Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower

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Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower

  • Easily folds up for compact storage
  • Cuts and mulches efficiently
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Safety lock-out button
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Maintaining a backyard or lawn can be remarkably smoother and simpler with the ideal mower.

To make it better, a hassle and wire-free experience to make your lawn grass even is only one buy away with the new Greenworks Pro 80v. If you are looking for a cordless electric lawn mower, navigate across this extensive review to make an informed decision on your choice of gardening equipment. 

At the helm of the revolution, from gas mowers to cordless ones, the Greenworks Pro 80v is an impressive machine for all gardening enthusiasts with battery life for 1-acre yards. 

Hence, if you are looking for a powerful mower that stands neck to neck with the classic old gas mowers, Greenworks has to be on your list. Their parent company Globe Tools Group has produced a plethora of tools for DIY gardeners, and the Greenworks Pro 80v makes the cut based on its features, values, and quality.


  • Battery charger includes a fan to keep the battery cool
  • Easily folds up for compact storage
  • Cuts and mulches efficiently
  • Hassle-free since no smelly gas or oil is needed
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Not very loud, especially when compared to a gas-powered mower
  • Easy to store in the upright position
  • Cutting height is simple to adjust
  • Safety lock-out button
  • Compared to gas mowers, it is a lightweight mowing machine
  • With the push button, it requires little effort to switch on or off
  • Quick charging time
  • Due to the combination of good batteries and fast charging time, the GreenWorks 80V performs well on large lawns
  • Smart Cut Technology allows it to automatically adjust its speed and power according to the projected workload. (You won’t find yourself struggling through any type of grass)


  • Handle folds, but not without some occasional difficulty
  • Bolt and knob assembly is tough to understand
  • When pulling the mower backward, the rubber mat may get caught
  • Sensor for mower speed may trigger late
  • Slightly heavier than some electric mowers

Greenworks Pro 80v Mower Specifications

Here are some specifications which enlighten you on the product’s usability:

General Specifications
Model Greenworks Pro 80v
Brand Greenworks
Mower TypePush
Cutting Width 21 inch
Discharge Feature 3-In-1 Side Discharge, Mulching, and Rear Bagging
Maximum Cutting Height 3-¾ inches
Minimum Cutting Height1-⅜ inches
Warranty4 years
Power SourceBattery
Vertical Storage Yes
Battery type 80V Lithium-ion
Other Specifications
Smart Cut Technology Yes
Deck Size 21 inches
Front wheels8 inches
Rear Wheels10 inches
Battery Capacity 4.0Ah

Features of Greenworks Pro 21 inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro 80v is a formidable entrance in a space dominated by gas and corded machines. What’s best, it has a tough steel deck, and despite being robustly built, it is just 57 pounds. 

If you’re picky about its storage capabilities, you’ll be glad to know its handle easily folds down for upright storage.

Additionally, this mower’s long run time, powerful motor, and smart sensors that respond to the density and length of your backyard’s grass make the machine a solid choice. The maneuverability of the Greenworks Pro 80v is enhanced by the wheels that are designed for better ground covering.

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Several features make this mower stand out in the market amongst general, standard mowers. Read about them below to see if it’s the best fit for your garden:

#1. Cutting Power

Often the corded mowers and even the gasoline ones fail when it comes to optimal cutting power, but Greenworks Pro 80v does a commendable job in this department. As mentioned before, with its sensors, it detects the nature of the grass being cut and accordingly adjusts the cutting speed to match. 

Whether it is tall or thick grass in your backyard, this mower cuts fast, making your place look cleaner with the evenly trimmed grass. Not to forget, weeds and tallgrass will ramp up the speed, making the mower a little louder and faster. 

It is interesting to note that the mower has overload protection. This means that it will switch off if pushed too hard and if that happens, all you have to do is press the trigger again. 

#2. Brushless Motor

The high-power rechargeable battery of the Greenworks Pro 80v and its revolutionary brushless motor delivers unmatched performance. To add on, the digital brushless motor serves as a powerful trimming machine that can work in larger areas. 

Even better, its battery life is the longest in the latest lines of mowers. A single charge of 30 minutes is enough to work on 10000 sq. ft!

The strength of the motor is equivalent to a gas motor of 160cc. Thus, its efficiency is top-notch despite consuming less power and generating less heat. The result? Longer-lasting tools compared to its brushed counterparts!

You will not receive complaints about loud noise from neighbors while using your mower. So, all credit to the smart-cut technology allowing the brushless motor to operate with less noise and more extended durability. 

#3. Deck Size

With its superior motor technology and battery performance, Greenworks Pro 80v comes with a much bigger cutting desk than its rival battery lawnmowers. Simply put, it has a 21-inch cutting deck making life much easier for all lawn owners.

A 21-inch width automatically means you can cover more surface area in one pass, thus traversing your lawn in much less time. What’s more, a height adjustment lever allows you to choose from seven trimming heights, making your garden clean and uniform as per your preference. 

Larger decks have their own set of problems, such as difficulty turning the mower along curved areas. But the Greenworks Pro 80v becomes an intelligent investment for another reason – the deck size is perfect, neither too big nor too small.

#4. Push Buttons

Cutting grass is now just one button away. Push-button ignition has replaced the traditional ways of expending energy to fire the motor up with the pull cord. This feature makes the machine a lot more user-friendly, and gardeners who have back or shoulder pain can bid goodbye to the struggle by investing in the Greenworks Pro 80v. 

One of the best design features is the reliability of the push button. If you are in a hurry, you won’t be riddled with the hassle of waiting for your mower to start. 

#5. Durable Battery

A powerful 4.0Ah battery makes this mower a forerunner in the market. On a single charge, the battery can mow up to 6000 sq. ft. 

There are two modes in the machine – low power and high power. It can sense the surface area and determine when you need more or less energy. Thus, the mower keeps oscillating between the two modes. When it goes to the low power mode, users tend to question its durability. But factually, the energy-saving mode is a feature not many mowers have!

Lithium-ion technology forms the make-up of the battery and is to be attributed for its rapid rechargeability and energy efficiency. Fully charged batteries have a run time of 60 minutes to cover up an entire acre of land and take half of this time to charge. 

Did You Know: Larger areas can be easily covered with larger batteries.

#6. 3-In-One

With this lawnmower, you have the freedom to access three different forms of grass discharges that are very flexible. Plus, you get to choose what you prefer:

  • Mulching
  • Rear discharge for grass collection in the rear bag (bag is included)
  • Side discharge to put the cut grass out to the side of the machine

Although an added feature, the mower mulches quite well too. It chops the clippings into really fine mulch with rare cases of clumping. Users compare it with the older versions and witness a massive improvement.

If mulching is essential to your garden setup, your ideal mower is the Greenworks Pro 80v, as you get the best of both worlds – mulching and mowing. 

The smoothness of switching from one feature to another is a convincing trait of this mower. You can mulch, bag, or discharge your clippings, and it is super-fast and simple to access all that the machine offers.  

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Price of the Greenworks Pro 21 inch 80v Cordless Mower

Price of the Greenworks Pro 80v

Greenworks Pro 80v falls in the middle of the price spectrum of similar competitor models, making it a value-for-money mower. Most customers have expressed their experience of believing that this is the right value for them. 

Thus at $495, the Greenworks Pro cordless mower is a justified deal.


If you are a backyard owner on the hunt for the ideal cordless mower, the Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower could cater to your specific gardening needs. Make sure to account for your lawn size, type of grass, frequency of mowing, storage setups, and any additional details which can assist in deciding whether this is the kind of backyard equipment you’re looking for.

The Greenworks Pro 80v 21-inch Cordless Mower

Jennifer Igra

Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower
The Greenworks Pro 80v 21-inch Cordless Mower is the perfect tool for a simpler, hassle-free mowing. Powered by an 80v Lithium-ion battery, it can mow up to 6000 sq. ft on a single charge.
Noise Level
Easy to assemble
Light weight

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