25 Great Whimsical Garden Ideas That You’ll Love

If you love taking in your garden look or entertain visitors in your backyard, making it look magical is non-negotiable. For your garden to be a topic of discussion among friends, then you need to put in a little extra effort into creating fanciful designs. To make it easy for you here is a list of some amazing whimsical garden ideas.

Adding a whimsy look to your garden is both pleasing and pocket friendly. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a great design. You may not need to spend at all when creating some designs involving old or used materials. From old bird cages to broken planting pots and used water bottles, what you can use to create that whimsy look in your garden is endless. You just need to let your creative juices flow.

Because I want to give you a head start, I’ve gone ahead to compile some of the most creative, whimsical garden ideas. Give your garden a new look by adding one or more of these ideas to wow your visitors.

whimiscal garden ideas

1. Crystal Watering Can

Crystal Watering Can

That old watering can you have lying around in your garden shed can be put into good use with this idea. Crystals of different sizes are hung on the nozzle of the can to mimic water leaving the container. You can hang this watering can in a strategic location in your garden where a lot of people can see it.

2. Glass Filled With Stone Balls

Glass Filled With Stone Balls

Another whimsical garden ideas is Glass containers or terrarium is the centerpiece for this design. You need to fill up the glass with crystal balls of different colors. This will form a reflective ball that’ll glitter in the sunlight. You can set the balls on platforms so they can easily be seen by visitors and can get uninterrupted sunshine for them to glitter.

3. Repurposed Fence Post Garden Bench

25 Great Whimsical Garden Ideas That You’ll Love

A whimsical garden needs a bench where you can sit to enjoy its beauty. What better way to increase the aesthetics of your garden than by making a classical bench with old fence posts. Setting the chair under a tree or shade area where you can comfortably admire your garden is the perfect design.

4. Try Out Unconventional Planting Places

Try Out Unconventional Planting Places

Sinks, bathtubs, and washing basins are odd planting places that can give your garden a whimsical look. It is even better if you have some of these lying around as it can be a little expensive to buy them just for planting. Set them in an attractive location and grow Beautiful perennials in them.

5. Wheelbarrow Whimsical Idea

Wheelbarrow Whimsical Idea

Not over  yet, here is another whimsical garden ideas, the wheelbarrow is a loyal garden tool that’ll keep on serving you even when damaged. An old wheelbarrow can be what you need to transform your garden. Simple open drainage holes underneath from any of the already rusted areas, fill it with potting soil and grow plants with almost identical hues. Put it in a vantage corner of your garden and move it whenever you like.

6. Birdbath With Grapevine Twigs

Birdbath With Grapevine Twigs

A unique birdbath is a whimsical design you want to have in your garden if you love to watch birds splattering in the water. In this design, grapevine twigs are wrapped around a small bowl filled with water. Use copper wire to hang this birdbath under a tree in your garden.

7. Put Them All

Put Them All

Little pieces of cast-offs you’ve gathered can set a substantial whimsical area in your garden. They don’t have to be matching items; large cartwheels, children play toys, and gate frames, set in one place,and filled with exciting plants that can sharpen your garden view.

8. Group Your Collections

Group Your Collections

All those garage-sales you’ve been attending will finally pay off with this idea. You can display your garden collections on your barn door or a side of your garden. Remember, the more of a particular garden tool, the better. Moving from one garden tool to the next and in no time, your garden will be the go-to place for fun-seeking friends.

9. Add a Huge Focal Point

Add a Huge Focal Point

Your ability to create a focal point is the bedrock for a whimsy look in your garden. A collection of a particular item kept together creates that focal point that attracts your visitors to its beauty. Tilting the item in the same direction will create a feeling of them being in motion or use.

10. Higher You Go

Higher You Go

Filling your garden with low standing plants can make your landscape look empty and boring. But what will you do if your favorite plants don’t grow tall? This whimsical idea incorporates lightening rods into your garden to raise the landscape and make it appealing.

11. Experiment With Mulching

Experiment With Mulching

Small garden beds can be transformed with unique features like mulching. Why not experiment with the mulching materials you use. This idea uses blue ceramic balls of different sizes as mulch over the garden bed. Its colors pop and easily catch the attention of visitors.

12. Add The Practical to Impractical Places

Add The Practical to Impractical Places

Letting your imaginations run wild can set a whimsy look to your garden. Adding practical things like tables and chairs into Impractical places like garden beds, the center of your lawn area, or in-between a group of plants. These functional objects may not be useful in these places, but they set up your garden.

13. Hanging Teacups

Hanging Teacups

Teacups of different shapes can be what you’ve been looking for to set up your whimsical garden. Use ropes to tie the handles of different cups and hang them on a tree in your garden. Imagine the soothing sound you’ll hear from the clanging of the teacups on a cold winter evening.

14. Shapely Lawn Design

Shapely Lawn Design

This shapely lawn garden is easy to replicate and maintain. You can use a sharp knife to cut through lawns. Then remove the outer part and allow it to grow. Making this design close to an equally attractive structure like a brightly colored tree will increase its beauty.

15. Mosaic Walkway

Mosaic Walkway

Instead of just using plain concrete for your front yard walkway, why not add this whimsy mosaic made with pebbles to your walkway. It is both appealing and unique and will be a great addition to your small front yard idea.

16. DIY Grass Head

DIY Grass Head

This is an exciting project you can hand over to your kids. Molded heads are put in flower pots and grass attached to the top of their heads and allowed to grow. It creates a funny but special look in your garden.

17. Tire Flower Planter

Tire Flower Planter

A tire is painted in a smooth, bright color and hung on a tree with the help of a chain or strong rope. The base of the tire is filled with potting soil where colorful and dripping flowers are planted. Peep the adorable gnome taking care of the flowers.

18. Spilled Succulents Pot

Spilled Succulents Pot

Your succulent garden can take a new look with this spilled pot whimsical idea. Simply bend a garden pot and plant succulents in and around the ground near it to mimic flowing succulent vegetation. Making this design near your walkway or a paved area will make it more prominent.

19. Bicycle Rim Flowers

Bicycle Rim Flowers

No, they aren’t real. It sure looks beautiful, though. Old bicycle rims can come in handy when you’re looking to create something beautiful and out of the ordinary in your garden. The rims are painted in neon colors and mounted on a stake with fake giant petals attached. They’re placed behind or close to lower growing flowers for a nice contrast.

20. DIY Butterfly Feeder

DIY Butterfly Feeder

Gather here, butterfly lovers. This is a simple butterfly garden idea you can set up in your garden and attract these lovelies. Fill a jar with water and add sugar, add a sponge, and making a plastic petal to mimic a flower is all you need to set up this in your garden.

21. Repurposed Glass Bottle Flower

Repurposed Glass Bottle Flower

Old bottles and rods are all you need to set this impressive design in your yard. Bottles are painted in different colors and fixed onto rod edges to mimic petals of a flower. This rod is held firmly in the ground in an open garden corner, where they can be adequately appreciated.

22. Old Boot Planters

Old Boot Planters

Instead of throwing away old garden booths, why not use them as planters for your whimsical garden. Using different brightly colored boots will further boost its look. Put small garden containers into the boots and hang it on your garden fence to visibility.

23. Whimsy Birdcage Design

Whimsy Birdcage Design

Even birdcages are not left out when forming your whimsy garden. This time around, the birdcage houses small plants and is set on a wooden chair in your garden.

24. Garden Chair Using Concrete Slabs And Rocks

Garden Chair Using Concrete Slabs And Rocks

A combination of concrete slabs and rocks, and you can form an interesting garden chair that’ll be the center of attraction whenever your friends come visiting. Use mortar to hold the pieces of the rocks together and add creeping plants to the side of the chair for a garden look.

25. Old Tires Vertical Garden

Old Tires Vertical Garden

Are you short on planting space but still want a whimsical garden? Paint your old tires in vibrant colors and stack them on each other, leaving small areas where you can plant. Fill the tires with soil and grow choice flowers.

That whimsy touch may be all your garden needs to pop. If you’re looking to stand out from your neighbors while without breaking the bank, then try out any of these whimsical garden ideas.

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