How Much Does TruGreen Cost? | Your Realistic Pricing Guide

Do you own a lawn and want to hire a professional to take care of it? TruGreen that offers top-notch lawn and garden maintenance services for an annual subscription package.

Once you hire them, they send an expert to check your lawn. Their services do not just help with the upkeep of the garden but also solve a host of other problems. They fertilize the lawn, get rid of the weeds, get rid of the insects, and reseed or overseed the lawn for you. In short, they give back to you a perfect lawn taking care of the little things that you may not have the time and energy to oversee.

How does TruGreen work?

We all love to flaunt a spotless garden but are short of time and energy to take care of the lawn day in and day out. It then pays to outsource the work to a professional like TruGreen. Once you contact them for a quotation, they send their trained lawn care specialist to carry out a Healthy Lawn Analysis. They carry out a detailed inspection to check if the lawn needs soil amendment, fertilization, shrub maintenance, grub prevention or control, pest protection and control or just regular maintenance.

They then let you know of the available plans, and once you choose from them, they ensure to check if you are receiving the complete benefit of the services ordered. They also guide you on ways to optimize the lawn care, and if there is a need for additional visits in between the scheduled visits, it can be arranged as well. There is no limit on the additional visits because the company strives to offer complete satisfaction to its customers.

TruGreen packages

TruGreen offers five different packages that you can choose from. Each package has been designed to cater to different needs and budgets. There is also a package for the environmentally-conscious consumer. If there are problems in your lawn that are not covered under the package, this can be available through the add-on services. All the services offered by TruGreen come with a Healthy Lawn guarantee.

Below we explain the five TruGreen packages and their inclusions.

1. TruMaintenance

  • One year package with a total of seven visits
  • Includes fertilization, pre-emergent, and any targeted weed control
  • Carries out a Healthy Lawn analysis
  • Comes with a Healthy Lawn guarantee
  • The TruExpert Certified specialists do Lawn analysis
  • Premier green service

2. TruHealth

  • One year package with eight lawn visits
  • Includes fertilization, grub control, and prevention
  • Offers pre-emergent and any targeted weed control
  • Offers Healthy Lawn analysis, Healthy Lawn Guarantee 
  • All services offered by the TruExpert Certified specialists

3. TruComplete

  • A One year package with eight lawn visits, one overseed, and one aeration service 
  • Offers fertilization, organic soil amendment, grub control, and prevention, overseeding, pre-emergent, and targeted weed control
  • Comes with a Healthy Lawn analysis and Healthy Lawn Guarantee
  • Services offered by the TruExpert Certified Specialist

4. TruSignature

  • A one year package with eight visits, one overseed, one aeration, and seven trees and shrub service visit
  • Offers fertilization, aeration, grub control, and prevention, overseeding, targeted, and pre-emergent weed control
  • Offers Healthy Lawn analysis, Healthy Lawn guarantee, Tree And Shrub services 
  • Services offered by the TruExpert Certified specialist

5. TruNatural

  • One year package with eight lawn visits
  • Does not offer traditional weed killers
  • Uses 100% natural fertiliser
  • Weedkiller application is offered on request at no additional cost

Additional packages

Apart from the fixed packages, you can also choose the add-on packages. Here are the add-on services provided by Trugreen.

  • Aeration – Unwanted small grass plugs and soil is removed from the lawn, which is done to allow the additional flow of air and thus promotes growth. The specialist may also overseed with aeration. When the plugs break then the new and healthy grass begins to grow. Core aeration helps to improve the lawn and treats any discolored patches that are usually caused when the soil is compact. Aeration offers better water flow and free flow of nutrients and oxygen to the grass and plant roots.
  • Amendment and Analysis of the soil – This is a service done before the soil is fertilized. The specialists test the pH level of the soil to ensure that it is between 5.5 and 6.5. The soil analysis and its amendment will be done to let your soil stay healthy and rich with all the nutrients intact to support a healthy lawn. It also saves the risk of any diseases. The specialist will come every four to six weeks to check the progress. This service also helps to check the presence of lime in the soil.
  • Flea and Tick Control – The flea and tick control plan targets various pests like spiders, chiggers, ants, and earwigs.
  • Grub Control and prevention services – Grubs are the larvae of the beetles. These reside in the soil and eat the root of the turf. If not treated, grubs can cause brown and bare patches on the lawn, making it susceptible to various diseases. Choosing the grub prevention and control service will rid your lawn of these pests before they can cause any severe damage. This is important to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Perimeter application for pest control – The Trugreen experts will also carry out perimeter application of any pesticide around the house to keep the pests and insects at bay. The treatment targets ants, cockroaches, spiders, and the other pests present inside your home as well. The specialist will carry out four applications in one year.
  • Treating Mosquito – TruGreen provides mosquito control services for your property which can be added as an ala-carte service. The treatment is offered four times a year. These are pet safe and will protect your home for months.

Cost of the TruGreen services

Let us now find out the pricing to avail services mentioned above from TruGreen. But before giving out an approximation of the charges, here are the factors that determine the final package pricing.

  • The location determines the package price. How close is your location to an urban center and which part of the country you live in is considered vital points.
  • A bigger lawn size takes more work, time, and products and thus will cost more.
  • The initial health of your lawn determines the package price. If the turf is thick and green, then it will not need any treatments. On the other hand, if the lawn is damaged because of imbalanced nutrients and soil, dog urine, or chemicals, it takes more work to get it back to proper health.
  • If the treatment plan is elaborate, you will have to fork out a lot of money.

Considering the factors listed above, roughly half an acre of lawn would cost somewhere between $640 to $1500 per year. This is again dependent on the factors mentioned above. You can get the true estimate by calling up the customer help desk team, who will ask for some personal details like your name, phone number, email address, and your residential address which will let them calculate the value of the lawn care pricing based on the size of your lawn, location and the services that you need. 

Here is a pricing guide for a .5 acre or roughly a 22000 sq. feet lawn.

This is only a rough estimate. The true cost will be determined only when the specialist does a lawn inspection.

PackageEstimated Cost for 22000 sq. feet lawn
TruComplete (without Overseeding)$1,000
TruComplete (with Overseeding)$1,200
TruSignature  (without Overseeding)$1,300
TruSignature Lawn Care Plan (with Overseeding)$1,500

You can choose the option that you prefer on the company’s website or call on the phone. This will let you get the true quote for your lawn care and maintenance.

Below is the TruGreen cost estimate for a 5000 square feet lawn.

PackageEstimated Cost for 5000 square feet lawn
TruShield Tick & Flea Control$404.75
TruCare Mosquito Defense$464.70
Tree & Shrub Care$709.65

Should you DIY or hire TruGreen services?

If there is still some doubt lingering on your mind about whether you should DIY the lawn upkeep or choose a professional service provider like TruGreen, then think about the amount of money you can spend and how much time you have to invest in the maintenance of your lawn. If you decide to DIY the lawn care, you are responsible for detecting any problem in the lawn. You would be the one dragging yourself to the store to get all the solutions for lawn care and then treating the lawn yourself. If this seems too much work, then you are better off letting someone else handle it. 

Hiring a professional means no second-guessing about the issues that tend to creep up in any lawn. The experts take care of lawns day-in and day-out. They are well-versed in detecting the problem and offering the best treatment solution with complete confidence. It is also hard work to manage your lawn, especially if you have a huge lawn that demands a lot of attention and time. At TruGreen, skilled specialists take care of maintaining your lawn while you sit and enjoy its benefits. 

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