16 Amazing Water garden Ideas for Your Garden

Water gardens have been around for decades, having originated from India and the Middle East. Originally, they were used to provide a soothing effect to the scorching day heat. With time, their presence has been used as a restful addition to gardens in varied climates. We wish that restful addition for you. For that reason, we came up with these 16 amazing Water garden Ideas for Your Garden. Hopefully, you’ll have one that sparks a desire in your heart, a desire for you to create something similar in your yard.

1. In-ground basins and water fountains

In-ground basins and water fountains

Regardless of the size, in-ground basins and water fountains will be a great addition to your garden. This wonderful approach to water gardens allows you to capture the beauty, restfulness and peace aspect of water. Hopefully, the photo below will go a long way in inspiring your own water garden ideas.

This dark and neutral colored sight forms a stunning water fountain, isn’t it? It achieves a great formality on a small yet very large scale. The heavenly idea allows for addition of brightly colored plants growing in different conditions. In a nutshell, nature and art prowess combine in a charming manner in this water garden idea hence allowing you the chance to enjoy the benefits of water anywhere in your garden.  

2. Wonderful waterfall

Wonderful waterfall

Have you ever dreamt of having a waterfall in your backyard? This idea can make a great impact. A series of differently sized rocks offers a natural edging the resultant wonderful waterfall. The cascading water feature flows gently over a series of boulders before entering the pond. This attractive scene offers optimal enjoyment.  You can accentuate this with shade-loving plants to create a rich landscape in your backyard. This allows water plants to blend seamlessly with the environment while existing harmoniously with the foliage around it.

3. Wine barrel mini pond

Wine barrel mini pond

A half-cut wine barrel can make a cute mini pond. These wine barrels are available in most thrift stores and fleas markets. In place of that, locate a wine barrel near you, cut it into half and then add varied garden essentials. This customization gives your garden area a cure rustic look. 

4. A backyard stream

A backyard stream

If you have a stream within your backyard, you might think of clumps of carefree plants along the edges of this water feature. Add annual and perennial plants around the water element to ensure it continue blooming all season. Within no time, you’ll have a burst of color and the rambling stream offer an untold casual feel that’s going to be the talk of your neighborhood.

5. Tabletop rock mini garden

Tabletop rock mini garden

A tabletop rock mini garden will be an unrivalled dramatic centerpiece for any water garden. It’s guaranteed to be a beneficial addition to your garden. It is made from a ceramic bowl and has gorgeous rocks that complement its dimension and character. What’s more, it’s easy to set up. Whether you want it with or without a fountain, the choice is yours. This water garden idea will to create a peaceful focal point in your garden that’s guaranteed to be a lovely sight. Be keen to add your favorite flowering plants to give it greenery

6. Above-Ground Pools

These pools are available in different sizes to suit any size of garden. Their aspect of being above the ground gives them an extra emphasis, letting fountains bring water close the viewer. This photo will give you an idea of how you can incorporate these pools in your above-ground water garden design.  

Above-Ground Pool idea 1

They are a great idea in areas of the yard such as a sturdy deck or patio where in-ground pools may not be appropriate. Undoubtedly, implementing this idea will mean a dramatic showpiece to your paved courtyard. You can feature a few water plants such as lotus and water lily, they add color through their brilliant blossoms. 

Above-Ground Pool idea 2

An above-ground pool accentuated with a fountain creates a stunning visual statement. Adding water plants completes the statement by creating an appealing site to gather around and enjoy. Also, add boulders to help hide the fountain hardware and sculpture support. 

7. Circle Round

Circle Round

A series of spheres add the interest of motion to a garden scheme. This brilliant water garden idea can be fitted to many different spaces and places. It encompasses multiple circles. These circles tie everything together resulting into a heavenly view. Its gravel path ends at a bubbling pond. Adding plants will help echo the soothing sound of falling water in a garden scheme.

8. Mini Pond DIY Box

Mini Pond DIY Box

No structure for your medium water garden? Worry not. The good news is that you can make one yourself. This box is easy to build and looks amazing. It’s a true depiction of the fact that there are no limits to what you can explore when it comes to water gardens. It’s made from cedar and its looks are a good mimic of the intensity of an ocean. This brilliant water garden idea provides room for rocks and water plants. Undoubtedly, it’s going to make a perfect water garden for your patio or deck.

9. Hypertufa fountain mini water garden

Hypertufa fountain mini water garden

Allow me to say I really love this millstone fountain. By relying on replicating elements, this water feature will be perfect for your garden area. Its size and shape wonderfully complements the style of your garden. Perfectly crafted with cement, perlite, peat moss, concrete and hypertufa, this is the perfect garden idea especially if you want that running water sound. At its base, add some plants for extra beauty. However, I would really recommend this, it brings life and extra serenity and calmness.

10. Streams and Ponds

Figure out this, endless stillness of a pond and soothing sounds of creeks! Now that’s what you expect with eye-catching water garden ideas. In addition to being wonderful to look at and experience, streams and ponds instill a sense of balance and natural beauty. We hope the photo below inspires you to add natural beauty in tour garden.

Streams and Ponds

Water adds an unrivaled impression to a water garden. Still water in a pond reflecting the plants around is guaranteed to capture any observer’s interest. This water garden idea is a perfect choice for those who cherish the feeling of being connected with myriads of garden enthusiasts before them. It’s breathtaking and dramatic. We would suggest you complement it with a small waterfall and allow the boulders host variety of plants that are small but bold in color.

11. Plants for your water garden

Plants for your water garden

There are a variety of plants that grow around natural gardens, however, inclusion of water creates a conducive environment for greater diversity. They extra beauty to the landscape is unlike anything else. Additionally, water will ensure a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. As a matter of fact, there are varied types of plants that you can add to your water garden to add its beauty. As long as their leaves allow for attractive and brightly colored flowers, ensure you accentuate you water garden with plants that are dear to your heart. Your garden, your style!

12. Indoor DIY Pond in a jar

Indoor DIY Pond in a jar

How do you fancy this water garden idea? Luckily, it’s easy to put together within a very short time. If you have any large glass container like oil fish bowl or glass flour jar, you’ll be good. That’s all it takes. Simply add small river stones or aquarium rocks to its bottom, fill with water, add your dream water plants and you’re good to go. 

13. Galvanized DIY Bathtub mini pond

Galvanized DIY Bathtub mini pond

If you are short of budget and you really yearn to have a mini garden pond, this idea awaits you. Using an old metal bathtub set it up and add your water. Simplicity is key to the success of this water garden idea. Add your desired flora, a few stones or even a few fish if you wish. A majestic bathtub mini pond emerges thus providing you a great vantage point to enjoy its stunning display. You can opt to do away with plants for this water garden idea.

14. A sloping stream

A sloping stream

While many water gardens feel natural, none matches this one. The rich hues of visually interesting plants warm the cool sight of this perfect stone work. Its gentle curves of the walkway mimic the outline of a pond and softens the rocky hard edges a pond’s border.  The large and flat boulders swerve onlookers’ eyes uncontrollably around the gentle slope. A sloping stream is a delight to watch during a garden walk.

15. Cement DIY Water Garden

Cement DIY Water Garden

This is a great Water garden Idea if you are limited by space. It will prove to be a great water garden idea to your patio. Look for a large planter and add your water and plants. Opt for the largest planter, as expected, it will allow for more plants. Square shapes may be better, thanks to the wonderful character that they accentuate your garden with. What’s more, they are easy to set up.

16. DIY Mini Wildlife Pond

DIY Mini Wildlife Pond

Do you have sufficient space in your yard? Do you have plans of setting a mini water garden outdoors? Why not consider this fantastic mini wildlife pond? After setting up your rocks, add plants and anything else that draw the wildlife that you desire. Your kids will enjoy seeing any wildlife that comes for a drink at your little pond. If you have a few ducks, they will enjoy. 

Wrapping it up…

There a few thing you can be sure with, among them, you won’t miss the fact that water garden enhances any landscape. Implement one of the above ideas, love the resultant sights, be soothed by the sounds of water and see your worries fly away.

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