s quickly go through all the pros and cons of the Simplicity Sunstar that we have come across and find out if this tractor is the best fit for you.


  • 20 horsepower engine 
  • Storage tray
  • Compatible with various gardening and farming attachments
  • Sturdy chassis and highly durable parts
  • Easy to maintain built


  • Open operator station
  • Paint is outdated
  • Production stopped in 1997

#7. Price

Since the production of the Simplicity Sunstar ceased in 1997, there are no new models of this tractor in circulation. Therefore a fixed price is not available for this product. All Simplicity Sunstar lawnmowers are pre-owned, and the price will vary depending on their condition and performance.


In this detailed article, we have explored and reviewed the specifications of the Sunstar lawnmower manufactured by Simplicity. Additionally, we have taken a look at the various specs of the tractor, such as that of the engine, transmission, chassis, and attachments. These details will provide all the information you seek when buying a lawnmower.

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